Who We Are

Content Refined was born from a desire to simplify the process of content creation.  With our clients, we want to have the personal touch and mutual respect of an in-house marketing team, but without the cost of in-house employees.  To accomplish this, we pair each client up with a Project Manager.  That PM works with the client on assessing their needs and competitive content strategy, then develops an individualized team of writers (native English speakers), editors, and publishers based on that strategy.  We work through a systematized and data-driven process, combined with a dependency for very well-written and engaging articles, to produce quality content with every order.

Our clients have widely diverse backgrounds and needs.  From SaaS Businesses, to Portfolio Managers and Amazon Affiliates, to eCommerce Store Owners, and other unique sites, we produce content that is perfect for you and your specific needs.

Content Refined is proud to announce a very successful first two years of business.  We are thrilled with many success stories from our clients as well.  One client was able to grow his traffic from 0 to over 72k monthly visits in only eight months.  Another was able to take his 5k content website to 150k through investing in Content Refined’s marketing strategy.  Other accomplishments include the fact that our Business Manager, Madeleine, was gifted the opportunity to attend DCBKK, a world leading digital marketing conference in Bangkok, Thailand, in October 2017, for her entrepreneurial success and passion.  In April 2018, she presented a seminar at DC Austin, and has spoken about Content Refined on numerous podcasts in the fields of digital marketing, business strategy, and entrepreneurship.

We’re based in Canada, so it’s in our nature to be polite and respectful with everyone involved here at Content Refined.  We believe that communication and written content shows personality.  We want to show our clients’ best personalities while enhancing their web content through SEO optimized, high quality articles.

Plus, we’re always learning here.  As a fairly young company, we’re motivated to keep enhancing our processes and redefining what the “best” web content can be.  Because of that, we are constantly analyzing our own data to refine our system more and more.

Meet The Team