Launched in October of 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram is a social networking service whose ubiquity and popularity has skyrocketed over the last eight years to result in a user base of over four hundred million

Enabling subscribers to upload and share photos and videos, Instagram’s unique platform provided users with a wealth of features such as an abundance of filters and options for inputting tags, location, and likes.

In more recent years, Instagram has added a multitude of user-friendly features such as multi-image and video posting, direct messaging, insta-stories, and advertising to ultimately become one of the most prolific social media sites in existence.

Today Instagram is utilized for far more than just personal use, with corporations and businesses taking advantage of Instagram’s massive audience to further their branding and marketing strategies.

The ubiquitous phrase “Content is king” is one that is cited in every area of social media. Underscoring the notion that quality content is paramount to the success of any website, blog, or social media page, the concept has been readily embraced by countless individuals and businesses.

Forbes magazine has stated that content isn’t limited to just marketing but also informs, entertains, educates, and offers utility. Further, the publication states that content can augment an array of business functions, and conclusively opines that smart organizations devote the necessary time, energy, and resources into cultivating content because it saves money, empowers employees, [and encourages] thought leadership.

As the world’s population continues to embrace and incorporate social media into their lives, the critical nature of caliber content has become more important than ever before, with legions of individuals and organizations judiciously prioritizing content creation.

To learn more about creating the best content for Instagram, read on below to arm yourself with all the essential information you need to begin reaping big rewards.

Creating Dynamic Content Ideas For Instagram

Creating Dynamic Content Ideas For Instagram

Idea #1 – Create a Tutorial

Tutorials are among the most popular strategies to create engaging content. Containing visuals with useful and relevant information, well-crafted tutorials tend to highly resonate with Instagram audiences.

Instagram tutorials are becoming rapidly embraced as the premier destination of choice to post and discover unique and insightful tutorials. Enabling individuals and businesses to achieve increased public visibility along with the potential to earn income, tutorials on Instagram cover innumerable subjects catered to a diverse audience.

Consider the example of Michelle Pham. While her videos are on YouTube, the concept is the same for Instagram. Pham was a pioneer in the online beauty tutorial realm who took advantage of her profound interest in makeup techniques to appeal to a wide range of users.

Pham steadfastly turned viewers into subscribers, thus cultivating long-term relationships with her base. She achieved this by creating high-quality videos that were organized, compelling, and incredibly informative.

Tapping into a market comprised of makeup-lovers, Pham showed millions of women how to create an array of makeup looks, in addition to easily demonstrating complicated makeup concepts such as contouring and highlighting.

Important to note is that Pham’s videos are meticulously crafted; they contain relevant and useful information, are filmed professionally with clear footage, and showcased her engaging demeanor.

To this day, countless women seek out Pham’s tutorials as their premier guide to first-rate advice on beauty and makeup application.

An exceptional example of the possibilities that lie within social media, Pham is an inspiration for businesses and individuals looking to replicate her success.

Idea #2 – Showcase Your Routines

As mundane as it may sound, there is a vast number of people who are interested in viewing other people’s routines. Among the most popular routine videos are morning routines, evening routines, all-day routines, beauty routines, hygiene routines, and medicine routines.

With work, school, and all the obligations life imparts on us, creating an efficient routine can sometimes feel impossible. Often, people can become overwhelmed at the mere thought of attempting to organize a successful routine.

With tutorials, users can become inspired and empowered to replicate the routines that have been proven to work for you. Step-by-step, you can demonstrate the concepts of self-care and life management to help others prioritize, organize, and streamline their lives for success and happiness.

Idea #3- Get on the Bandwagon

Identify popular trends, concepts, and ideas to create interest-driven content. Ideal for casual users of Instagram, videos that incorporate trends can be just the trick to achieving a massive audience.

Recent examples of iconic trends were the Ice Bucket Challenge and Carolina Reaper Pepper Challenge. Millions of viewers tuned in to watch people dump frigid buckets of ice on people, in addition to gleefully watching the reactions of people who ate the impossibly hot Carolina Reaper Pepper.

Designed for amusement, these types of videos engage viewers who want to see content that is unique, amusing, and memorable.

Idea #4 – Play Peek-a-Boo

Audiences love having the opportunity to get a glimpse of behind the scenes action. This type of Instagram posting adds depth and variety to your Instagram profile and fosters a sense of intimacy with your viewership

Popular behind the scenes video examples include backstage at concerts and runway shows, the processes involved in making Chanel handbags, how bakers make elaborate cakes for weddings, and movie sets.

Idea #5 – Motivational or Inspirational Posts, Quotes, Pictures, or Videos

Motivational and inspirational material has long been a popular source of content. Meant to impart good feelings and perhaps even a smile, this type of heartening content is meaningful and can influence viewers immensely.

Idea #6 – Give Customers Practical Ways to Use Your Products or Services

Businesses with Instagram followers can harness the power of the site by showing their audience various ways to use their products or services.

ASOS is an apparel company that regularly posts on Instagram the various ways to create outfits and looks from their clothing and makeup line. Their results have been nothing short of astounding, as they now boast a viewership well into the millions.

Idea #7 – Pranks

Just as popular in 2018 as they were in the earliest days of social media, pranks are an amusing way to engage viewers and to ultimately gain subscribers. Most appropriate for casual Instagram users, pranks can be a way to easily captivate and entice other Instagramers into following you.

Idea #8 – Memes

Gain inspiration from Instagram users such as “Betches” or “My Therapist Says,” with their combined audience of 8.5 million followers.

Through the posting of memes that resonate and engage with their audience, these two long-time Instagrammers have amassed a collection of loyal followers who regularly check Instagram for their newest memes and posts.

Idea #9 – Throwbacks

Retro items, themes, and concepts are a hot commodity on Instagram. Popularly referred to as throwbacks, these classic elements elicit nostalgic feelings.

Popular throwbacks on Instagram include:

  • Vintage advertising for brands such as Coke and Ford
  • Rare Jell-O recipes with vegetables
  • Pop Rocks candy
  • Nintendo Gameboys
  • Jelly sandals from the 90’s
  • Rotary telephones and Payphones
  • Super Soaker toy guns
  • Tamagotchi toys

Idea #10 – Freebies, Promotions, Discounts, Contests, and Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies and discounts! Among the most effective ways to grow your brand’s visibility, offering potential customers enticing incentives can result in a vast array of benefits.

When conducting your promotion, contest, or giveaway, ensure that you are providing a service or item that resonates with consumers. You may also consider assorted types of promotions targeted towards specific niche interests or types of customers. 


Instagram is among the premier social media sites for individuals and businesses today.

Enabling users to share their passions, connect with peers, and even assisting businesses to expand in sustainable ways, Instagram has become the first-line marketing and branding strategy for many.

Through the creation of top-notch content that is insightful, compelling, and engaging, Instagram users can cultivate relationships with existing and potential followers in unprecedented ways.

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