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With so much competition online, it is more important than ever to do what needs to be done to gain that competitive advantage and start bringing in those sales. To gain traffic to your affiliate site and earn those affiliate commissions, you need to write the absolute best product reviews for your site.

No matter the niche, users will be searching for something online and will hopefully land on your site to gain answers to the questions they have regarding a specific product or product type they are looking for.

Adding content that promotes value and helps users is a good way to jump-start your sales and get ahead.

Reviews that Convert

You will quickly find that different niches will more than likely require a different kind of product review, but if you start by using a template, you will be well on your way to ranking and gaining traffic to your affiliate site.

With Amazon niche sites, for example, you are using a type of affiliate website that makes money by reviewing specific products in your selected niche. Affiliate links are included throughout the review, so if a customer decides they want to buy that product, they can click on your link to be directed to Amazon, where you will earn a commission.

The following is an example template you can follow when writing product reviews on your site:

  1. Article Title
  2. Introductory Paragraph
  3. Image
  4. Comparison Table
  5. Key Features
  6. Features and Specs for Each Model
  7. Customer Impressions
  8. Conclusion

Below, we will dissect each of these sections and go into much more detail regarding how to write the best product review. Keep in mind that a product review article can be on just one product specifically, or you can review multiple products in the same category.

Article Title

This is the hook. This is what needs to appeal to the reader and get them to click. When creating your article titles, make sure it something eye-catching and descriptive. Steer clear of clickbait.

People do not look favorably on being tricked into clicking on an article. What they are reading needs to be worth their time, offer them something of value, and exciting.

For the best review article, you will want a title that describes the product you are talking about. For example, “Best” product type, “Best product type under $, “Best” product for a particular use, etc.

Make sure that the title is unique, descriptive, and incorporates the keyword or keyword phrase.

Introductory Paragraph



Just like the article title, you want to keep the reader’s attention, and the intro paragraph is your chance to do just that. You need to tell the reader that they are in the right place and will find what they are looking for.

A call to action (CTA) and an affiliate link should be somewhere within the first three to four sentences of this paragraph as insurance that they have come to the right place.

To further push this point, you can include a sentence offering your recommendation, such as –“we think the (product type) is the best for most people.

You want to target specific keywords and not generalize too much when coming up with your title and the information you put in your introductory paragraph.

You should also write your review article in a more casual and conversational tone while also including all the facts. The intro is typically between one and two paragraphs long, but this depends on what and how much you want to say right off the bat.


Next, you will want to include an image. It is recommended that you use half-width images for this. It is a great way to break up the text, and it again, let’s the reader know that they are in the right place.

There is no set number of images you should include in your review article. It really is up to you decide what you think is adequate. Use as many as you want and what you feel is necessary to do the product justice.

However, a good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of two images. Each image you select should offer some kind of value to the reader and help them on their buying journey.

Comparison Table

Comparison TableSource: Best Earbuds on Amazon

Not all product reviews include a comparison table, but it is a great way again to break up content and make the article easier to read and follow. A comparison table lists all the models you are reviewing in the article with some key information about each.

The comparison table is a way to continue telling your story in a very easy to follow format. With the summarized data in one place, you are also keeping the attention of the reader, and you are giving them the opportunity to see a side by side view of all the products in one spot.

This allows them to choose the product they are most interested in so they can read more about it rather than having to dig through other information they may not be as interested in.

When a person searches for a product on Amazon, they are met with hundreds, if not thousands of different choices. It can be time-consuming as well as frustrating to wade through all these choices. It doesn’t really help you narrow anything down because you are unclear about which products are considered the best.

People read reviews online to learn about and compare the features and specs of particular models. They want to find authentic reviews that are full of value to help them make their purchasing decision.

A comparison table can help with conversions. People will check out the comparison table and then click over to Amazon from the table.

So, make sure to include the affiliate link for each product. Don’t include more than one link per product. Too many links will make you appear pushy and too salesy.

When creating your own comparison table, you can look on Amazon for inspiration because they have their own comparison tables. You can also find great ideas by looking directly at the manufacturer’s site for each product. They often include their own tables and will give you a better idea of the different models that are more commonly compared to one another. It is best to keep the comparison table to five products or less.

To create your own comparison tables for your affiliate site, you can use a Table Labs plugin or an HTML Tables Generator. Keep in mind that if you choose to use the plugin, it may bog down the site. If the site is running slowly, people are more than likely to click off and go elsewhere for what they need.


The features section of your product review is important, but you also want to keep it minimal. Only include two to three features for each product. People are definitely going to be looking for this information, so don’t be too generic.

Customize the information for the product you are reviewing and offer them something of value to help guide them in the decision making process.

Let’s say, for example, you are reviewing only one item. You can then break the content into subheadings to discuss the main features-comfort, construction, design, etc. depending on what the item is. Different products will come with their own set of features and specs.

