What Is a Content Creator and Why Do I Need One?

You’ve probably heard of the terms “content creator” and “user-generated content” at least in passing. One of the most common associations with these terms are content creators on YouTube, who are currently blowing up this scene and making it their own. A content creator is defined as anyone who is contributing information toward any form of media, but most prominently, digital or social media. So, what is the benefit to your business in hiring a content creator? Do you really need one? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that content creators can benefit your business.

What Can You Hire a Content Creator For?

As I said, a content creator is defined as anyone that is contributing information toward any form of media as part of a content marketing strategy. Therefore, you can hire a content creator or even a content marketing team to contribute to any sort of media, ranging from newspapers, magazines and brochures, to the more common, being blog posts, social media platforms, and YouTube to reach the right audience. A content creator can be someone you hire to contribute to your own business directly, or that you can pay to create content on their own platform for the benefit of your business.

what is a content creator

Why Do I Need One?

Let’s take at some reasons why you should hire a content creator for your business.


  • Visuals are not enough

You need content creators to help explain your brand to the world—what are you all about? How does your product work? Why should people buy it? A visual image of your brand is not going to be enough. Content creators will expand upon what is so special about your particular company or brand, and help tell your story at the same time. Content creators can not only be hired to publicize your product and tell your story, but they can also be hired to tell their honest opinion. Sounds scary, right? But if you are confident that you’ve got a great product or business, this shouldn’t be an issue and will give it that much more credibility.


  • It will increase your traffic

Want to increase traffic to your website, but don’t know where to start? Hire a content creator! Hiring a content creator for the right content strategy is a surefire way to make sure your product or business is talked about. The more your product is talked about and the more (hopefully) positive reviews you are receiving from the right audience, the more traffic that is guaranteed to come your way. For example, when watching a YouTube video, I am guaranteed to look for the discussed product or business if I like the sounds of it, especially if the link to the website is readily accessible in the video description. If you have a good product or business, there is virtually no way that hiring a content creator will not increase traffic to your website.


  • They will bring your target audience to you

When hiring someone to create content and marketing solutions that work, you must think about what they stand for—and who the target audience is. If you have hired them to create content for you on their own platform, you need to carefully examine their target audience. You are only going to want to hire somebody who appeals to the same demographic as you, as hiring someone with a different target audience will be, essentially, pointless. Doing your research and being particular about who you hire will save you from a lot of pointless advertising attempts. Hiring a content creator is really the best form of advertising because you are not only promoting your products by giving a visual, but you are telling your story and even giving a review and demonstration, all in one. Both blog posts and video content such as YouTube also help to personalize the product, adding real-life experiences and situations that might apply to your product or service. Once your potential customers can make a connection to how your business might benefit them, you are well on your way to making a sale. You are also more likely to get repeat customers this way, as social media influencers act as role models for their target audience. Whatever they’re continuously using, you can bet their followers will want to keep using it too.

what is a content creator

  • It will keep your brand relevant

Let’s face it, hiring a content creator is possibly the most relevant way to advertise and grow your business in the 21st century. With regards to YouTube alone, over one billion hours of uploaded videos are watched on this platform every day, with over 1.9 billion registered users. Furthermore, twice as many small- to medium-sized businesses have started advertising their business on YouTube since 2016. Today’s youth relies on the social media influencer side of content creators to get ideas about products or services they should be watching out for. They are much more likely to take interest in what a business has to offer if it’s relevant—their favorite social media influencer likes this product, so why wouldn’t they?


  • It’s a cost-effective solution

While different content creators will charge different rates (popularity, demand, experience), the amount of business that you may receive from just hiring one content creator could be substantial. Pick and choose carefully who you are hiring, and make sure you’ve made the right choice. Ultimately, you want to make sure that they have experience in appealing to or are personally in your target demographic, which it fits in with their own brand, and that they have proven access to a significant number of potential customers. If you select carefully, you can make wise choices that will benefit you the most in the long run, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This will also cut down on your other advertising costs, as they will not be as high in demand.

If you own a business and have yet to hire a content creator for the very best content marketing for every blog post, social media site, or writing strategy, you are seriously going to want to jump on this bandwagon. There are so many reasons to hire a content creator and, odds are, you won’t be able to think of a good enough reason not to!

