Technology has continued to grow exponentially in recent years, even more so in the past year. Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, demand for remote work is now at an all-time high. Companies both large and small have had to rapidly adjust their practices and focus their efforts on a smaller scale.

What was once a luxury for some quickly turned into a harsh reality for all as the lockdown measures increased and more and more infrastructure had to be put in place for employers to give and gain remote access.

remote email accessWhile remote email access and remote internet access are not new concepts, additional people have had to adapt to becoming remote employees. Part of that adjustment in being a remote worker is only being able to access remote support or remote assistance if there are any hiccups along the way.

However, the demand for a smooth remote transition exceeded most expectations, and while there can still be technical bumps along the way, there have been a number of efficiencies with modern productivity. Barriers around the world have now been removed and connections are being made instantaneously.

Remote job opportunities have completely opened a new spectrum, attracting the best talent from all over the world. A quick remote session or interview can be done in a matter of minutes with someone in another time zone, creating a remote opportunity for any job seekers willing to put in the work, whether they’re in the same city or elsewhere around the world.

Working a remote position is accessible to anyone and everyone who is willing.

Who can work a remote job?

Anyone! No really, anyone! If you were accustomed to the world of technology pre-pandemic, you can appreciate how simple and painless it can be to shift from working in an office to working what’s essentially become a home job.

Who can work a remote job

However, a few essentials are needed to succeed in your remote work:

  1. A stable internet or Wi-Fi connection
  2. A device that has the ability to access the internet
  3. A remote camera or webcam with a microphone for online meetings

It’s guaranteed that anyone with these three essentials can successfully join and/or remotely host meetings, as well as conferences with individuals from their offices or remote team.

Simply logging into your device is remotely accessing your desktop from any location. In doing so, you have full office capabilities remotely. You’ll have a remote desk, a remote camera, remote email access, remote sharing, and even access to remote assistance right then and there.

You and your device have the potential to secure and share your documents and send them to anyone from any location.

Remote desktop essentials

With an at-home office and access to a laptop or smartphone, your remote desktop can travel with you anywhere you go. From meetings in the car to sending emails in the grocery store line, you can easily access your office and documents online.

Services like, a web-hosted service created by LogMeIn, allow for their users to remotely access online meetings, video conferences, and share desktops with customers, clients, and colleagues from around the world in real-time.

Remote desktop essentials

Applications like the Citrix remote app allow for PC access to remote users from any device and from any location. The stream applications from one centralized location and deliver to target devices. Many corporations allow for remote access as a means for remote work.

Capabilities like screen sharing and remote desktop sharing can easily be accessed through a number of different remote apps online. It’s all about finding the one that works best for you and your remote team.

Why seek to work a remote job?

If you’re currently in the market and want to try working remotely, check out these advantages:

  1. You set your own hours. Having free reign to set your own schedule takes a lot of stress and pressure off of some people. With the luxury of remote meetings and online conferences, being physically present or on time is not so much a concern when you have access anytime.
  2. The extra time you’ll find during the day after scheduling your work hours can be spent on more productive work. Or work that you yourself need to get done, such as family jobs or odd jobs around the house. It’s all about the proper work-life balance. When working from home, it’s essential to find what works best for you.
  3. Say bye to commuter traffic. Aside from saving endless dollars on transportation costs and gas, companies can allow for more money to be spent collectively, like virtual social sessions or online group forums, to allow for more inclusivity and remote sessions. The extra time and cash you’d spend getting to and from your office in a day can now be spent on more productive work, like online game nights or socials to foster a sense of virtual belonging.

Why seek to work a remote job

How to stay productive but not overworked

It can be a little overwhelming shifting from the office to working remotely. Not having an individual overlook your daily tasks or keeping you motivated can be difficult. Finding a successful work-life balance takes some time to get used to. Some tips:

  • Indulge in your breaks. You may physically be at home, but your mind is on your work and you may have a tough time separating the two. Be sure to break up your day; take a walk or go for a coffee. Indulge in the time you spend away from your desk or remote desktop.
  • Working remotely allows you to choose what works best and how it works best for you. It gives you flexibility and freedom to work around the times you want and elevates the pressure of having to stick to a mandatory and standardized daily schedule. But don’t forget to prioritize your to-do list and stay on top of things.
  • When it’s time, stop working. It can be all too easy to fall into the pattern of just working until things are done. However, that can end up going way past your end time. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember that you’ll have that same remote access and remote capabilities tomorrow.

How to stay productive but not overworked

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