There are about 3.9 billion active email users around the globe today. That’s more than half the global population, which quite frankly increases your business prospects dramatically. Imagine if you could reach all of your potential customers via email? What kind of advantages would that afford your business?

Right off the bat, you would drastically reduce your advertising costs since sending an email is so much cheaper than buying a spot during prime time news. With a free email marketing service, you can achieve this and so much more.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Think about it for a second – do you know any adult who doesn’t have an email address? The chances are that you don’t. Email is simply one of the most vibrant and effective ways to communicate with people from all over the world.

But let’s forget about sentiment for a second. When you look at the numbers, email marketing more than holds its own when it comes to customer and business acquisition. Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider implementing email marketing in your business:

  • It is predicted that email usage will grow by 2 – 3% through to 2023 and with it, your potential customer pool.
  • 82% of workers will check their emails even outside of office hours. This means that you can always reach your potential customers 24/7.
  • Email marketing offers excellent ROI – a survey by the Direct Marketing Association found that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, it generates an approximate $4 in returns.

Apart from all that, emails are easily customizable and a breeze to monitor. You are quite effectively tuned into your potential customers, and you will get to know how effective your marketing message is by simply studying the click-through rates and returns.

The Best Free Email Marketing Services for Your Business

If you are still unconvinced about the awesome power of email marketing and aren’t ready to put money on it yet, how about giving one of these free email services a try first – just to see how much this improves your reach and returns:

1. MailChimp

Perhaps the most recognizable bulk email services in the world, MailChimp has both paid and free plans for business email marketing needs. The free plan allows your business to send up to 12,000 emails a month to 2,000 subscribers.


  • It’s a wonderful platform that allows for the development of relevant and customized email campaigns
  • User-friendly design allows you to simply drag and drop items in order to design the perfect email
  • Has excellent analytics and reporting insights that help you tailor your email campaigns accordingly
  • Mobile friendly


  • The free plan doesn’t support delivery by time zones nor autoresponders

MailChimp has excellent support, and with the free plan supporting up to 2,000 subscribers, it’s a good way to try your hand out at email marketing with the best in the business without spending any money.

2. Mailjet

Mailjet is yet another reliable email service that offers you a non-expiring free plan. With this plan, you can send up to 6,000 emails a month (limited at up to 200 a day). The best part is that you have the capacity to send these emails to an unlimited number of contacts.


  • Intuitive analytics that allows you to monitor your email campaigns
  • Offers email automation, A/B testing and segmentation
  • It offers an advanced email editor that allows for beautiful email customization


  • Only 200 emails a day is rather limiting

As a growing business, this is the perfect email marketing service since it has a non-expiring free package. 6,000 emails a month is quite sizable despite being limited to 200 emails a day. The fact that you can customize these emails and you have A/B testing means that you can use this tool to craft your email marketing campaigns to help you grow even on the back of just 200 emails a day.

3. SendPulse

SendPulse has a free plan that allows you to send up to 15,000 emails a month to 500 subscribers. What makes this email service stand out is that they guarantee you an increased email open rate. They say that they can do that because they use a proprietary AI system that allows the service to help you hyper-customize your emails and therefore making them appeal to your customers more.


  • It has beautiful email templates you can use
  • The service supports drag and drops kind of design to help you customize your emails better
  • Provides you with excellent analytics showing you how many emails are opened and in which zone
  • Offers A/B testing


  • Paid plans are way better

While the free plan works just fine for growing businesses, the paid plans are so much better. The service actually has a “pay as you go” plan that allows you to only pay for the emails that you send. The best part is that this pay as you go option gives you all the goodies that you would enjoy with the other paid plans without costing you as much.

4. Mailrelay

Mailrelay offers you a free plan that allows you to send out up to 75,000 emails a month to 15,000 subscribers. While you have to create an account with them, you needn’t put in your credit card details for the free package.


  • It provides accurate analytics on open and click-through rates
  • It offers an advanced editor that allows for excellent email creation
  • Provides your readers with opt-in and out forms with email confirmation


  • The system doesn’t permit the delivery of newsletters via the use of a generic email address like a Gmail

The system has exceptionally reliable tech support that can be reached through chat, Skype, phone, and even email, which makes them a very trustworthy service provider.

5. Sendinblue

With the Sendinblue free plan, you can send up 9,000 emails a month (limited to 300 emails a day). The platform offers you a beautiful design that allows for email campaign customization even by those who don’t know design.


  • It offers you an easy drag and drop design
  • Lot of email templates that you can use
  • Gives you real-time reporting


  • The emails you send will have the Sendinblue logo attached to them

The service is quite reliable, and the fact that it offers you lots of pre-designed email templates makes it a breeze to use.

With the right email marketing campaign, you can exponentially grow your reach as well as grow the list of paying customers or loyal readers you have. Using any one of these free email marketing services will help you try out your hand at this before you head up to the more advanced, paid options.

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