Blogify: Promote Your YouTube Channel Through Blog Articles


What is Blogify?

Blogify was launched in Spring 2019 at Content Refined and is specifically geared towards companies and entrepreneurs with a YouTube presence.  This new service takes your YouTube video content and turns it into blog posts that are well-written and crafted for your audience, as well as optimized to rank in Google.


View the full Blogify processes and pricing details here.


Content Refined has been systematizing written content creation since 2016, making the process of maintaining a blog page as hands-off as possible for our clients.  Our articles are written and edited by enthusiastic, college-educated writers (who are mainly based in the US and Canada) and a meticulous Editor, and are optimized to rank in Google through SEO and content analysis tools.  We will also handle your keyword research and publishing for you, depending on your needs.

In Fall 2018 we began hearing requests from our clients for a service like Blogify, that would work to transform other media–namely, videos and podcasts–into blog articles.  So, we ran some trials, beta tested the service, strategically adopted feedback, and built the Blogify service.


Here’s how the process boils down into 8 steps:

  1. You’ll be introduced to your Project Manager, who will be your sole contact for your Blogify needs.
  2. You’ll send your PM the list of YouTube URLs that you would like Blogified, as well as any other specific details or requirements (CTAs, specific quotes you’d like included, etc.).
  3. Your PM will send those details off to writing.


  4. After writing, the articles go into editing.  This includes standard editing needs, such as checking for plagiarism through Copyscape and addressing any issues, then improving spelling, grammar, flow, and readability as needed.


  5. Editing also includes running the article through the ‘Optimize’ function on MarketMuse.  MarketMuse is a content analysis platform that compares your text against the top 20 competitors already ranking for a specific focus topic.  Here the articles will be fleshed out as needed to ensure a competitive advantage (i.e., answering all the right questions, weaving in alternative search terms).


  6. The articles are returned to your PM, who will quickly review them.


  7. The articles will be delivered to you.  We can upload and publish them to the back end of your site (and leave in draft mode) at no extra charge, or we can send them to you via email in a zip file for your team to complete publishing.


  8. If you opt for us to publish the post directly for you, we include standard SEO formatting, such as title tags, short URL slugs, stock photography images, and category tags as needed.  We can also embed the video within the blog post if you like.

Though there is some flexibility for custom projects, here are the required metrics for this service, which we’ve found work the best:

  • Videos of 10 minutes or less
  • Articles of at least 1000 words

We want this process to be as hands-off as possible for you.  Let us take that work of turning videos into articles off your plate.

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Who Does Blogify Benefit the Most?

Blogify is an awesome service for companies or entrepreneurial businesses that already have a big presence creating videos on YouTube, and want to get the most reach out of that content through blogging.

When you create articles based around your videos, you’ll have more opportunity to rank in Google and grow your organic traffic.  As one of our clients put it in his Blogify testimonial, “More reach = more customers”.


SEO 101 – Search Engine Optimization

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Basically, Google is searching the web for content that accurately reflects a user’s search terms.  Articles that are informative, well-written, and answer all the questions will be more likely to rank than an article that is vague and non-conclusive.  So good content matters.



In addition to this, Google’s algorithm also looks for websites that are well-connected in their field.  This means links. Are other domains linking to yours? Are you linking out to other people? Growing some reputation in your network will also show that you have some expertise and that your information is more, well, reputable.


Domain Authority

As a domain grows in reputation, its ‘domain authority’ or ‘domain rating’ score will grow.  This score is from 0-100, and indicates the power of that website. For example, has a very high domain authority of about 98, because it’s such a massive, well-trusted company that has links all over the web.


A new website for a small business or a specific niche will start out at 0, and hopefully grow over time.  Your website will grow its domain authority as it becomes more well-trusted in the eyes of search engines like Google.


  • Do you write lots of content that informs your audience about your field, niche, and/or business?
  • Are you connected with other, more authoritative websites and influencers through inbound and outbound links?
  • Are visitors to your website staying on your website for a while, or are they clicking away in less than a minute?  This indicates bounce rate, and how engaging your content is.

Identifying and working on these sorts of issues will help to grow your organic traffic and improve your domain authority in the long run.

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Unifying Your Content Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is indisputably powerful.  Your YouTube channel may already have thousands of subscribers, with great social engagement and loyalty.  That’s awesome for conversions to your product or service.


However, this is all about getting the most out of your content.  By turning it into a blog article, you now have the opportunity to repurpose content across all platforms.

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Like, Share, Click on Social Media

Sharing blogs on social media can get customers directly to your website, where they’re free to explore and find information as they desire.  These articles make great additions to your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn strategies. They can also enhance your email marketing strategy, by guiding customers through your specific sales funnel.


Inspire a Call-to-Action

We often recommend that clients include a call-to-action (even a subtle one) at the end of each article to inspire your website visitors to take the next step.  Whether that be to visit an online store, to hop on a call with your customer service, to sign up for your newsletter, or to leave a comment, there are many possibilities depending on your business’ needs.


Network and Grow through Guest Posts

Another way we’ve seen Blogify enhance marketing strategies for various businesses is through guest posting.  Are you looking to repurpose and share your content to a wider network? A blog article can be a great way to gain presence within your field and grow your audience.  Try reaching out to some other authorities in your field or niche, and pitch guest post opportunities. In addition to gaining more awareness of your company, guest posting often allows for a backlink to your website to be included, which, as discussed above, will help to increase your website’s domain authority.

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Does Outsourcing Content Hurt Your Brand?

We know that outsourcing content can be a little scary.  Is this outsourced company going to get your branding right?  Do they understand your audience? Is the writing going to be horrible?

We have heard and experienced it all.

Blogify is a great option for companies and business entrepreneurs that know they should probably be doing this themselves, but simply don’t have the capacity–whether that be staff, time, or resources–in-house.  However, we totally understand the hesitation to outsource.


Call Me

First things first, let’s hop on a call and talk about your specific needs to work out the perfect strategy for you.

You can reach our Blogify lead, Laura Conning, through her booking calendar here.  You can also email her directly at

outsourcing content youtube marketingLet’s Just Try One

We often recommend that clients do one trial article to see if this service is the right fit.  If you have a video in mind that you’d like turned into a blog post, let’s do it!

Below is a link for a one-time purchase of one article.



  • Your video must not exceed 10 minutes in length.
  • Article will be 1000 words.

If your requirements fall outside of those metrics, please email Laura to work out a custom quote.


View the full Blogify processes and pricing details here.