Amazon Affiliate Authority Site

Source: Amazon Affiliate Authority Site

Under each of these subheadings, go into detail explaining exactly why this is a key feature for the product. If it is for a pair of shoes, for example, what makes them comfortable? Or, what makes this product the best for this particular reason?

If you are writing a review on several products in the same category, you can utilize a bulleted list, numbered list, or even a table to talk about key features and specs for each.

Writing the key features in this format makes it easy to read, easy to scan, and is better than writing this information in a paragraph form.

When reviewing multiple products, you should also break the content up even further. You can separate the products into their own category to make it even more useful for a person wanting to purchase the item. For example:

  • Best “product type” for most people
  • Best “product type” on a budget
  • Best “product type” for portability

Customer Impressions

When looking for product reviews, people want authenticity and honesty. Many people ask how they can write about a product if they have not personally used the product.

For this, it is important to familiarize yourself with each product by checking Amazon and other sites like online forums and the manufacturer’s site to gather as much information as possible about each product.

Read the customer reviews for each product from several different sites and consolidate this information and summarize it for your own review.

Note: Never copy the customer reviews directly from Amazon because doing so is against their terms of service.


When writing your conclusion, be sure to include another CTA right at the beginning of this paragraph. This is the way you want to encourage people to jump over to Amazon through one of your affiliate links.

The length of the conclusion will also vary depending on what you want to say to wrap everything up. Some may only write a few sentences or a paragraph, while others may make it longer so they can highlight specific features for each product and make a note about or summarize each product included in the review.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Product Review

Below, you will find a summarized list of do’s and don’ts to follow when writing product reviews for an affiliate site.


  • Make sure to add affiliate links at the beginning of the review
  • Include a comparison table on the review page
  • Use subheadings to break up the content and make it easier to read
  • Include several affiliate links throughout the article
  • Include honest and authentic customer impressions
  • Make sure to do proper keyword research (more on this later)
  • Pay attention to detail and thoroughly research each product
  • Use strong CTAs in the introductory paragraph as well as the conclusion
  • Optimize the review article for SEO


  • Make the description of each product too generic or brief
  • Leave out detailed and valuable information
  • Copy Amazon reviews word for word
  • Veer off-topic
  • Sound too salesy or pushy
  • Outright bash other brands or sound overly negative
  • Overdo the affiliate links - it can be seen as spam

Including a Table of Contents

Including a Table of ContentsSource: Amazon Affiliate Authority Site

Navigation and user experience are also important when writing the perfect product review. To help with this, consider adding in a table of contents section that clearly outlines each category.

Links can be used to take the reader directly to the information they want to read the most, so they don’t have to go through everything to find something more specific.

Optimizing Reviews

Product reviews can be used to drive SEO, which means they can get people to your site to click on your affiliate links, and this ultimately means more commission on those sales.

However, how do you get people to your site to read the product reviews, to begin with?

Optimize all your content.

Keyword Research

When reviews mention specific keywords, they can have a significant impact on how your site ranks; this also provides you with that competitive advantage you need.

Below, we will take a closer look at why keyword research is essential for product reviews.

Optimize Product Listings

When writing reviews, you are essentially trying to find out what products people are looking for within your niche. You then use the space you have available to provide them with content, letting them know why each product is something to consider.

Top product review keywords are going to fill you in on the types of features and use cases that people value the most. It is also using the same language to describe them that they are using.

Generate Long-Tail Keyword Traffic

Long-tail keywords are three to four keywords that are specific to the products in your review.  When someone goes online and searches a specific phrase or question, they are searching for exactly what they want to buy.

So, long-tail keywords help you connect with the right audience, and with good and valuable content, you will gain more traction in search engines.

Long-tail keywords are typically lower search volume keywords. Higher volume keywords are much more competitive and will take a lot longer to rank because you are up against a lot of competition for the same keywords and phrases.

Utilizing long-tail keywords offers less competition and allows you to rank more quickly.

Looking for fast results and better ranking keywords? This is where the Keyword Golden Ratio steps in.

What Is KGR? The Keyword Golden Ratio


Doug Cunnington of the Niche Site Project came up with a formula that has proven time and time again to result in success. The Keyword Golden Ratio is a data-driven way to find those keywords and keyword phrases that are considered underserved on the internet.

When finding the KGR, you simply divide the number of Google results that have the keyword phrase included in the title by the local monthly search volume.

You are looking for a local monthly search volume of under 250. This means that when the KGR is less than 0.25, it is entirely possible for your site to rank in the top 100 search results when the page is indexed.

When you have search volumes that surpass 250, they won’t rank as quickly as the lower search volume keywords.

the lower search volume keywords

Source: Keyword Golden Ratio Calculator

Buyer’s Keywords

These are the phrases people in search engines use when they are looking for a specific product to purchase. At this stage of the search, the person already has an idea of what they want and are ready to purchase the item.

