The affiliate module adds a simple referral program to SPP. your account is created, you will see a new section in the client panel where you can grab your unique referral link.

Notice the referral URL in the screenshot is where the ID at the end is unique to your account.

Sale tracking

Affiliate links are created in the format of where ABCDE is a unique ID for each affiliate. Upon clicking this link we store a cookie in the customer’s browser containing the affiliate ID, and redirect the customer to the website.

You can redirect affiliate links to any page on the web because SPP will read the affiliate cookie when the customer returns to your SPP Client Panel to create an account or place an order.

Note: SPP calculates commissions once per day, so they will not show up in the dashboard instantly.

Linking to Other Pages on Your Website

Let’s say you’ve set affiliate links to redirect to the home page at and an affiliate wants to link to your packages page at instead.

They can append ?p=the-packages to their affiliate link like and redirect customers to like so:

Content Refined Specific Landing Pages

If you would like to direct your referrals to specific service offerings follow the instructions above to link to the following pages:

Affiliate coupons

As an affiliate, Content Refined will provide you with your own unique coupon code. This coupon code will be yours to give out to your referrals. The coupon code will be for 10% off month 1 of our services. All sales from this coupon will be attributed to the selected affiliate.


Content Refined will honour affiliate payouts at the end of each month. Payouts will be 10% of all revenues and recurring revenues associated with your SPP affiliate account. Payouts will be sent Via PayPal.

If you are not yet set up on Service Provider Pro, please let Madeleine know and please send along the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • PayPal account