There are many people out there considering excellent side hustles or an additional source of income. This is possible with a website. Even though many people have a website, they are clueless about how to make money from it.

This actually makes the whole process a liability because maintaining a website requires money and time. You either pay for the content or dedicate time to create yours. It does make sense to know how to make your website bring the money in for you.

With the above in mind, this article will explore the best monetization methods for your websites.

Be an Affiliate for Other Companies

If your website is focused on a niche, you can make money selling products that relate to such a niche. When someone clicks a link on your website and buys the product the company offers, you get a commission. There are affiliate networks like Clickbank,, Conversant, etc. If your niche is on pregnancy, for instance, you can sell products that claim to help women get pregnant easily. Your success with affiliate marketing depends on your audience, the potency of the product you are selling and feel of the landing page

Create an Online Course

If your website is dedicated to a specific niche, you can create an online course that will be on your website. This offers visitors additional information on a subject. You, however, need to provide value to your audience to get their attention. You could teach a skill that your readers might use to make money, such as programming. You can have the courses delivered via AWeber for paid subscribers.

You can also reach a wider audience using platforms like Udemy. You, however, need to identify something readers will be interested in. Besides, course creation is not expensive. Teachable is a popular course creation platform that has free tiers for users that are just starting. You can teach people how to be a good writer, how to earn money as a writer, and how to get good-paying clients.

Offer Subscription on Your Website

You can also offer exclusive content for sale on your website. You can use a paywall such that visitors will need a subscription to access such content. You should, however, offer something of value, that they won’t get anywhere else.

I needed a sample essay on CBD some days ago, and I got a few websites. Some of them required payment before accessing the sample essay. This is an example. Besides essays, it could be case studies, a transcript from webinars, journal articles, etc.

Publish Sponsored Posts

For you to be successful with a sponsored post, you need to be an authority in your field. In other words, your website should be popular with a lot of audiences.

A sponsored post is like an advert coming in the form of an article. It is an article written to get the audience interested in a product. The amount you charge for a sponsored post is a function of your website’s popularity.

Consider Display Ads

One of the simplest ways to earn money on your website is via display advertising. All you need to do is sell space on your site where people and companies can put up their services. It is pretty easy as it involves no hard work. Once you have a consistent audience, you earn from every visitor.

One of the reasons this is easy is that you are not selling anything. Visitors on your websites might not even know that their presence on your site is fetching you money. You, however, need a vast audience (traffic) because the more visitors you have, the better your ad performance.

The most common platform for this is Google Adsense. You can also consider other programs such as Chitika and Vibrant Media. The position of the ad on your webpage also matters.

Include a Membership Forum

WordPress is a popular blogging site that offers this feature. With the bbPress plugin, you can include a forum exclusive to members on your website. You can either charge a regular subscription or a one-time access fee.

Again, this revolves around the value you are willing to offer to members. For instance, you can bring together a community of people and offer them training on forex trading. If you provide strategic tips that work, people will be willing to pay.

Build an Amazon Store Page

Amazon is one of the giant eCommerce stores selling almost anything you can imagine. With this, no matter what your niche is about, there will be products from Amazon you can offer for sale.

There are many ways you can make this happen. You can add a distinct Amazon store page on your website. You can also recommend products from Amazon that relate to an article you are writing.

For instance, you might be teaching people about freelance writing. You might want to address the issue of backache that comes with prolonged sitting. You might recommend specialized chairs from Amazon. You might even suggest budget-friendly laptops interested persons can get from Amazon.

Here, the aim of your article is not to sell products to people but teach them how to write. There is a big chance they might check out what you suggest.

Have Video Content on YouTube

You can keep your audience entertained and make money at the same time. Anyone can upload it on YouTube. As long as your content is helpful and you can get it to the right audience, there are many ways you can make money with it. On having a YouTube video, it can go right into your blog. This is another way to earn a lot of money if you have massive traffic.


Your website is an investment. Hence, it is logical to make money with your sites. Making money on websites does not come automatically. You have to be willing to make the necessary investment. This article has explored the best monetization methods that will work.

As evident from the above, there are countless ways you can make money. It all boils down to how committed you are and the level of investment you want to put in it.

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