What Is an Advertorial?

Advertorials are specific types of advertising with editorial content, promoted tweets or in-feed ads used in various forms of media that are written in article form to promote a product or service to a specific target audience. Designed for product placement, these types of ads are sponsored content which appear as branded content in different types of media such as magazines, social media like Twitter and Facebook, blog posts, websites or newspapers. Content marketers use advertorial articles as part of their content marketing strategy to market a branded product or service to prospective customers and to educate them about the product and its features. Also known as long-form copy ads and native ads, advertorials give detailed information about a specific product or service as opposed to regular ads which carry minimal copy and are primarily visual.

As a marketing tactic advertorials are purposely made to look like a regular part of a publication that a reader browses through. They work just like regular advertisements but are more detailed and meaningful. An advertorial article provides in-depth details about specific features of a product and is placed in purchased ad space on the medium it is being published on.

An advertorial is a type of advertisement which takes the form of a regular article or piece of content in a publication. It is a great way to advertise a product by demonstrating its value and providing information about a product that a regular ad would not be able to provide. This is what makes advertorials much more effective than regular ads.

How to Write an Advertorial Article

One of the most important parts of creating an effective advertorial article is making sure it entertains and informs a reader. The copy must be interesting, compelling, and entertaining so that it grabs the reader’s attention.

The Headline

Advertorials, unlike regular ads, rely solely on copy to attract an audience and sell a product. This is why your headline, which will be the first thing your reader sees, needs to be a good one. It has to be engaging, entertaining, and compelling. It has to make readers curious and give them a reason why they should read the article or learn more about the product.

A great headline can make or break your advertorial article. This is why it is important to brainstorm ideas and come up with a headline that will draw in the reader and capture them right off the bat. Focus on your headline first, and the copy will follow.

Familiarize Yourself

Your advertorial article will be published in a publication which already has a set tone, format, and style. This is why it is extremely important for you to write an advertorial piece that matches the publication’s tone, brand, style, and format. If your advertorial article does not blend in with the content of the publication it will be published in, readers will immediately call it for what it is: a blatant ad.

Go through the publication your advertorial article will be published in. Familiarize yourself with the content and the format and write your advertorial to suit and match the publication’s style.

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Tell a Story

Advertorials work completely differently than regular ads. Whereas regular ads are used to simply sell a product while appealing to consumers visually, an advertorial tells the story of a product and gives specific details and features about it that can benefit a prospective customer.

Advertorials are not supposed to read like ads. The purpose of an advertorial is to tap into the emotions of its reader and make them feel something. It should develop a strong connection with a person and tell a unique story that goes beyond a sales pitch.

The advertorial article you write should make your brand feel authentic. An authentic advertorial that makes a meaningful connection with a customer will increase the effectiveness of the ad and tell a story that goes beyond just a sale.

Know the Product

Whether you are writing an advertorial article for your own product or a client’s product, it is crucial that you know the product inside and out. You have to be the expert on the product so that you can tell a story that is authentic and genuine. You have to be able to show readers how a product can bring value to them and their lives, and how it can be useful to them. This will increase the credibility of your writing and will add authenticity to the advertorial.

It’s More than Just a Sales Pitch

Your advertorial article should tell a story and appeal to the emotions of the reader. This is why you have to avoid being too salesy. Advertorials provide you with an opportunity to go beyond the constraints of a regular ad. It is an opportunity to provide your audience with valuable information and valuable content while at the same time selling and promoting a service.

You need to provide value to a consumer that goes beyond a sales pitch. Write valuable content and only use sales information to advise readers of the benefits of your product and how it will help them.

End with a Call to Action

Just as you should start your advertorial with a great, compelling, and interesting headline, you should end with a call to action that alerts the reader of the next step or steps they should take to learn more about the benefits or advantages of your product.

Use your call to action to reinforce the value of the product and entice someone to make some type of action.This could be as simple as writing “sign up now” or “click here to kick-start your career.” Your call to action should also provide information about contact details or links to more information so that the reader is given an option after they have finished reading the article.

Write an Advertorial the Right Way

Advertorials are a great, effective way to market and promote a product while providing necessary and detailed information about it. Regular ads can be off-putting for some consumers. This is why advertorials are so effective. They are a great way to advertise a product and can appeal to readers by showing the value and usefulness a certain product or service can offer to them.

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