You can use different keyword tools to generate a list of keywords that are relevant to your industry. You can also search for competitor keywords. Once you have compiled this list, you can begin looking at the buyer’s intent.

Looking for KGR Terms

There is a simple way to search for KGR terms for your affiliate site online. Go to the search bar and use All in Title. This is an advanced Google search command.

Type out allintitle: search phrase, and you will get results.

You then look for those keywords that are less than 0.25. These keywords should rank very quickly once they are indexed.

The keywords you find using this auto-suggest search and feature can be used to write several articles. Even when the terms may seem closely related to you, they may mean different things to different users.

keywords you find

Source: Best Keyword Golden Ratio Format

During the search for keywords to use for your affiliate site product reviews, you want to find the best “product name” for “user or user type.”  Even those search volumes showing zero searches per month can rank; although, it will likely take longer and will require more work.

Keyword research is something that should not be put on the backburner. It is a critical step in the process as you work to get your affiliate site in the higher rankings.

Importance of Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of keyword research is gaining traffic and site visibility on Google. Keyword research also provides you with valuable insight into consumer tastes, different affiliate marketing styles, as well as tells you which keywords are changing so you can keep up.

The Intent in Keyword Research

Instead of using keywords that just talk about the products, keywords and keyword phrases should be used to recommend specific products to people. This is when you get the affiliate link ready to go to send people over to those products you are suggesting.

There should be intent in keyword research for affiliate marketing. If someone is looking for headphones, they are probably looking for the best headphones or the best headphones for travel. Keep this in mind as you generate your list of possible keywords.

Affiliate Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

To increase sales, there are several things you can do when managing your affiliate site:

  • Always promote relevant products to your niche
  • Provide users with valuable content
  • Use sustainable SEO practices
  • Leverage your product reviews
  • Always be transparent, upfront, and honest
  • Avoid hard-selling and spam filled strategies

Always take the time to research the products you choose for your site. All the information needs to be updated as well to keep in line with what people are saying about the products you are reviewing.

Extensive research by reading existing product feedback from several different sites and addressing any negative items are good ways to become an authority in your niche.

You will be more trustworthy, and people will go to your site for the honest reviews they need to help with their buying decision.

More On KGR By Doug Cunnington

Final Thoughts

How do you write the best product review?

Take Your Time

Be willing to commit the time that is needed to do so. Writing a good product review takes both time and effort, and it is not something that can be done in a couple hundred words.

Provide Value

Users are looking for product reviews that go in-depth and address the questions and concerns they have about the products they are interested in. When choosing products from your niche to review, find products that personally interest you. When it is an item you would want to use or already do use, you can show much more authority on the topic.

Know Your Audience

You also need to think about your audience. What products interest them, and what kind of products would most benefit them?

A good tip is to look at the FAQ pages of certain products to see what kind of questions consumers are inquiring about. This will give you a better idea of the kinds of questions your audience is looking for answers to when reading product reviews.

A good review will include information discussing what the product is and what it does, how it is different from its competition, what makes it worthwhile to purchase, and what its flaws are.

It should also address the intended target audience and provide the link to where the buyer can purchase the product or find more information.

Know the Products

Again, this is where extensive research comes in handy. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when writing a product review is not knowing anything about the product. You need this information to gain credibility.

Also, make sure to include the technical aspects of the product and the features they will find most useful. All this information goes a long way in helping them compare products to find the best.

Don’t Ignore Keywords

Using the Keyword Golden Ratio as described my Doug Cunnington is a great way to start ranking quickly. Being KGR compliant is also one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. This is especially true of newer sites and those that have zero to minimal backlinks on their site.

Use the Proper Tone

Product reviews should be casual with a friendly and conversational tone. A first-person voice can be used to mimic a conversation between two friends. It is a way to guide the reader through the products while providing them with valuable information.

Use empathy in your product reviews to better relate to the reader and then address them directly as you write about each product.

Follow the Format

Finally, follow the format we have provided above to ensure that all relevant information is included in each product review.

Including a comparison table or even a table of contents will also appeal to a highly motivated buyer that knows what it is they are looking for. They may have landed on your product review to gain a little more insight before making their final purchase decision.

The comparison table and table of contents is a quick way for them to navigate the review, find what they need quickly, and then use your affiliate link to click over to the product.

Be Patient

With so many aspects to keep in mind when writing the best product review for an affiliate site, it may appear daunting and challenging. However, when the time is taken to cover all of these bases, you will quickly find that your affiliate site is gaining the traffic and conversions it needs to rank among the highest.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick process. It can be sustainable and profitable when the right approach is taken. Use product reviews to build authority in your niche and earn valuable traffic that converts by providing users with content that addresses their problem or need and is entertaining and useful.