Are you a new blogger that’s looking for some writing inspiration? Or are you a well-seasoned blog writer who just can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing? I have been both at one time or another, and there is nothing worse than a terrible case of writer’s block. Sometimes having a gander at someone else killing it in the blogging world will give you a fresh perspective, or renew your faith in the creative blogging process.

So, what makes a great blog post? There are many aspects to a great blog post, but it generally comes down to the following: quality content (not too short, and full of useful information), creative and relevant visuals, a visually appealing blogpost layout, and originality. You want to write about relevant topics that people are actively looking for, but you want to do it in as original and creative of a way as possible.

Although you should never copy someone else’s work, we’ve done the dirty work for you and tracked down five great blog writing examples to fix your writer’s block and get that thought process flowing.

No matter if these topics themselves are appealing to you, the fact that these articles are so well written and laid out will draw you into their web. You may find yourself reading an article because it’s been presented so well, that you can’t help but be interested. Those are the sorts of articles that you need to fix your writer’s block. We hope these five have gotten your creative juices flowing, and you’re ready to get out there and make some well laid out, originally creative content.

1. Snap Your Way to Success: The Snapchat Marketing Playbook by Growth Manifesto This blog post/playbook by Sujan Patel is smart. When you think about business marketing through social media, Snapchat is certainly not one of the first platforms that come to mind. After all, you can’t post lasting ads or campaigns like you can on Instagram or Facebook – they’ll disappear after a certain amount of time. Nobody had ever published a full, lengthy handbook on how to use Snapchat to market your business. With the popularity and growth of Snapchat, this is certainly a topic that needed to be covered. Sujan Patel realized this, and took it upon himself to create this playbook in the form of a blog post. It has plenty of visuals, obvious and well-defined headings, and breaks down everything you need to know step by step. You can find this innovative article here.

2. Increase Blog Traffic and Boost Engagement with These 37 Proven Methods by Venngage This lengthy and informative blog post by Nadya Khoja is not necessarily an original concept. However, it is a hugely popular topic, laid out into six easy to read parts. When it comes to the perfect blog post, I would say that this one is a great example – lengthy, quality content that people want to read, easy to read, witty writing, prominent titles and subtitles, original and useful visuals that correspond to the text perfectly, the list goes on! Not to mention a ton of backlinks that are both informative, and can help to build relationships with said companies that she is backlinking to. This is an incredible example of a topic that has likely been done many times before, but is so well laid out that it’s guaranteed to do well regardless. You can find this informative and witty article here.

Increase Blog Traffic and Boost Engagement

3. Landing Page Optimization: Find Heaven by Saving Your Visitors from Hell by Klientboost Listen – the title says it right there. You know before even reading the article, that you’re going to be in for an interesting, witty read, by someone who knows what they’re talking about – and that’s all due to the creative and confident sounding nature of the title. Although the visuals of this article are largely screenshots taken from other business’s websites, most of them are for good reason, as they expand upon the examples that he’s writing about. This article by Aaron Orendorff has, again, everything that you’d be looking for in a blog article – it’s long, interesting, well written, visually appealing, and has a witty and engaging title to boot. Even if you’re not interested in landing page optimization, you might want to give it a gander for that reason! You can find this prime blog writing example here.

4. Guest Post ROI: The Data Behind 273 Guest Posts Says It’s No Good by BloggerJet Credit must go where credit is due for this masterpiece by Tim Soulo. The title alone says that a lot of effort went into this blog post – which is always appreciated. If a potential reader knows that an article has been written with love and care, with quite a large amount of effort being put into its content, it might make them click on it over another similar post. Having said that, the content in this article is actually fairly original, largely focusing on statistics and quotes from entrepreneurs. It doesn’t just focus on the fact that according to him and his statistics, guest post ROI is “no good” – it also goes into detail on what you can do to boost your ROI that would be more effective. Quite an interesting article, and worth a read. You can find this blog post here

5. 50 Gorgeous Color Schemes from Award-Winning Websites by Visme This blog post by Nayomi Chibana is, as you can guess by the title, incredibly visually appealing. Nayomi took 50 color schemes that have been recognized by Awwwards (a website that awards online design, creativity and innovation), and presented them in an easy to read blogpost for all to see. This is especially helpful for those who want to design a website, but don’t know the first thing about selecting a color scheme. What’s interesting about this blog post, is that you may not have realized how important it is to have an appealing color scheme on your website, and what effect that can have in drawing someone in. Nayomi lists the general tone of the website layout as well as a screenshot photo, and describes what the tone conveys about the business. Have a look at this piece of artwork here.

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