June 27, 2018 Madeleine

Week 4 of Our ‘Meet the Team’ Series!

Laura Day is our in-house Project Manager, Marketing Coordinator, and is currently acting as Business Manager while Madeleine is on maternity leave.  Her academic background in media studies and cultural studies, plus her experience running her own local blog, have fine-tuned her skills to fit perfectly here at Content Refined.

laura ladies of the laptop

Here are 5 Fun Facts about Laura:

1. Laura is a singer/songwriter who has been performing for over a decade.
2. She’s a film buff, and served as Editor for an undergraduate film journal for two years.  Her primary research focus while completing her Master of Arts was innovative uses of popular music and sound design in contemporary film.
3. Laura worked for a few years in a furniture and home decor retail store, and is still an avid interior decor obsessor on Pinterest.
4. She runs a regional music blog in her area, showcasing the awesome local music scene through featured articles and a calendar of live music listings.
5. In her spare time, you can find Laura and her partner hiking the Bruce Trail or planning other backpacking adventures.
laura ladies of the laptop
laura ladies of the laptop
laura ladies of the laptop
laura ladies of the laptop
laura ladies of the laptop

Laura is a driven team member here at Content Refined, and her clients are in good hands!

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Madeleine is the driving force behind the business management and growth of Content Refined. As a young entrepreneur, she is always looking for different ways to improve the business for her clients and for her employees.