The Pros and Cons of Blog Writing Services

Blogging may appear as though it’s on the way out. After all, we are living in a world where everything can either be read to us or learned on video, right? However, blogging is not going anywhere and continues to steadily rise, especially in the form of business marketing.

Numerous statistics back this up, confirming that businesses actually receive significantly more hits if they have a blog on their website. So, now that you’ve decided to add a blog to your website (it didn’t take much convincing, did it?), the question is, do you hire content writing services such as freelance writers or does your company write the articles instead? To answer those questions, let’s take a look at four pros and cons of blog writing services, versus writing them yourself.

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  • You won’t be dividing your employee’s attention

Odds are, your office is already filled with busy employees who don’t have time to take on another project—especially content writing on blogs or other forms of social media for no additional pay. Finding just one person within your own office that even has the time to take on such a project will be difficult, not to mention finding two or three. If you plan on consistently adding entries to your blog, you are not going to be able to ask just one person to contribute to it. After all, they have a full-time job. Hiring a blog writing service will eliminate this problem. When they are writing for you, they are giving you their full time and attention. After all, they’re getting paid specifically to write, and not trying to balance writing for their company’s blog with their full-time job.


  • A blog writing service can do everything for you

You won’t have to worry about finding someone within your office who know how to do it all when it comes to writing blog posts and article writing; this can all be done for you. Blog writers are professionals, and their business is to know how to write blog posts, while your employees have other business (you know, yours) that they should be tending to. There will be no guessing games with how things are supposed to look, whether they’re edited, and how they might rank in search engines. A blog writing service with professional writers will take care of it all.


  • Reliable deadlines

Your employees are likely not going to have the time to have your blog post done exactly when you want it. Blog writing services are required to stick to deadlines, and you can best believe that they will have your blog post ready to go when you need it. Posting on a regular basis is important to establishing a blog that readers want to keep coming back to again and again. If you set a deadline for the same day every week, or however often you would like to post an article, your readers can expect quality content from you on a regular basis—and it will keep them coming back for more.


  • Consistency

A blog writing service will keep your articles coming for as long as you want, and however often you need. If you assign someone in your office the task of taking up this blogging role, the odds of it being consistent are quite slim. Even if they have time to take this project on this week (or this month), they may not have time to in a few months. As a result, you are left with a long gap in-between posts, potentially losing regular readers in the process. Drip-feeding articles is key.

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  • Setting up expectations around your company’s brand and mission statement

Nobody’s going to understand better than someone who already works for you what it is your company stands for. If you hire someone who has only done basic research into the company, it’s probably going to take a while for them to get what they say right. If you opt for a content writing company, make sure you’re clear on the branding and direction that you want all articles to have.


  • Your overhead could increase

If you hire an outside writer, your overheads could increase. Depending on the experience of the blog writing service, you may be taking on a significant expense. However, if you’re comparing this to hiring a writer in-house, you could actually be saving money in comparison to that writer’s salary. Plus, a writer in-house might not have the SEO and data-driven expertise that a blog writing service could have. Consider what matters based on your specific needs.


  • You may already have the best person for the job

Odds are, if you have some decent writers in your office, you are already going to have the best person for the job. After all, who knows more about your business than those who already work for you? You already know which of your employees knows the most about what subject. It might be easier and more time efficient for that person to write an article on a subject that they already know a significant amount about as opposed to trying to find someone who has a general grasp on it.


  • You lose some control over what you’re publishing

If someone in your own company has not written your blog posts, you are not going to have complete control over what it is you’re putting out there. Obviously, you are going to give both the topics and the final approval, but blog writing services may only offer so many edits if any. You may be stuck with an article that doesn’t 100% match what you’d like to put out to reflect your business style.


Final Thoughts

All in all, there are definite pros and cons to blog writing services. It’s best to take a look at your company’s current needs and evaluate what you really have the time and resources for. The whole point of having a blog is to make the best decision for your company—and gain valuable customers along the way!

5 Steps for Great Online Article Writing

Whether you are looking to build a brand for your business on your social media page, wish to start a writing career to make money through paid writing gigs, or simply want to start your own blog with every post boasting long-form content and lots of pics just to keep your friends and family updated on your busy life, good writing skills can generate attention for your website and build great connections with your readers.

