So, you want to start your own website, but you don’t know where to begin. Whenever you try to look up where to begin, you keep seeing words and phrases that you’re unsure of, like copywriting, content writing, SEO copy and content, and more. All of these words and others are bound to push some away from writing on the internet, but they don’t have to.

Understanding copy and content writing, and all of the terms that go along with them, can be simple and fulfilling. Someone who has a general understanding of copywriting and content writing can have more success online than someone who doesn’t make the effort to learn the ins and outs.

Copy vs. Content & More

Copy vs. Content: which is which?

Before understanding how to successfully use either for your benefit, it’s important to understand the difference between copywriting and content writing.

Content writing pertains to the creation of, well, content. It’s about giving the public something they’ve been demanding to learn about. This can happen in a variety of forms, such as blog or social media posts. Quality content should inform or educate the reader in some form.

Compelling content keeps the target audience coming back for more.

Copy vs. Content which is which

Copywriting is a lot more interactive and persuasive than content writing. It’s a more direct way of reaching out to potential customers. Regardless of whether someone is a freelance copywriter or a professional, they’re attempting to persuade customers to make an investment in what a client is offering.

Whether it’s to buy a product or subscribe to a service, copywriting services play an integral role in marketing and establishing a brand’s voice. Brands can struggle without a good copywriting team.

What’s SEO Copywriting?

While copywriting and content writing can be easy to figure out, some people are unfamiliar with the term “SEO.”

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s used to make sure you get the most traffic and attention from search engines. An SEO copywriter will make sure the copy they’re writing is optimized to ensure the best results when it comes to search engines.

Whats SEO Copywriting

Good SEO copy will be littered with specific words and terms that the copywriter has researched, knowing that they’re the most search engine friendly. For example, an SEO copywriter should write strong headlines with keywords that will cause their copy to appear early in search results. The same word or term should also appear throughout the body of the copy to guarantee these results.

Effective SEO copywriting can also be used for production descriptions on websites.

For example, a website that uses an expert copywriter with a mastery of SEO can ensure their products appear sooner in online searches when someone is shopping. That’s important because more search results mean more sales.

It doesn’t matter if an SEO copywriter is writing for an electronics or fashion website. More thorough descriptions will answer more questions that a potential customer has and can ultimately be more convincing.

Digital marketing strategy

It all comes down to a strategic digital marketing strategy. Copywriters should know the latest terminology and sayings surrounding whatever topic they’re writing about. This strategy ensures that any potential customers are confident this brand knows what it’s talking about. Brands that stay up to date and understand the world around them will have the best marketing presence. Combine that with SEO skills, and the sky is the limit.

Brands don’t tell potential customers what to search for in order to find their product. Instead, they try to adapt to what consumers are already putting into search engines. Perhaps thousands of potential customers are searching for a specific word when trying to find a new vacuum cleaner. That’ll tell their SEO copywriters to start using that word when writing product descriptions. 

What if I want to start my own blog?

What if I want to start my own blog

Blogs can come in different shapes and forms. Some people use their blogs for copywriting to persuade their readers into buying a product or service they may be sponsored by, just like internet influencers do with their online presence.

On the other hand, someone may use their blog for content writing to educate their target audience about a particular topic. Some may even combine good copywriting with compelling content for a unique blog experience.

It’s important to also be a good SEO copywriter if you’re starting a blog by yourself since you can’t rely on your brand name to show up earlier in search results. Every worthwhile blog post needs to be filled with good SEO copywriting and content. Regardless of whether you want to do copywriting, content writing, or both, write in a way that’s clear and attractive to readers. Think about yourself: Do you enjoy sifting through lengthy paragraphs? Probably not, so make sure your writing is clear and concise. 

What can I do for work and how can I be successful?

For those who want to get into copywriting and/or content writing but don’t want to start their own page, joining a copywriting team is often an option. There, you might be instructed to write persuasive copy for a client’s social media page or website.

What can I do for work and how can I be successful

You may also decide to become a freelance copywriter or content writer for a copywriting agency to choosing which projects to work and maintain your own pace. Regardless, you have to remember one key to success: know your audience. You need to know who you’re writing for and whether you’re trying to educate or persuade. If you don’t use words and terms they’re interested in, your work will fall on deaf ears.

You also need to research what your target audience likes. It doesn’t matter if you’re an academic-level writer if you can’t use costumer-friendly terms on a case-by-case basis.

It may take some practice to learn what your audience likes or what SEO terms work best. However, you’ll eventually be able to write the best copy and content you can.

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