So, we all know what search engine optimization (SEO) is by now, and why it’s important (if not, check out some of our posts on search engine optimization here). At Content Refined, an SEO ranking strategy is included in every one of our packages, demonstrating how essential it is in your quest for internet marketing.

Now that we’ve established that we know what SEO is, what about local SEO? What’s the difference, and does it matter for your company? Let’s take a look at what this is, and whether or not your company needs it.

What Is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO is exactly how it sounds – you are looking to optimize your search engine exposure to appeal to geographically local customers, as opposed to customers that may be halfway across the world. The question is, why would you want to focus on potential customers that are only geographically close to you and not as far and wide as you can reach? Would you not get more customers this way? Well, it depends on what kind of business you have. It may be pointless for you to be engaging in anything but local SEO marketing.

Is local SEO Marketing Important for My Business?

Let’s take a look at what type of business you have, and if local SEO marketing will even benefit you and increase your local search ranking. Typically, an SEO campaign can significantly benefit the following types of businesses:

  • Local services (delivery services, mechanics, handy work/home services, medical and dental services, etc.)
  • Restaurants and fast food chains
  • Retail stores that have a physical location
  • Any other business that relies on local customers to sell their products or services.

If the majority of your customers are coming from your local city/town and the surrounding area, local SEO marketing will be incredibly beneficial to your company. Think about how often you pick up your mobile devices or tablet to look up a company’s website that is local to you, to find something that you need.

Think about all the times that you’ve picked up your mobile devices to find a local store’s hours, directions, or contact information. If you’re able to find what you’re looking for quickly, you can bet that your local store has been optimizing their local SEO marketing, and it’s benefitting both you and them.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When it comes to local SEO marketing, you generally are getting a high return on investment. If a potential customer needs your service, and your company pops up as a local company, there is an excellent chance of them buying this product or service from you. They are also not going to see your company if they don’t need you – and if part of your advertising involves PPC, this is probably a good thing. If your company would benefit from local SEO marketing, putting in the extra time to optimize your chances of getting seen by a local customer is most definitely worth it financially.

How to Optimize “Near Me”

How to Optimize “Near Me”

How often have you been looking for a product, service or restaurant, and typed in “near me” after the subject of your search? Google has optimized its local SEO algorithms to recognize when you are searching for a local business. However, you need to make sure that your contact information is consistent online. If it’s not, Google will not be 100% certain about the location of your business, what you do, or even what industry you’re in.

Make sure your name, phone number, and location are consistent across the board, so Google can have confidence that they’re directing your potential new customers where they need to go.

What Business Is Local SEO Marketing NotFor?

There are certain types of businesses that will not benefit from local SEO marketing. This is usually for the following reasons:

  • The business does not have a physical address
  • The business is a retail store that ships worldwide
  • The business is a service that can be carried out from any location
  • The business is not a product or service, and it for information purposes only
  • The business is a blog or other online publication

Again, when there is no need for the business to be local, there is no need for your company to focus on it. This will be potentially a lot of extra work for a type of search engine optimization that your company wouldn’t really benefit from anyway.

SEO services at Content Refined will recognize whether or not your company would benefit from a local SEO strategy, and either take the necessary steps to make sure your company is getting hits from local customers or maintain its focus elsewhere.

How Can I Make My Business Local SEO Friendly?

Even if you’re not internet savvy, here are a few things you can do yourself to make sure that your website is getting more local traffic:

  • Add your business listing to online directories
  • Add or claim your business profile on Google My Business. You can also create a business profile on Yelp
  • Request reviews of your business from your customers
  • Make sure that your company’s location and contact information is accurate across the board (this is known as your business’ NAPW (name, address, phone number, website URL).
  • Constantly be making connections with local businesses and customers, both online and offline

Making sure that your company is getting enough local exposure both online and offline is important for local SEO. Making sure your contact information and location is accurate is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making sure your business is one of the first that pops up in a local search for your product or business.

It is important to get as much online exposure as you can and list your business and every search engine and directory that is available to you. Your company will also rank higher in the search engines if you have plenty of good reviews. Remind your customers to leave reviews if they enjoyed your product or service.

Given this information, if you feel as if your company could benefit from local SEO services anddigital marketing, it is certainly worth taking a look at how you can optimize this. Whether it’s by hiring a company who knows what they’re doing or making a few changes yourself, you really can’t go wrong by providing more exposure to your local business.

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