Although there was a time where our exposure to articles and long-form content was in our daily newspaper or between the pages of a glossy magazine, things have changed significantly since the rise of the Internet. As a writer, even for the odd guest blog post, if you want to money online, you want to know how to keep up with the digital age and write engaging, effective content, here is the list of our favorite tips and tricks:


Start off Strong

Irrespective of the topics covered, a strong, memorable introduction is key when it comes to being a writer, but this is especially true for online articles. After all, a person scrolling through Google often has the ability to read a tiny snippet of an article before committing to a click, which means that you have finite space to hook them in.

Our best suggestion is to decide what it is at the heart of your article. Is it the profile of one of your impressive and interesting employees? Are you writing about an important philanthropic cause that your business is committed to supporting? Consider what it is that your audience needs to know before anything else when it comes to that particular subject and then write it in the most interesting way possible.

online article writing

Research Is Everything

If you are writing for the Internet, the good news is that this probably means you have access to the Internet. Surfing the web can be a powerful tool to conduct the research your article needs.

Research can be about fact-checking—making sure that every detail you right is true and backed up by evidence—but it can also be about getting familiar with a certain subject, industry, or writing style.

Although online research is easy, free, and an effective way to improve your writing, it is important to respect the other websites you stumble upon by giving credit where credit is due. Did you find the perfect vegan stuffing recipe for your series on meat-free holiday dinners? Did you find the perfect scientific study to back why the supplements you sell really work to improve lives and health?

If you are using someone else’s content—even if it is only a sentence or two—you should cite it. In terms of citing studies or articles that reinforce your argument, adding a hyperlink is often enough. For creative content, like photographs, audio, recipes or graphics, you should consider reaching out to the original creator and requesting permission to use it before you publish anything.


It’s Okay to Get a Little Extra Help

We all need an extra hand sometimes.

Most of us use word processors for most of our writing and, for many programs, spell check features are great—but also have their limitations.

For example, what if Word tells you that you are spelling a word correctly, but does not mention the fact that you are not actually using it properly in a sentence? Has a red underline ever told you that your sentence would benefit from being split up, or that you could be using more effective vocabulary?

Of course, you can hire professional article writing services, but these come at a premium. Therefore, if you want a comprehensive service to help you edit your work and make your writing as strong as possible, consider the many free and low-cost programs available online. Grammarly is a particularly popular option that not only checks for correct spelling, but makes numerous suggestions related to grammar, word choice, and clarity. It is a great program if you are only writing the odd blog post online.

Remember, your online articles represent you and your business. For this reason, even using an online program, you might also want to run your articles by a friend or co-worker with savvy copyediting skills.


Don’t Overdo the SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool in today’s online sphere. It can help you target the audience you want and rank higher on Google and other search engines, which is key to getting noticed and attracting new customers and readers online.

SEO typically involves keywords that real customers are searching when they look for a business or a website just like yours. Featuring these keywords in your writing can help make you easy to find online, thus generating more traction.

So, what could possibly be wrong with this?

The short answer is nothing. The real issue has nothing to do with SEO itself. It has to do with lazy writing and allowing SEO to become an excuse for it. Too many writers are focused solely on hitting the right keywords and are alright if these keywords are paired with subpar writing.

Generating revenue or attention is not your only job when it comes to online article writing. You are also trying to impress customers into sticking around for a bit, exploring your website, and hopefully returning later. You want them to read your articles and connect to them in some way, rather than just recognize the words they Googled moments ago.

Web surfers are also looking for the easiest and fastest answers to the questions they have. If someone is googling why a ketogenic diet might be right for them, your article will not impress them if it does not provide concise, clear, and evidence-backed answers.

online article writing

But Don’t Underdo the SEO Either

You might be a little confused after the last tip, but the truth is that SEO still remains a powerful tool—it just isn’t a good alternative to sharp writing.

SEO without good writing leaves to disinterested customers who will not be returning to your website or learning about what you have to offer. But good writing without SEO will often lead to no customers at all—no matter how good and interesting the article actually is.

Let’s be honest here. No matter how niche you think your business is, chances are you have some competition. This means that when customers (customers who are looking for exactly what you offer) Google a certain industry or product, they have loads of webpages to choose from. The chances are high that customers will not go further than the first page of Google in their search for answers.

This means that you need to have high-ranking articles in order to be found. If you think your articles are really great and want to share them with the world, then getting started with SEO can help you connect with others who feel the same way.

