With each passing year, internet marketing is becoming more and more crucial to your business’s success. Odds are, your potential customers are turning to the internet to find a company that offers your exact service, and if they can’t find you right away, they’re going to go with your competitor.

In 2019, it is more important than ever that your internet marketing game is on point. Let’s take a look at 5 internet marketing tips for 2019, and how you can make yours stronger than ever.

Constantly Add New Content

Consistency is key when it comes to internet marketing –uploading regular content that is full of the newest trends and useful information will be a huge help in getting your website seen. Not only will customers return since they know they can expect regular, quality content from you, but your website will also be more appealing to search engines.

Adding a blog to your website where you can add regular content on related topics will be huge in attracting potential customers, thanks to SEO keywords. The more content you have on your website quoting relevant keywords, the better your website will do in search engines. This creates many more opportunities for your product or service to be seen, optimizing your chance for success for your online business.

Video and Influencer Marketing

If you haven’t realized it by now, video marketing is getting more and more popular with each passing year – and your company needs to get on top of it. A video marketing strategy doesn’t just mean that you create and upload videos to your own website, but you also begin implementing the use of social media channels. Creating short videos for posting on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great ways to get your product or service out there to your target audience.

Marketing by means of either ads on YouTube or uploading videos to YouTube itself is another huge way that companies in 2019 are taking the internet marketing game by storm. Not only are they uploading to their own YouTube channels, but the popularity of hiring a social media influencer to advertise your products for you has completely changed a video marketing campaign.

Social media influencers on YouTube often have hundreds of thousands of followers that watch them on the daily – and are ready to listen to anything they have to say if they like a product or service. The more popular a social media influencer is, the more you’ll have to pay, but scoring a partnership with an influencer in this way could be huge for your business and can definitely go a long way in increasing your brand awareness.



Have you noticed the amount of personalization that goes into your online experience these days? Maybe it has so gradually crept in, that you haven’t noticed that the internet and search engine you use knows you better than you know yourself. Creepy? Perhaps. Useful when it comes to offering products or services to consumers? Absolutely. Personalization is a fantastic way to both attract new customers and influence more sales.

When it comes to your website, there are many ways to create a more personalized experience for consumers – and it can all be done thanks to being able to track their data on your website. This includes collecting data on what they’re clicking on, and what they’re ultimately putting into their cart and purchasing.

After collecting this information, you can then automatically recommend additional products or services that may be of interest to them, based on their similarities. Trust us; personalization works – not just because you can present your customer with additional products or services that they might actually want and need, but because they feel like you care.

Make Sure Your Customer Experience Is on Point

Providing excellent customer service, no matter how accessible your content is, is always going to be important for internet marketers, and we can promise you, it will never get old. However, customer service isn’t the only part of a great customer experience for businesses.

Now that internet marketing is so exceptionally important and relevant, you need to make sure that your customer’s experience on your website is one they won’t forget. We’re talking fast loading speeds, easy navigation, and making sure your website has a mobile version.

I cannot even count the number of times that I, myself, have clicked off of a company’s website because I was browsing on my phone, and their website didn’t have a mobile version. All of a sudden, a simple internet browsing session involves fingers that seem too big for the buttons and having to squint your eyes, as you can’t see the words. If your website can be functional, visually appealing, and provide great customer service on both desktop and mobile, you are on the right track.

Stay on Top of Your Social Media

Yes, whatever it is that your company or brand represents, you must stay on top of social media. You not only need to create an account on various platforms, but you need to keep up to date with social media trends. If you can’t do this yourself, hire someone who can! 2019 is all about using social media for internet marketing – after all, it’s one of the cheapest and fastest ways to get your product out there.

Although staying on top of social media seems easy (or does it?), if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s important to hire somebody who does. Implementing the correct use of social media can have huge marketing benefits for your product or service.

After all, with the click of a button, a potential new customer can either visit your website or share your product or service with their friends. All you need to do is optimize your social media posts, and make sure that they are interesting enough to grab your new customer’s attention!

Although there are many ways you can stay on top of the internet marketing game in 2019, consider these five of our most important ones. If you had to take away one thing from all these tips, make sure you’re constantly interacting with your customers or potential customers, in whatever way that may be.

Whether it’s through social media, through your expertly designed website, or through customer service, show your customers that you care with your marketing efforts. If you can do so and keep on top of the most relevant ways to market your product or service on the internet, you should have no problem making your way to the top and establishing a stronger online presence.

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