Content is king, isn’t it?  Running a successful Amazon FBA (that’s Fulfillment by Amazon) is no different.

Content marketing has become a viable asset for many Amazon FBAs and other e-commerce platforms/e-commerce stores that are currently running a quite profitable business. People and consumers like to engage with content (quality content, of course) and buying items from Amazon is no different.

However, Amazon does have its limits, making quality content marketing a bit more of a struggle. As an Amazon FBA business, you don’t have access to important customer details (like demographics) and you can’t really change how you sell your items. But that doesn’t mean content marketing is impossible. It just means you have to think out of the box a bit.

Once you develop a content marketing strategy that works for you and your business, you’ll be able to see added engagement and an increase in sales.

Create a Website or Blog

Here’s the thing with Amazon: it’s hard to create your own content. When selling items on Amazon, it can be difficult to branch out and be more creative with your e-commerce business. There is a set guide that you have, and you have to stick to that.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your business on Amazon elsewhere, though.

Many successful e-commerce businesses and Amazon FBA businesses enhance their profit because their whole content marketing and digital marketing is through their blog or website. Honestly, having a blog and even social media links to go with your business is a great way to bring more followers and potential buyers to your business. Content is king, after all, and you don’t really have control over what you can do, and what you can produce, on Amazon. That’s why having a blog is so beneficial, as you have complete creative control over how you market and publicize your business.

Now, once you have a website or blog set up for your FBA business, there are a few things you must do. For example, make sure a link to your business on Amazon is as clear as day. Always have a call to action at the end of a blog post where people can find out how to look at your business. Remember, the blog is there to produce content for your business—so make sure your business is readily seen.

You should also make sure you keep your blog and website as up to date as possible. High-quality blog posts and content is also important, of course, so make sure you’re treating it with the importance that it deserves

You probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating. Your audience is going to know if you don’t care about what you’re writing. Content is so important—so have fun with it! Write great, informative, and interesting posts that somehow tie in your Amazon FBA business and make sure these posts are published daily or weekly.

Blog Tip:  FAQ section

As many business owners can tell you, potential customers really resonate with a frequently asked questions section.

With a blog or website dedicated solely to your business and increasing the content marketing for your e-commerce site, having a clear FAQ section will help you incredibly. Former customers and potential customers alike will respond highly to buying from you if you have a clear and detailed FAQ section. This is also a simple way to create high-quality content that you know your customers are going to want to check out.

Blog Tip: Pay Attention to Your SEO

For experienced bloggers, search engine optimization (SEO) is probably drilled into your head from various articles. If you’re a bit new to blogging and content marketing in this sense, you really should learn as much about SEO as possible.

Where you rank on search engines and how you increase your overall traffic to your website falls hand in hand with everything search engine optimization stands for. Of course, you’re going to want as much credible traffic as you can get, which will then help increase your brand or business’s sales page.

There are always simple ways to enhance your SEO footprint, and this shouldn’t be a step that’s put off until the last minute. Learn about SEO and learn about it now! It can really help you in the long run—and having high traffic results is never bad.

Start an Email or Newsletter

Many people contest that one of the greatest ways to build a steady and reliable following for any business is to start a newsletter. The same goes for Amazon FBA businesses.

With your new website or blog, you can now start up an email or newsletter for people who visit your site. This is actually perfect for Amazon FBA businesses because you can send them emails every week (or day, depending on your schedule or product availability) with new products or popular products in stock.

As you probably know, Amazon keeps its customers private, which is always a good thing.  However, as a business owner, this can be hard to find out key demographics—and hard to find out things like email addresses. Through campaigns set up on your new blog or website, you can have your actual customers (or potential customers) sign up and willingly give you the information yourself. This can help when trying to decide who your target audience is, which can then help you decide on new products to invest in.

Luckily, newsletters are easier than ever to create and schedule thanks to cool platforms like MailChimp. Utilize newsletters—you really won’t regret it.

Pitch Articles or Guest Posts on Other Blogs

While having a blog is key for successful content marketing, there are also steps that you can take to make sure you are being seen as a business as much as possible. Pitching articles to other websites or bloggers is one option. Guest posting on said blogs or websites is another.

Guest posting is actually great and if you find a reliable platform to guest post on, we highly recommend it! You’ll find a new audience to talk to maybe gain a few new followers that sign up for your newsletter and hopefully add a few more customers. Of course, after every guest post, make sure you have links to your business and your blog.

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