Coronavirus has affected all industries of the world’s economy, and some are now struggling more than others due to severe drops in stock. No matter what industry your business is in, digital marketing is one of the only effective ways to keep things going in this dark time. The importance of digital marketing during the coronavirus pandemic is beyond explanation.

Digital Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Depending on your line of business, employees that are presently working from home will be invaluable for keeping up with the digital marketing sector since it is practically all on the computer. If you think about it, digital marketing is one part of a business that has changed the least.

If you were to look at the positive aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, which is the only way to stay rational, you would see that this is a perfect time to build on your digital marketing scheme. Most everyone in quarantine is on the internet right now, so it is a possibility to gain more awareness of the brand, even if it means that those customers and brand recognition show later-on.

Deciding to transfer focus onto digital marketing may also make the difference between losing your business entirely and keeping it afloat. Many people are underestimating the negative effects the COVID-19 disease has on business ventures and do not see the effects that have already taken place.

Business Insider has shed some light on the already occurring negative effects. A few major retailers, like Walmart, Burberry, Home Depot, McDonald’s, and Starbucks, shared their response by expressing the dire consequences coronavirus has had on their business. In essence, many say they have needed to extend paid leave, lost huge product suppliers (such as for Chinese-sourced products), and reduced work hours. And such, you can imagine the even greater burden coronavirus has been for small businesses.

It is crucial not to let marketing strategies fall through during the thick of it. If the digital marketing side of your business does not continue or lacks in effectiveness, the transition back into a normal routine in the next few months will be harder than anticipated, and a great deal more development will be necessary.

Renovate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Take precautionary steps to maintain your business. You should consider a complete renovation of your digital marketing strategy and narrowing your focus on how effective it really is at reaching not only your target audience but prospects as well. Renovate your digital marketing strategy as fast as possible and get it into action now.

The first step is to look at all aspects of your current digital marketing strategy collectively. Inbound marketing is where you should center your focus. Although a balance between inbound and interruption marketing is the most effective normally, these are not normal times.

Look carefully at what percentage of efforts in your business currently go toward SEO, outreach, blogging, content creation, app store visibility, and video content. Some outbound marketing strategies may not be as productive right now, such as telemarketing or recognition through trade shows.

Here is what you need to do – keep outbound marketing activities going (the ones that can), but lean work effort slightly toward inbound marketing strategies. AKA: get your website in tip-top shape, fill it with as much high-quality content as you possibly can, and then push it out to viewers through behavioral retargeting ads. Keep in mind the nature of content people may want to read right now and what they could care less about during a pandemic. A great way to figure that out is by simply asking yourself what you would want to see. Also, you can post short surveys on the business’s social media page(s) to receive feedback from your audiences on desired content topics.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses are feeling the worst impact from the coronavirus pandemic, especially those that sell non-essential items. The local cupcake shop, art gallery, and breakfast café are likely struggling the most, and if your business is one of these or something similar, do not fear, there is a way to combat a loss of in-person customers. Your customers are still around; you just do not see them. You must switch business tactics to a web-based format.

Try these digital marketing tips:

  1. Create an online shop using some of your smaller products and novelty items. Customers can then order items for shipment to receive right in their homes. Postal services are still running, so that will be the best way to access customers until coronavirus has passed.
  2. Reach a grander scale of customers online by getting help with search engine optimization. This increase in SEO will build rank for your website, and even if it brings someone to a webpage that does not generate profit, links on Google could grab customers’ interest enough to where they do more exploring of the other areas on your website.
  3. Update contact information online. Make sure all modes of contact, including email and access to the FAQs page on your website, are up to date. It may not seem important, but if there is anything you can do to make sure a person using your site does not get frustrated and leave, you should do it.
  4. Incorporate content on your website that is not just about your products or services. People want to read about more topics, and with a variety of content, you will be more likely to capture the attention of a broader audience.


Digital marketing is always important, not just during the coronavirus pandemic. However, because of the adverse effects, many small (and large) businesses are already experiencing due to the coronavirus, a lack of digital marketing could mean collapse. As unemployment soars, make smart business decisions and be sure to follow each one of the digital marketing tips you see above. Use every asset you can to boost marketing until this pandemic passes.

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