Content Refined, a Canadian-based content marketing company, launched in September 2016.  This SEO-based company provides a complete end-to-end service for keeping your online blog up to date while vastly increasing your chances of ranking online.  The company’s success in the past year has allowed Founder Jon and Co-Founder Madeleine to expand their team to include 4 Project Managers and 32 Writers, plus a personal Publishing & Editing team.  They currently produce an average of 120 articles per week for clients worldwide and are consistently growing and expanding.  The success of their content packages speaks for itself; on their website ( you can see a real growth chart from one of their clients who went from zero traffic to over 72k monthly visitors in just eight months simply by working with Content Refined.

One important aspect of their business is their intensive keyword research efforts.  Just over a year after launching the business, they have recently acquired one of the leading keyword research tools in the digital marketing industry, Ferzy (  Ferzy provides an important service for SEO (search engine optimization) allowing users to find particular keywords that will improve their chances of ranking on Google and other major search engines.  For example, if you search “marshmallow”, you’ll see that the keyword difficulty comes out to 61/100, or ‘very difficult.’ However, if you choose one of the alternative keywords provided like ‘healthy marshmallows’ that difficulty level drops to 30/100.  So, by adding the term ‘healthy marshmallows’ in your website’s content, it significantly improves your web presence.  Ferzy also provides data on some other variables that come into play, such as competing websites’ domain authority and visits (i.e. the strength of their web presence).  Overall, it’s a great tool for content marketing purposes and its easy-to-use interface makes it very accessible.

These are the qualities in the tools that Content Refined is always looking for to optimize their metrics and provide the best blog posts and articles for clients. “After several different Data Analysis tests, we determined that Ferzy was better at analyzing all aspects of a keyword than any other keyword tool we’ve used,” commented Co-Founder and Business Manager Madeleine Lambert. She added: “When we had the opportunity to acquire Ferzy, it was a no-brainer. We are very excited to continue using this tool in-house to help us refine our processes here at Content Refined!”

It’s an exciting move for the young entrepreneurial company. This is just one of the ways in which the company is making bold and innovative steps in the digital marketing field.  You can see Madeleine in action around the globe attending leading-edge conferences and actively building connections.  In September, she attended Content and Commerce Summit 2017 in Los Angeles, California, and she is currently in Bangkok, Thailand, attending the Dynamite Circle Conference.  Big things are happening for what started as a small business in Collingwood, Ontario.

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