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At Content Refined, we have successfully created a business that helps people using the science of content marketing. If you have a business and are looking for viable ways to build your credibility and authority, then we have the tools needed to help you start a quality content strategy to provide your leads and customers more value than ever before.

With our strategies, we can prove the results that we see time and time again as we aim to be your in-house content marketing team. We want to take some of the responsibility and pressure off the shoulders of our clients by taking on the keyword research, content creation, and even the publishing process.

Some find that they simply don’t have the time, or their team may lack the skill set needed to produce high-quality content themselves. We step in and provide each of our clients with their own Project Manager. They will have someone specifically hired for their company and their content strategy. The Project Manager is the one point of contact you need, so there is no chasing around different people for any questions or concerns you may have.

You begin to develop a relationship with your Project Manager because you are able to Skype and email them whenever you need to. We get to know each other on a more communicative and personal level, and that shows that we have a leading edge in the content marketing world. We know exactly what our clients need to succeed. Quality is our priority throughout the entire process.

Content and SEO

What actually matters when it comes to the content you use for your site? Does grammar mean as much as we think it does? Are we using the best tools available to us to land your content on the first page of search results? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes.

Ensuring Proper Grammar

Proper grammar adds to the overall credibility of the content we create for each client. From blogs to how-to articles and case studies, we are taking advantage of every digital marketing resource we have. We are making sure the there are no instances of bad grammar and spelling errors that can bog your content down and make it look at all unprofessional.

Creating More Positive User Experiences

Through our proven and motivated strategies, we are also providing your customers and leads with a more positive user experience. Grammatical errors can easily cause a potential lead to click off the page and go elsewhere. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen with your content. We make sure that your audience finds the answers they need without having to click to a competitor’s site for any additional information.

Therefore, if you have a business or website and are looking for ways to gain more traffic, then having the right content strategy in place can make a significant difference. People are always going to have questions and will be going online to find the answers to those questions. Let us help you make sure that your answers to those questions are at the top of the search results.

Achieving Highly Ranked Results

How many times have you typed a question into Google to find the results you need to satisfy your query? How many times have you gone to the second or third page of search results when looking for answers? The answer is probably going to be never, and this is why it is so important to have your content rank highly on the first page of search results online.

We offer this to each of our clients and can back our claim up with real results and real case studies. Providing potential clients with this information makes them hopeful that we can create those same results for them. Being able to do this makes us proud of our company and everything we have accomplished.

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Let’s Start a Conversation

At Content Refined, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our system because it is pointless to create content that no one is ever going to see. Therefore, we have come up with a four-step process to help ensure that the content we provide for our clients is ranking highly as it deserves.

The Process

Step One.

We will begin by generating a plan that will work best for your business, site, and needs. This step involves keyword research and researching what kind of content will work for your particular business.

Step Two.

Good content will rank much higher on search engines, and we have some of the best writers to accomplish this. Our content creators are among the best native English writers you can find online. We go through a vetting process that only approximately 10% of writers survive. We want to make sure that we only provide the best and most relevant content that is optimized and will be seen by a much wider audience.

Step Three.

We also have strict quality control standards. Everything that is written is then edited, checked for accuracy, and optimized before it is published to your site. It is a thorough process that helps guarantee more successful ranking results. You only get the best of the best.

Step Four.

We also don’t stop once the content has been published to the website. We have an editorial plan to help promote your content as well. We strongly believe that the content we create for you shouldn’t just be seen; the content should also generate more traffic to your site so you can see more consistent leads for your business. We strive to achieve real results for your business. Your success is our success.

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The Results

To plan a more effective content marketing strategy for your business, it is important to understand why the content is being created, who the content will help, and how you are helping people in a way that no one else can. Useful, relevant, and usable content is king when it comes to your successful content marketing strategy.

As your future in-house content marketing team, we are here to deliver real results. Results that are only matched by the passion we have for this industry and the pride we have in what we can accomplish for each of our clients.

Ready to join the conversation? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our proven process and what we need to do to help your site rise above the rest.

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