The success of a business relies heavily on its marketing strategy. You must know your short and long-term goals for your business before you launch. Starting a business with no clear goals is a quick way to fail.

What if you’ve gone through all the motions of launching your business, but you’re not producing the results you want? This could be an easy fix. It is entirely possible to boost your existing marketing strategy to gain more traffic with a few different tricks.

Take Advantage of Your Data

To effectively monitor your business/brand, it is best to use an analytics tool. This will show parts of your strategy that are not performing up-to-par. Determining the weak and strong points in your strategy is imperative to understanding how to increase traffic and reach more people.

Analytical tools will show you the keywords and searches that are driving traffic to your site, how many clicks your get onto your site, and much more so you can fully understand your site demographics.

Engage With Your Following

A simple, yet effective way of boosting your marketing strategy is to interact with your top customers. It is not possible to please every person who comes to your site. Instead, focus a bit more time on your repeat customers and try to create a long-term relationship with them. You can do this through newsletters about new products or services, emails, or postcards in the mail. This can have many benefits such as the customers feeling valued and also recommending your products/services to others.

Have Multiple Platforms

In this day and age, technology is constantly evolving. New social media platforms are frequently launching, meaning an outdated marketing strategy will not bring in much traffic. This does not mean you need to be on every new social media platform but having an active account on the most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will bring your closer to your audience. It is also an excellent way to speak to your audience directly.

Have a Variety of Content

Everyone is different, so it is important to offer various types of content for your customers that they may find interesting. It also keeps your content fresh and engaging. Content can include lists, surveys, how-to’s, a Q&A, a feature, an opinion-piece, compilations, and informational articles.

Any content that involves engagement from your audience, such as a survey or poll, is a great way to understand what they like and to keep them engaged.


Finding a like-minded, reputable business to collaborate with for a product. This will inform their customers about your business and products, increase traffic, and form a strong relationship with the collaborator. When you form a relationship with another business this opens the door for learning about the latest trends, new products, obtain new ideas and obtain advice from a fellow business owner.

Consistency is Key

One of the top pieces of advice for boosting a marketing strategy is to keep a consistent schedule for posting content and also stay consistent interacting with your audience on social media. Often there will be a lull where audience engagement is low, but with consistency and effort that will likely pick up.

If you do decide to send out newsletters, emails, or direct mail then make sure it is as appropriate intervals and consistent. This is just enough to keep your customers informed without annoying them.

Include a Call to Action

Everything you post on your website, blog, and social media platforms should have a concise call-to-action. This is what their next step will be after reading your content. The call-to-action can be telling them to subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for emails, to follow social media accounts, download your eBook, or to make a purchase.

All mail, whether sent electronically or through direct mail, can include social media handles as well. This information is readily available wherever and whenever a person is exposed to your business they should know exactly how to engage with you.

Call-to-actions can also be played around with, and you can see how effective wording is by testing out what phrasing drives more traffic. It is also a good idea to experiment with various designs for the call-to-action buttons on your website, emails, and blog posts.

Content for Every Stage

There are multiple stages of the customer journey. This includes their awareness of your business, their consideration of choosing your business, the purchase, and then supporting their purchase. You must provide each type of customer with high-quality content when they need it.

Bringing awareness to your business can be seen through blog posts, infographics, and byline articles from other sites. When the customer starts considering your products or services, then they will want testimonials, success stories, company videos, data sheets, and product microsites.

When they are ready to make a purchase, it is time for them to see any special offers, proposals, and a link to your e-commerce website. The work is not done once they purchase from you. It is important to also provide them with tip-sheets for what they purchase, how-to guides, and video tutorials from you or employers. All this content means that your website is a one-stop-shop for all the information they may need.

 Add Share Buttons

Share buttons for each of your products and posts allow people to easily share your content on their own social media accounts. The share buttons must be easy to find and read. If someone cannot easily find the share button, they are likely to quickly forget about doing so. Some social media sites may give you a rankings boost from shares. However, it does not affect algorithms too much.

 Final Thoughts

Marketing strategies are not perfect. What works for one business may not produce the same results for another. A large part of learning and becoming an expert in your trade is through trial-and-error. Understanding and analyzing your marketing strategy is the best way to fix mistakes and to ensure you do not repeat them. You can likely produce better results for your business by effectively communicating with your demographic and following these easy tips and tricks to effectively boost your marketing strategy.

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