Starting Over with Website Content Creation

How many of us have given up on a social media strategy after we realized just how much time and effort goes into daily posting? How many of us have started a blog with high hopes, only to abandon it after a few weeks because we would never find the time to mold our ideas into 1000+ coherent words into all the blog posts? Maybe you are thinking of sticking with good old press releases to reach your target audience and forget the online content creation process, right?

The truth is, managing a website or social media platform through any form of marketing to rank high on a search engine can be incredibly tough. It is not an easy feat to create concise, well-written content, put in the research that goes into even just one article, all while keeping a steady stream of high-quality photographs on your Instagram.

Fortunately, you do not have to do it all alone. If you have already given up all hope of having the kind of website that attracts a new audience and reflects your brand to a tee, there is hope. Maybe a content marketing strategy is not your thing—that’s why you can pass it off to a third-party team.


Embracing Outside Help

You are an expert in your own business. Every day, you communicate with customers, supervise your team, and overlook the quality of your products and services. That is a lot to handle.

Therefore, no one is blaming you for not having the time, energy, and skills needed to be a content creation expert on top of it all. With the help of a content creation team, your website can publish the great content you have always dreamed about, rank higher in search engines such as Google, and draw the attention of potential customers. There are also a number of content creation tools out there, but not all of these tools are successful and so it is often best to turn to professionals.

Unlike you, content creators are not focused on managing every aspect of your business. Instead, they are specifically committed to producing great content. This means you can sit back, relax by the pool, and watch as your website churns out hit article after hit article. It’s the new way of marketing, right?

Okay, okay. It doesn’t actually mean that. Instead, it means that you can continue grinding away at running a top-notch business, but with one less stress weighing down on your shoulders, which is almost the same thing as relaxing by the pool.

website content creation

Diverse Audiences, Diverse Content

Potentially, the reason why your content creation goals were not met in the past was because you were looking at the wrong mediums.

For a lot of us, content creation feels like a synonym for writing. Writing articles or media releases, social media captions or slogans, but writing nonetheless. This is true, but content creation is so much more than that.

Content creation is the striking images that customers see as soon as they click on your website link. It’s the short, information-packed videos that people can watch on their Instagram explore page before they give you a follow so they can stay tuned for more. It’s the weekly podcast that your loyal customers set a reminder so that they can listen to as soon as it drops.

Even if you work in a niche industry, your audience has diverse needs. Although all of us would like to kill time on our morning commute with an article that is engaging and easily readable, we also want something to listen to as we trudge through morning chores, something to watch when we procrastinate at work.

When starting over on your content creation and publishing, it is important to remember that there is no limit to the mediums that you can incorporate into your website. In fact, this is yet another reason why a third-party service can come in handy. Not only are content creation teams able to adapt to the mediums you need, but they can also help determine what it is your audience is looking for.


Outlining Your Vision, Creating a Plan

Sometimes, we do not accomplish our goals because we did not put in the effort to plan them out. Anyone who has ever tried to lose ten pounds can attest to the fact that it’s easy to want something, and harder to plan for regular workouts and healthy meals during stressful weekdays.

Likewise, a boost in web traffic cannot simply be willed into reality. In order to achieve this, you must first plan out the steps that are needed, and your vision for your web content.

On any given week, you should know how many articles will be published on your website, what they will be about, and how long they will be. You should know how often (and when) your social media platforms will be updated. If you are rolling out a new campaign or product, you should have a specific plan in mind for how your content creation schedule will change as a result.

The first step is to determine your vision. What is it that you want to see from your content? Are you looking for more visitors, deeper connections with the customer you already have or both? What data will you use to measure your success? This could include anything from unique monthly visitors to the average stay on your site.

Planning can be a pain (and another reason why third-party content creation teams can be a stellar resource). Ultimately, however, all the effort will be worth it when you see your website revitalized.

website content creation

Balancing Quality and Quantity

There are few business owners out there who would say they want less web traffic. Web traffic can mean a boost in advertising revenue, increased online orders, and more return customers. However, there is no perfect math equation to boost your website.

Although search engine optimization (SEO) can help you rank higher in Google searches, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Without sharp, clear, and easily digestible writing, your ranking will not matter. Quality is also needed in order to keep your customers on your website. After all, nothing about a sloppily written article or low-definition, poorly edited video motivates a customer to continue and clicking and learn more about your company.Above all, if you want a content makeover for your site, the most important thing to remember is that quantity and quality should be your focus.

