Beard oil, subscription boxes, Matcha, and pet supplies have something in common: according to Google Analytics, these are niche markets that are trending upward in 2019. If you’re looking for business opportunities, niche markets are a good place to be.

Grab your data set and get to work. Among the more popular tactics for niche businesses is to make good use of the analytics out there. You’ll want to make use of some of the Artificial Intelligence solutions available in the marketplace. Choose your niche wisely and choose your tools with forethought.

What if…?

You get some analytics and even though the results don’t include your industry you can think of ways to leverage the information. Whether you’re looking for something compatible with your existing line, something trending to bring the shoppers to your site, or you’re looking to start something new, you need the analytics to tell you the shape of the niche market. The semantics are important.

For example, the results of two related searches bring slightly different results. Take the beard oil as an example. A broader search using men’s grooming products shows a positive trend and if you drill down into what’s driving the trend, you may find something like beard oil. Take that idea and roll it up with a subscription box and you have trending trends that you’ve bent to your will. It’s like a superpower.

niche market beard oil

Finding Your Niche

Even if you’re starting from scratch, you can invest in the metrics and analytics that give you a better than average chance at success. Think of Matcha and you’ve just joined the trend. Matcha tea and related items, like Green Tea Shot which is a trending thing, fit into the larger trend of teas.

Everything VR is hot and getting hotter as the technology catches up with the expectations of people who want to try it. If your technology skills are not VR-ready, you can break into the general market with toys like electric skateboards (a hot item, getting hotter) or Wi-Fi video doorbells. If you go with manufactured goods, consider using a dropship model where there are some specific niches which include wireless devices, a pretty wide field. That means you can target VR headsets using a dropship model and double-up on your trends.

You can also mix and match trends, such as the electric skateboards with companion trends, such as LED shoes. Check out the demographics.

What’s Trending?

Some old reliable vertical markets, such as fandom items, which continue to trend upward, need an awareness of which franchise is burning up the Internet. Check social media, up and coming companies in the fashion industry; check out small businesses with niche products and dip your big toe in the real estate industry. Pay attention to your buyer analysis and pick the franchise with the greatest opportunities. As fast as you can think of gewgaws to market, you can grow your market.

Cell phone power banks and anti-stress toys might be a great mix. Both are predicted to trend up in 2019. With ideas like this, the secret is to do the homework and brainstorm with data points helping you to plot your business plan. Find a niche or a niche of niches to target and dominate. Both B2C and B2B online businesses are on the rise. Mark your territory and then market yourself like everyone is watching.

Sustainable and ethical clothing lines are expected to be a hot-ticket item in 2019 with a strong upward trend. You can drill down into what that means and focus on organic cotton clothing. Interesting designs are going to be important and should reflect your brand.

Something that is on a serious upward trend is vaping. An online vape store is a great business opportunity. The market is growing and you can grow with it. Wrap some of your vape juices with a subscription box service and you’ll find yourself in the center of another burgeoning trend for 2019. Many sites bundled vape juices together. Put together a kicker of a site, beautiful graphics and boastful descriptions of each flavor of juice you offer, and let your audience know you’re out there.

Another growing market is in the ubiquitous backpack, knapsack, and rucksack. Consumers hunt furiously for the perfect carrying bag, something that does everything they need. The lowly backpack has become a mobile office and that is true, apparently, for a lot of people. Dig into what people are looking for and you can find a place for smart backpacks.

Pets are a dominant market niche. Businesses that provide pet food, accessories and pet-themed gifts are expected to thrive. Create a presence with dog-themed mugs, enamel pins (another positive trend), and accessories. People are still in love with their companions.

Trending up in 2019 are videos explaining an industry or product. You can create a digital marketing campaign in which you illustrate, simplify, demonstrate, and explain your niche, industry, services, or products. If you’re wondering about what this looks like, think of the popular videos on Facebook: “Buzzfeed,” “Tasty,” and “TechInsider.” This niche is excellent for graphic artists, public speakers (who translate well to the little screen), and others who can present content in an engaging and visually stimulating way.

What’s Next?

Take the data you find and identify a niche that screams your name. If you come from the product direction, you’ll look for analytics that tells you who is in the target audience for your product selection. If you come from the target audience you’ll have identified a buyer persona and you’ll be looking for what products that audience wants. Manage the business using smart objectives and the demographic and trending data available online.

You can create your own sales space or use one of the services available to interact with the customer. How much control do you want? How much of the nitty-gritty mechanics of business can you handle?

You can build a business where the core business, such as mugs, cards, plaques, and T-shirts, services several channels. Blank mugs and T-shirts can be printed when the customer orders the specific channel theme and image.

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