When it comes to driving mobile traffic to your website there are several options. Some of them are free but time-consuming and others will cost money. In this post we are going to cover 5 effective ways to get mobile traffic to your website and best of all, they have all been working throughout 2019.

SEO And LSI Keywords

Blog posts are a fantastic way to help the ranking of your website. So, whether you have an online store or a website to attract new clients consider adding a blog to your site based on your niche. When you do this you can take full advantage of SEO to help boost your ranking. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is one of the best, free ways to increase the volume of traffic to your website. In short, SEO is where you optimize written content on your website to make use of keywords that will be picked up by search engines. Depending on what people are searching, and how well your website has been optimized could affect your website’s placement in the search. This is, of course, very important to the website’s online visibility which essentially leads to traffic. The most difficult thing with SEO is that major search engines like Google change their algorithm pretty frequently which means what might work one month, might not the next. In order to overcome this, it all comes down to staying up to date with recent trends and being aware of the changes in the algorithm. Admittedly though, this is no small task. To put this into perspective search engines used to scan articles based on keywords and phrases that are included in a person’s search but then everything changed. Search engines then started to increase their search to include LSI keywords which stands for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. Basically, this helps the search engine to identify the topic in which your posts are about. It’s a pretty extensive subject but when implemented, does wonders in terms of organic traffic.

Use Various Streams Of Social Media

This one is hugely time-consuming but is 100 percent worth it. The days when MySpace was pretty much the only social media platform that people used are well and truly over. Nowadays almost everyone of every age group has one or more social media profiles that they check regularly. Websites that are looking to increase mobile traffic need to utilize as many social media platforms as they can. At the same time, they need to ensure that they aren’t just posting the same thing on every site. As an example, you could upload a new blog post to your website and then tell people on Facebook. Following that post a cool picture with the name of the post to Instagram and Pinterest. Then you could even convert that written blog post into a YouTube video or a podcast for those that prefer listening and watching as opposed to reading. The video can also be shared on LinkedIn if you have an audience there as well. When making the most of social media platforms make sure that you link the original blog post and include the famous retweet button so that people can talk about it and share it on Twitter.

Guest Posting

A great tactic to increase traffic and to dip into a whole new audience that is still relative is to get involved with guest posting. This can be done in several ways but it must always be relative to your content. What usually happens is you reach out to another blog or business in the same niche as yourself and you arrange a blog post for them to upload on their website with your details on for readers to follow you, sign up, or reach out. Then in return you either pay them or if you have similar sized followings you then return the favor by uploading a guest post of theirs onto your website. Very effective and a great way to network with people in your industry.

Hit The Forums

This option is very time consuming but again, it’s worth it. Search for forums that have discussions based on blog posts, articles, courses, or services that you are selling. Sign up to the website as yourself and join in the thread of conversations that relate the most to your website. Then drop a comment with a link to your site on the thread saying how you think this article could help. If your content is relative and 01valuable you could easily gain a few loyal followers. Anyone from the forum that likes your website is highly likely to share it with people that they know from other forums. Creating a kind of spread of internet word of mouth.

Paid Advertisements 

Ok, so paid advertisements are obviously one of the best ways to get traffic to your website. This has been the case for a very long time and is likely to continue into the future. The absolute best way to acquire mobile traffic via paid advertisements is by doing ad campaigns on social media platforms. A majority of people use their mobiles rather than a computer to scroll through social media and by placing an advert in front of them, they will click through to your site using their mobiles. Advertising on social media can be highly beneficial. Facebook, in particular, has very specific targeting tools that, once you know how to use it, will be able to place your content in front of those who are most suited to it. Not only that but you can also target people based on their location. So, if you offer a service that could only serve people within your city, you can make sure that only people within your region can see your advert rather than people in the whole state. Aside from the powerful targeting capabilities of social media advertising, it also promoted potential customers and clients to reach out and ask questions about your business. This is one of the first steps toward making sales.

There are, of course, many other effective ways to get more mobile traffic to your website but these listed here are five of our favorites. They have been great options throughout 2019 and should continue well into 2020.


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