Evergreen content is an integral part of every marketing strategy. The phrase is coined from the evergreen plant, which never changes its colors all year round. Like the plant, evergreen content continuously generates traffic irrespective of the season and how long it was released. It does not fade out.

Two keywords make up this concept- Topics and Content. They go hand in hand to give almost constant traffic in and out of season.

Article Styles Best Suited for Evergreen Content

Reviews on Products

Lots of new products are flooding the market. Many readers go online to read reviews as well as testimonies by past users before purchasing it. As long as the product is on the market, somebody will always search online for reviews.

Guides on ‘How To’

Articles on how to use products are classic examples. They’re in two groups, articles that become obsolete because of changing technology and relevant articles with passing times.

A quick example of the first group is “How to Use Bluetooth to Receive Files on Mobile”, the second group; “How to Change a Tire”. Technologies may improve tires over time, but you can’t overlook the essential tips of changing them.

Listicle Articles

Short and precise, listicles are readable posts that are a summary of posts. Search engines always highlight such posts that always bring traffic no matter how long it has been posted. Asides from the search engines, people prefer skimming through listicles to get a rough idea of what an article is saying before going for detailed articles.

A quick example is “12 Dog Sites You Should Check Out”.

What Makes Evergreen Content so Important?


This is the first and maybe, most important reason for evergreen content. Articles that fall under the evergreen content class will consistently be ranked high by search engines. Readers usually click on the first post of the search result before skimming down the result page. This means traffic to your website will always come in long after the post was published.

Generation of Leads

After posting your article, as long as search engine ranks them high, leads will always be generated no matter the amount of follow-up work you put into it. Most times, most site publishers do not promote any evergreen article after publishing. Since it’s an evergreen content, they leave the job to search engines which does it effectively.


Evergreen articles will efficiently keep your website in the limelight for a long time. Traffic generation, conversion of views (for copywriters), and leads generation do little compared to the amount of efficiency an evergreen content will produce for you. Other websites will use the link to your content as an anchor, which will draw visitors to your website.


If you are looking forward to getting consistent traffic on your blog, rather than churning out content every day, research to release evergreen content. You can go further by updating and editing it once in a while to keep with current trends.





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