WordPress competitors for 2020 and finding out which ones are the best ones to use may be a good thing for some online enthusiasts to know. There are many fans of WordPress, and it works well for them, but there are others that it just does not quite cover all the aspects that they need it to cover.

WordPress is a popular software that many have used to create their websites and blogs. It allows people to be able to create their sites without having to know various codes to write out what they want the program to accomplish.

As with most software that is utilized, some people pick it up right away, and it works smoothly, while other people work hard and cannot get it to work well for them. With there being a variety of different software to help build and manage the software that you can choose from, it makes life easier for some.

There are also things that WordPress may not accomplish as well as some would like it to do, where one of the other competitors may accomplish someone’s different needs with ease.


Wix offers one of the most flexible design with an easy to use drag and click things to where you want them to be. Animations and video backgrounds are a plus with Wix and are easy to create for the user. It can also incorporate SEO options into the website. There is a selection of many business-focused options for even some industrial businesses and portfolio pages that are also easy to add. This software makes life easier for some and can create options that not all website design software can handle.


Weebly is a WordPress Competitor for 2020. This website builder can be gotten for free and then goes up to different amounts per month, depending upon what you want it to accomplish. On the free version, there is a small Weebly banner that is placed in your footer for their advertisement to let others know that your site has been developed by their software. Since this is only in the free version, they are also hoping to drive other customers to their site and use their software. Not a bad deal for free. Some plans will allow video and audio on your site and allow you to make various posts and allow a variety of images.


Jimdo has been a good choice in building websites in over 20 million sites. There is a basic free plan that you can try out, and then there are paid plans that will offer you more options and functions onto your sites. When it comes to building a website, it does a good job, and you have a solid website. It does not offer the options and the flexibility that many other site builders offer. The blog that comes with this program is also geared toward beginner bloggers, so some experienced bloggers may not be satisfied with the results.


Squarespace is one of the best WordPress competitors in 2020, especially for creative users. It offers designs that can be responsive and stylish. This does not work well for SEO on blogging sites, though. It does not allow for adjustments, which is important with SEO when it comes to search engines and rankings of your blogs and keywords. It does not offer the abilities that some of the other competitors offer, and it starts with the cheapest package of $12 a month.


Joomla is a complex software to use compared to WordPress. It has a very impressive multilingual management program for those who can figure out how to use the software. It offers extremely high security for its platform with two different authentications built right into it. It will block an unauthorized user from hacking into the website.


Webnode is a multilingual website builder, and that is an option that is not offered on many of the other software programs. This can be a great program for people who build and run sites with more than one language. It, unfortunately, does not offer many options, leaving it to be a fairly basic website builder.


Even with its free version, Site123 gives you many different options for building your websites. This software will give you the option of building a one-page website for a multipage website. This depends upon the size of your business and what you are trying to accomplish. This also offers SEO support and features, which will help you to bring your keywords higher up on the searches.

Like most other website builders, the plans that you select will give you more options, these plans start at $10.80 a month and depending upon the options that you want.


This site is a bit more complicated when you are looking for the best WordPress competitor in 2020. Once you get it figured out, Webflow can offer some great options to help you to create an amazing website. The free plan will allow you to complete two sites and offers creative templates that you can use. The more sites that you want to create, the higher the price will be per month. But as you go up in price, you will also go up in options.

Which One to Use?

Making the selection on which competitor is the best one to use, there are many variables and factors to choose from. It will depend upon your abilities and understanding of creating a new website and your understanding of SEO and keywords. It will also depend on what you are trying to create your website to be like and what options you want it to have.

If you are a beginner and are just learning, find the software that you think you need and can handle. Take the free or the trial package and make sure that it works for you. Making the right choice for you gives you the best WordPress competitor in 2020.

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