May 8, 2017 Madeleine

Project-ManagerMy Story – Deandra

My name is Deandra, and I am a dedicated member of the Content Refined team. I was initially hired as a Content Writer and have worked my way up to be a Project Manager for this business. I have experienced so much growth and have acquired so much knowledge since attaining this position.

My Passion for Writing

My passion has always been writing, and I remember being a small kid at only seven years old, begging Santa to bring me a typewriter so that I could be like all the writers I saw on television and in the movies. Stephen King started off that way, you know. He typed feverishly on his typewriter in a back doorway, and this inspired him to create vast amounts of creativity in such an unconventional space. Even as a child I understood his passion and I wanted so badly to be able to do what I loved.

I have been in school and have studied extensively to earn a degree in Creative Writing and English. To supplement my full-time job in management, I decided to apply to become a content writer, and I was given the position. At first, I was skeptical about this type of writing work because I didn’t feel that I would be as passionate about it as other pieces I have written. I was pleasantly surprised, however. I began getting the assignments in, and they required extensive research, and I realized that this job was allowing me to learn and grow in so many other ways that I wasn’t even expecting.

What I’ve Learned

This job has taught me patience and humility as well as the technical knowledge that I can use to further my career. Before this position, I was familiar with SEO and keyword research and the importance of content creation for a website, but now I can consider myself an expert. I have been given the tools and information needed to take content depth scores to a whole new level, surpassing all the competitor’s scores, and that provides me with an overabundance of self-satisfaction and accomplishment.

Through association and example, I have learned what it takes to be a good leader and these qualities are greatly admired in any profession. Content marketing is essential to a business and their success, but so are building lasting relationships and trust. Content Refined goes above and beyond what is asked and they go that extra mile for both clients and team members.

I have also learned the ins and outs of content marketing, and I have been given the tools to implement different strategies. Copyscape, Grammarly, and MarketMuse are my three go to’s when I want to refine and polish my work and the work of my team of writers.

The Content Refined Process – Writing Tools

Copyscape ensures that there are no instances of plagiarism and makes sure that the content is 100% unique.

Grammarly helps iron out the smaller details regarding proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It even has an option to help the writer enhance the language that they are using.

MarketMuse is my favorite of them all. It shows me all the areas I need to improve on concerning the content of the article and gives me ideas and topics to further my ideas and add keywords to raise the content depth scores. It is extremely satisfying seeing a score of 9 for example, shoot up to a 36 with a few added topics and essential keywords placed in the appropriate spots.

Content Refined – The Employer

As a Project Manager, I am in contact with many different people, and I am responsible for making sure that the assignments get tasked out the right people. It awards me the opportunity to grow as a writer and a leader as well because it consistently provides teaching moments for my team and me. I am learning just as much from them, as they learn from me.

Content Refined is a company that is always growing and expanding to meet the needs of their clients, but they never fault on providing the essential tools and knowledge that the team needs to satisfy these growing and changing needs.

I work for Content Refined remotely. While remote careers have their share of problems, I have experienced nothing but positive feedback and communication. Working on a remote basis has allowed me to stay home with my children and focus on my work. I quit a job in retail management and gained a career with Content Refined.

Learning the content marketing process was a bit daunting in the beginning, but with the tools and resources I have been provided, I am constantly learning and growing. Communication, e-commerce, and industry niches and revenue sources are always growing and evolving, and content marketing is changing to suit these needs and provide exceptional quality and service. It is a business that you can grow with. There is never a dull moment.

In keeping with the pursuit of knowledge and high-quality, I instill these same values to my writers and encourage them to do their best. I have discussed Copyscape and Grammarly with them in depth, and they get excited when they can learn and grow and see what small mistakes are being made so that they can avoid them in the future.

Content Refined – The Opportunity

To experience remarkable success in life, I feel that you need to be passionate about what you are doing and happy with where you are. I can say that Content Refined is where I want to be and I am excited about the future growth and success of this company and the tools they offer me to provide high-quality content for our clients.

With that being said, I am always looking for passionate and motivated writers to join my team. If you want the chance to work in close collaboration with an engaging company and grow as a writer, then I invite you to apply. If you have been inspired by my story and are looking for your own inspiration, please feel free to email me at

I am excited to speak with you and help you discover the writing path that best suits you. Content Refined allows us to write several different articles, blogs, and review articles and you are given the opportunity to grow and thrive in a friendly, motivated, and successful environment.



Madeleine is the driving force behind the business management and growth of Content Refined. As a young entrepreneur, she is always looking for different ways to improve the business for her clients and for her employees.