FAQs: How Does AdSense Work?

  • What is adsense?
  • How does adsense work?
  • Will the ads disrupt my viewership?
  • Do I still make money if there is no traffic on my site?
  • Why should I use adsense?

how does adsense work

What is Adsense?

What is Adsense? In short, Google Adsense is a free and simple advertising program that operates via CPC (cost-per click) that allows users to make money.

Bloggers and website users make money by displaying ads on their site that are relevant to the advertisement. Advertisers will target specific keywords that they want their ads to appear on and display their ads on related blogs and articles. For example, a travel blog that contains keywords such as packing, essentials would target more product-based advertisements.

The mutually beneficial program is easy to use, and it helps new bloggers to find their footing. Using an Adsense account to monetize your business gives you an idea of the various programs out there that can help you make money!

How does Adsense work?

Firstly, an Adsense account is free for publishers! To begin using Adsense, you have to first install the ad code into your site–this allows for the Adsense program to go to your website and match up the keywords to your article and to see the type of content your website has.

The Adsense configured program then checks their inventory of ads and pairs them up with what is relevant to your website. This is easily beneficial for all parties involved. For the users they are able to view advertisements that pertain to what they are looking for. The advertisers are getting their product viewed and you get paid!

When there are multiple ads that have the same keywords that match your website content there will be a bid and the ad space goes to the highest bidder.

Google Adsense works on a cost-per click meaning that the advertisers will place an auction amount on how much they want to pay per click and the profit is 68:32 for the publisher and Google. For example; if you generate $100 worth of traffic on the advertisement you would receive 68% and earn $68.

Keep in mind that all advertisements pay a different amount per click-through rate! Not everything will come to the same amount. Google gives the majority of the money to publishers to ensure that they earn as much as possible. So yes, you still get the most profit out of this!

Will the ads disrupt by viewership?

Adsense displays ads based on the relationship between the advertisement and the content displayed on your page. When you first start using Adsense depending on your usership you can either be making a lot or a little bit of money.

Owners of Adsense sites should keep in mind ad placement.  You don’t want your website visitors to becoming hyper-aware that you’re monetizing your site and making money online.  Your audience still needs to derive value from your website, even while you earn passive income.

When using Adsense start off with a few ads and then grow those ads so its less disruptive instead of abruptly beginning to take on ads when you viewership has skyrocketed.

how does adsense work

Do I still make money if I have no traffic on my site?

The answer to that is yes you do! Although the larger paying advertisements and bids are given to sites with higher traffic and visitor rates you are still able to make money from Adsense. Using Adsense for both financial gain and as a way to track the amount of hits you receive on your website will help benefit you in the future.

Ask yourself how much you want to make from Adsense. If you want to increase the amount of money, you’re making then concentrate on generating more hits to your website. Look more into how you can improve your website (keywords is a big thing) and see where else you can make your site better.

As an incoming website owner Adsense can be intimidating at first if you’re only making a few dollars but relate the increase profit to the amount of traffic you are generating.

Why should I use Adsense?

As a blogger and website owner finding sponsorships and clients to keep your website running can be difficult. Adsense offers you a time-efficient and low-effort way to make money. Not only do you not have to pay for this free program, but it also benefits you in more than just financial ways.

  • To use Adsense you don’t need to have a specific product! The fantastic thing about Adsense is that the content that you have is the most important thing. Keywords are attached to websites which leads to ads being displayed. You are able to promote a product or service that is related to the content you are producing.
  • Its simplicity makes it easy to use. Instead of needing to understand specific technical Google algorithms and understanding “the ins and outs” of the program the only thing you need to do is download and let the Adsense program do the rest of the work.
  • You are still in charge of where you want to place these ads! There’s a little something called search options which allows you to choose where you would like the ads to be displayed on your website. Aesthetics and designs matter and Google Adsense understands this!
  • With 24hrs in a day and so much to do it can be difficult to maintain the time to take care of an additional ad-on to your website. You have next to no responsibility when it comes to using Adsense. There can be some maintenance when customizing the search options but otherwise there is little time commitment!

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