“It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.” – Elizabeth Kenny

Digital marketing has been and still is continuing to develop and mature, but the digital marketing world is booming and thriving with all kinds of innovators that you might or might not have heard of. Most of us are probably familiar with the name Mark Zuckerberg by now, but he’s not the only somebody worth knowing about when it comes to this digital marketing revolution. There are numerous professionals in this field that are worth studying up on, and they all bring something distinct to the world of digital marketing that you might want to pay attention to. These are the kinds of individuals that influence the entire world of marketing online, and they recognize and determine the trends that end up impacting the ways in which we do business.

We’re bringing you some of the biggest names in the digital marketing world today, and they all have a unique path and story to tell. They run some of the largest digital marketing firms out there, and they have proven themselves and their methods time and time again. The best thing about the internet is the fact that you can access these people and their insights at any time so long as you follow them on one of the popular social media sites out there! Having some of their insight and inspiration in your everyday life can help keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

Neil Patel is a digital marketing influencer that launched his very first online company at the very young age of 15, and he’s also co-founded the KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg platforms. He’s been noted as saying that helping other entrepreneurs with their marketing strategy is what gives him the most enjoyment out of his work now, and he’s done consulting work for numerous big name companies like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft and Mint.com. Oftentimes throughout the year he can be found giving speeches and motivational talks at a number of different conferences.

Rand Fishkin is one of the social media greats that you won’t want to miss out on following! If you’re getting serious about marketing your business, you won’t want to miss out on the tips and tricks that he shares on his Twitter account on a daily basis. He’s the founder of Moz, a company that offers SEO (search engine optimisation) solutions to business of all size and structure, and concept curation is his strong suit. Rand also blogs and writes books, and his “Whiteboard Fridays” series is well-received by many.

If you’re looking to find a very influential woman that’s always happy to share a little bit of her insider knowledge, you won’t want to look past Shelly Kramer and her expertise! Shelly is the founder and CEO of the V3B marketing company, and she’s got a very consistent following on Twitter in particular as more than 30% of the content she shares there gets retweeted by her loyal followers. Creating brand strategy, digital strategy, and marketing campaigns is where she excels the most, and she often holds speeches about the work that she’s done in the marketing world over the years.

“A leader is the one, who knows the way, goes the way and show the way.” – John C. Maxwell

Guy Kawasaki was one of many early employees behind the evolution of the Apple company, and he’s worth more than 30 billion dollars today. Based out of Silicon Valley, Guy is now known for his speeches about marketing that sound more like sermons with great thanks to his work as an evangelist. Canva, an online graphic design tool, is the thing that Kawasaki spends most of his time working on these days. He’s got a personal website that’s regularly updated, and he’s also quite active on Twitter.

Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating officer at Facebook, and she previously held a VP title over at Google in online sales and operations. She founded her own website, LeanIn, which is a web portal where women and young girls can feel empowered together. With collaboration and community-building, women from all different walks of life can come together and learn new skills from one another while also furthering the agendas for equal pay and justice for victims of harassment and sexual assault.

Jim Stengel is referred to by some as the “godfather of marketing”, and he’s most known for turning around a very negative marketing situation at the Procter & Gamble corporation in the early 2000s. He was solely responsible for restructuring the system that was already in place, and he had more than 8 billion dollars in an advertising budget at his disposal. There were more than 7,000 employees under his direct supervision, and the success of his efforts have made him a champion in the world of marketing. In his seven years with the company, he helped P&G to more than double their sales! He writes books, teaches classes, gives speeches and consults for new clients in his most recent everyday work.

Mary Meeker used to big one of the bigwigs on Wall Street as a securities analyst, but now she focuses on the internet sector and educating people about the power of it. She’s currently on the board at a venture capitalist firm out of Silicon Valley, and she also worked for Morgan Stanley in the past. Since 1995, she’s been publishing her Internet Trends Report annually, and this work is what she’s most well-known for. She’s well respected by many of her peers and colleagues alike her for insight and dedication to the facts.

Bob Greenberg is the man behind the founding of R/GA, and the advertising and communications industry have been “his thing” for more than 30 years. In 1977, Greenberg founded R/GA with his brother Richard, and they’ve kept a razor sharp focus on providing the highest quality of digital goods possible. Their visual effects have been featured in a number of blockbuster films like 1979’s “Alien”. Greenberg’s company has come through a number of growths and changes since they first opened their doors, and they continue innovate and reach further with each new project they take on. There’s very few “industry best” awards that Bob Greenberg hasn’t been awarded at this point!

These are just a few of the influencers and digital marketers who have changed customer and business relations as thought leaders in the digital media industry.

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