As the e-commerce sector is rapidly growing every day, one fact is taking shape: People do not like being sold to. Rather, they prefer being provided with attractive, enticing and informative content to elicit their willing demand an informed purchase decision. Content engages individuals in such a way that no sales pitch can. It touches their emotions—it makes people excited, happy, angry, sad, and so on.

Besides this, content can depict a picture of an issue, a problem or a challenge of their life, and present a likely solution through the product you sell. Having said that, how many e-commerce merchants and entrepreneurs walk the walk? Many e-commerce companies are either oblivious of this fact or have simply not yet figure out the best way to appreciate and leverage the concept. Well, that is why we are here for you.

As a savvy e-commerce company merchandiser, your online e-commerce store must be professional-looking and interactive. With the stiff competition out there, the best way to remain afloat is by enhancing your business cloud through investing in not only an interactive store with succinct service/product descriptions but also updating it with fan-breeding visual content.

The expansion and success of your online store largely depend on the brand awareness and brand visibility in different search engines, as well as through social media. Great content marketing helps to establish a distinctive presence on the web.

Why Adopt Great Content Marketing?

The average amount of time spent by adults on digital media is rising steadily and has doubled from about 2.7 hours in 2008 to 5.6 hours in the year 2015. It is therefore easy to take advantage of this time and leverage some of it into content from online stores.

Content Marketing

A well-implemented content marketing strategy is critical in attracting the targeted web traffic with ease. Creating valuable and free content enhances trust, grows your brand, informs people, provides you an idea to share and promotes your ranking in search engines. Consequently, this helps you generate viable leads, increase your conversion, foster repeat buyers, and increase your sales.

For e-commerce brands, content marketing can either make or even break success. According to research from ReffralCandy and Demand Metric about e-commerce content marketing:

  • 60% of consumers want to seek out an item after reading about it
  • 86% of consumers are willing and prefer paying more for a better experience
  • 90% of consumers find custom content useful

As a psychic salesman, it is worth remembering that sales are all about generating an emotional attachment. Thus, the personal nature of content marketing makes it even more efficient. This influences various aspects of the sales process, leading to multiple benefits:

  • More effective and efficient approaches of sales pitches
  • Product research aids
  • Enhances the shopping experience
  • Displays product in context
  • Can also inform the consumer on how to make use of the product
  • Product videos
  • A timely boost at each stage of the sales funnel

How To Master Content Marketing For E-commerce Brands

Following Are Some Of The Best Tricks In Content Marketing That Will Take Your Site To New Heights:

Craft A Result-Oriented Content Marketing Strategy

Simply put, content marketing is a streamlined process that includes planning, generating, disseminating, and managing content. It can be seen as an organization’s blue print that spells out how it should apply its content in meeting its business objectives. Therefore, as an ardent e-commerce businessman, following questions should form your real of interest as far as content marketing is concerned:

Questions Mark

  • Why do you intend to publish your marketing content? What is the main objective of your content marketing?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Which platforms should you post your content?

Also, note that visitor’s behavior is dynamic and you should update your strategy and approach to content marketing to meet your final target.

Create Questions Mark Of Content

By the term ‘content,’ many people think it is all about the text. However, the text is just one part of the different forms of content. In fact, the current competitive e-commerce industry, numerous types of content are necessary to keep afloat. Detailed below are some of the main forms of content. Infographics – refers to a visual representation of information or data to help users comprehend the content quickly and easily.

website visitors

Memes – memes are images and videos with humorous and exciting text content. This form of content is common among teenagers. Videos and how-to videos – this offers a succinct explanation of your services and products, encourages visitors to your website, and increases the time they spend there. ​It communicates the message entertainingly and engagingly.

Client testimonials – refers to the feedback provided by your customers. They are vital tools for generating brand trust. Slideshows – a sequence of text and image content tailored at enabling users to easily and quickly grab information. Other types include downloadable digital content (books), newsletters to subscribers, user-generated content and product reviews.

Research For Opportunities In Guest Blogging

Users of e-commerce websites are often faced with challenges in obtaining inbound links since most site owners have no interest in linking product pages on their websites. Thus, it is profoundly important that you create content that is link-worthy and submit it to blogging and social media platforms with a high-end profile.

Guest Blogging

Should they accept your content, it will be much easier to promote your product content on the web, stimulate page views and increase sales. This forms an excellent strategy of boosting your online presence.

Optimize Your Content Strategy

Quality content can only be useful if indexed into their databases by search engines. Hence, any efforts towards enhancing website content marketing should optimize content for Google among other search engines. This helps search engines to read and index the content of your site and permit targeted audience to find your products and services more easily and quickly.

Be Consistent

Search engines are more effective with new pages and rich content in offering relevant and bespoke results to their users. Therefore, if it is important to sponsor your e-commerce website and have it rank top on all the leading search engines. This can be achieved by updating your site with unique and fresh content regularly.

Search engines

Customers will always appreciate posts with new or up-to-date information. E-commerce companies that lack this type of content may seek assistance from for customized content development services of their e-commerce site.

Final Thoughts

Though quite a challenging and intensive job, e-commerce content strategy marketing is a must-have for any e-commerce company that intends create and sustain an authoritative presence. It takes a significant amount of effort and time to realize the desired results. However, by adhering to the tips as mentioned above in your endeavors, you be sure of achieving your set targets with efficacy and within a reasonable time.

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