SME Services (Subject Matter Experts)

We all know that when a website can offer more value or expertise through their content, Google and other search engines are going to reward it (i.e. E.E.A.T). 

At Content Refined, we believe this is a major point of emphasis for Google (and other search engines). With that said, being able to offer an expert-reviewed article is extremely valuable to site owners.

Luckily, we have SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) available to us through our parent company, Crowd Content … so, why not offer it to our clients!

Here’s what our SME service covers: 

  • We find an SME in your niche
  • We have our editorial team write (and optimize) the articles
  • Our SME’s review, edit, proof-read, fact-check the articles
  • The SMEs byline your articles
  • We include the SME’s bio + social link (LinkedIn) 
  • The end result being an expert-reviewed article + author recognition and LinkedIn profile (or other relevant page). 
  • In some cases, the SME may actually write the article as well (but this would depend on the topic and writing level of the SME).

Costs will vary depending on the subject matter and field of expertise. Prices are between $0.20 – $0.30 per word. 

Interested in Trying Our SME Service?

Because pricing will vary depending on the subject matter, all SME orders will need to be customized based on your needs. If you’re interested in placing an order, just click the link below to reach out to our Business Manager and create a custom quote. 

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Important to note: 

  • The minimum order for our SME service is 10,000 words (approx. 10 articles)
  • We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find an SME that fits your needs (if we can’t, you won’t be charged anything)

What is an SME?

Put simply, an SME, or Subject Matter Expert, is someone who has verified expertise within a niche or field. This is not someone who just knows a lot about a subject – but rather someone with experience and expertise. 

For example, a lawyer (SME) would be a great fit for a website focusing on law or legal matters. On the other hand, a contractor (SME) would be a good fit for a site in the home and reno niche.