4 Tips for Working Effectively with Content Creation Services

In 2019, hiring content creation services is a great idea for any business looking to get ahead. Any business can benefit from a well-cultivated, frequently updated website and engaging content that tells a compelling story.

Whether your content strategy is to increase your brand’s presence on social media and build a following, improve website content, or make your message more accessible through content marketing, content creators can help. At times, however, it can be a challenge to pass the reins over to somebody else.

If you are interested in third-party content creation services, but you are worried about losing control over your website or having to stay on top of yet another team, the good news is that creatives are actually very comfortable with collaboration.

However, if you are still feeling apprehensive about the situation but still want quality content, here are our best tips to make your partnership with content creators a successful one:


Be Willing to Listen

When it comes to your business, you are the expert. You know everything about the manufacturing process for your products, the quality of your services, and the dynamic between you and your team.

However, content creation companies employ experts when it comes to online audiences and the content that they love and resonate with. They know everything there is to know about social media, infographics, web content creation, digital marketing and, of course, relevant content.

You might have a very specific vision for your online presence, but it is important to listen and be willing to hear out content creators when they offer feedback for your marketing plan. Maybe your goal of posting three photographs on Instagram every day would be seen as overkill rather than an active account. Perhaps your long-standing tradition of posting recipes to your blog would be more successful if you considered a video format.

When it comes to listening and collaborating, it is important to remember that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain to ensure optimized content.

content creation services

Speak Your Mind

Collaboration does not have to mean sitting by idly and letting another team determine all of the creative choices that you face.

A great partnership will feature individuals who are willing to listen but are also unafraid to share their vision. Ultimately, content creators can help you adjust your vision to something more attainable and effective, but they should not be rewriting your plan altogether.

Simply because Instagram spamming was taken off the table does not mean your goal of having an active, frequently updated account is. Just because your creative team is advising you to pivot to video content does not mean there is no place on your website for good old-fashioned written articles.

Sometimes, we can assume others know what it is we want or what it is that bothers us, so we can grow resentful when those around us cannot read our minds. From the very start, you should be open about what your vision is, what your limitations are, and the things you are and are not open to.

Collaboration can be incredibly effective at melding together both of your talents. However, you need to be willing to accept where your talents begin and end, and be transparent from the beginning about how you plan to meet each other halfway.


Understand Your Audience

One of the biggest challenges business owners face, in terms of a successful content marketing strategy, is that it can be difficult to determine who your audience is. This is true, in many circumstances, but especially marketing on the Internet. Even if you believe your business would be a hit among a specific demographic, you cannot always review how many of your website hits or online orders are coming from this customer base.

In fact, you might actually be surprised by your audience. Who knew how many men liked recipes and home decoration videos? Who could have guessed that your raunchy humor website was an equal hit among men and women?

Having an understanding of who you want to appeal to is a great first step, and should probably be determined before you settle on a content creation service. That being said, content creators can actually help you find the best strategies to appeal to your specific audience.

Everything from the tone of your writing to the graphics you post on social media will be influenced by the people you are trying to target. Hiring a content creation firm that is business-savvy and familiar with your specific audience is a smart idea to ensure the optimal results for your business.

In fact, when you hire a service with search engine optimization (SEO) experience, you can actually attract your audience in very measurable ways. You might not always be able to break down online customers in terms of gender, age, location, and background, but you can certainly divide them into what they Google, and what you can incorporate into your writing to attract their attention in the first place.

content creation services

Be Open to the Power of Multimedia

Content creation is not just another term for “writing.”

Yes, sharp writing remains the backbone of any great marketing plan. From a media release to snazzy Instagram captions, a strong writer can bring so much to your team. However, online audiences are more attracted to multimedia than ever before. The end result is that most businesses would benefit from incorporating videos, audio, graphics, and more into their online publishing strategy.

Multimedia is attractive to those of us who resonate strongly with audio or pictures over words. Additionally, multimedia offers a lot of benefits for customers on the go. If you want to introduce a new influencer to your team, some may appreciate the fact that they can cook dinner and fold the laundry while listening to a podcast interview, rather than carving out time to read an article.

Most of the time, different mediums will work together. The perfect graphic is a great way to wrap up an article, and an embedded video link can keep people sucked into your website all day.Whatever your needs are during the content creation process, you do not have to work toward them with writing alone. In fact, with the right balance, you can connect with every kind of customer, which is truly a powerful feat.