My Story:

My name is Catherine and I’m a Project Manager here at Content Refined. I’m a marketing and communications specialist with over six years experience in digital marketing, including SEO writing, social media, and account management. I attended Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario for Graphic Design and I bring over nine years of visual communication skills to the table.

After several years of working in digital marketing, I found that a mix of several part-time jobs is a great balance for me. It gives me the opportunity to work in a variety of fields that I’m very passionate about and best of all: I’m always excited to switch between jobs and I don’t get burnt out. Some of my other jobs are:

  • Research assistant for an adult literacy advocacy group
  • Front line worker for my local women’s shelter (think: crisis calls and overnight shifts!)
  • Marketing for adbank, a blockchain-based advertising platform

In addition to my several jobs, I am also a part-time student working on by BA in Sociology and Gender Studies at Laurentian University. I love researching and writing, so my time spent on school and my research assistant job fulfill that desire. I’m thrilled to be joining Content Refined where I can apply my research, writing and editing skills.

It sounds like I’m a very busy person and it’s true! How do I make it all work? With my exceptional time management and planning skills. I love my Google Calendar!


My Entrepreneurial Journey 

I’ve worked my way through all aspects of digital marketing in my career. Starting as an SEO content writer, I then moved to servicing many clients in a digital marketing agency, and then working as an in-house marketing manager for a variety of businesses. I’ve been working in marketing for over 6 years and have learned so much from each of my positions!

What I love about digital marketing is the ability to track, measure and optimize my efforts. I love to collect and analyze data and use it to make data-informed plans for my clients. As a project manager I love being able to get to know each of my clients and their niche market. There’s always something unique and interesting to learn.

I have experience working with a wide breadth of industries and I love learning all about each organization and what makes them special. Some of the industries my clients have been in:

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Not-for-profits
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical cannabis
  • Fast food chains
  • High end hotels

I even have experience with remote catering from my time cooking for tree planting camps and forest fire camps in remote Northern Ontario. I survived a surprise 3-day snow storm that cut off my team’s ability to get to town and get more food for our camp of 60+ tree planters. I also spent several weeks cooking for firefighters in an evacuated gold mine that was so close to the massive fire that we didn’t have sunlight for over a week due to the amount of smoke and ash in the air. I suppose you could say that I can absolutely keep my cool in high pressure situations!

With all of my experience in digital marketing, I know that I’m going to provide excellent project management for my clients at Content Refined. 

What I like to do for fun outside of work 

I’m lucky to have a very flexible work schedule; I spend three days in an office and the rest of the time working remotely, usually from home. I’m one of the few people who actually loves commuting to work because it’s when I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Ask me for recommendations, I’ve got lots!

When I’m not working, I spend my time at my little chalet in the woods with my husband and dog. I love listening to podcasts while I cook, doing tarot readings, and going for hikes in the forest around my house. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn.

If have you have any questions, or would like to find out more about what we at Content Refined can do for you and your business, I’m always happy to help:

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