5 Awesome Companies That Have Remote Teams

April 8, 2020
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April 8, 2020 Madeleine

These 5 awesome companies that have remote teams could help financially during dark times and are the most convenient option for stay-at-home parents and others who must stay home during the week. Read a little bit about these jobs and then go to the appropriate careers page to apply.

What Does It Mean to Work Remotely?

Jobs that have remote teams allow you to work from the solace of your home. You can have all the same communication channels on a remote team as you would have in an office; the only difference is no in-person interaction. Some people do not like the reduced amount of casual conversation, but the flexible schedule is worth it to most.

1. Lionbridge

Lionbridge offers translation services, as well as work in linguistics, AI, and data quality. Their “Global Communications Platform” has over 500,000 workers. They hire at all experience levels. Job openings are for Corporate Associates, Translators & Agencies, and Interpreters. If you have little experience and want home-based work that is easy to learn, you will want to apply for one of their job openings under the Testers, Raters, & Curators category. They express this low-experience job opening slot as perfect for “home-based workers and university students.”

Lionbridge is an excellent company to work for if you need something reliable that will not go away anytime soon. The pay is decent, and most of their home-based jobs have simple training. It could be a good alternative to working in the office.

Click here – view Lionbridge home-based job openings

2. Content Refined

Here at Content Refined, coordinating remotely is our specialty. Writers from all over have joined the team, and each person has access to everything they need to create top of the line SEO content. For regular article writing, you will have access to a professional project manager that knows their stuff. If you already have a great deal of experience, you could become a manager yourself.

College degrees are preferred, but Content Refined does recognize skill when it sees it, so if you feel this is the best place for you, don’t be afraid to reach out. There is a lot to love about working for Content Refined because of the flexible work hours and the ability to write at your own pace. There are no office distractions, and there is a constant stream of communication so that you always feel comfortable with the expectations on certain projects.

Click here – visit the Contact page to get in touch about current job openings.

3. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group includes UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company and Optum Rx Specialty Pharmacy. Most of the remote jobs are in customer service areas of UnitedHealthcare. You can quickly find some remote and flexible work options in UnitedHealth Group by going to Flexjobs, or through the UnitedHealth Group website on the link below.

Big insurance companies, such as UnitedHealthcare, are a great place to start for employment, even in a remote setting. Because of the sheer size of this company, and the fact that they are going to almost always be around, the jobs are relatively reliable. They have remote job openings for service advocates, coding auditors, billing representatives, and more. This company has excellent reviews for remote jobs.

Click here – search UnitedHealth Group job openings


Click here – go to Flexjobs

4. Transcom

Transcom offers remote jobs in the call center, customer service, computer & IT, communications, and sales. Most of the remote jobs with Transcom are steady and great for short-term work, but it may not be the best idea as a lifelong career. This company could be the best option if you find yourself in financial need, want some extra income on the side, or you have to work from home for other reasons such as recent childbirth, physical disabilities, or a current global pandemic.

There is a lot of flexibility with some of the remote jobs at Transcom, so it is a liable option.

Click here – visit the Transcom Careers page

5. Amazon

Most Amazon remote jobs are in customer service. Amazon always has positions open, and there are tons of great reviews for their home-based positions.

One of the remote jobs currently available is for working as a Digital Devices and Alexa Support Associate (view the link below). This position does have a faster pace than other remote jobs, so you will not get bored with it. All you need is a high school diploma and some basic communication skills, and you are off to a good start. The work schedule is somewhat flexible, but there is a set number of hours each week, and you must have a landline number. There are few downsides to a career with Amazon.

Click here – Amazon Digital Devices and Alexa Support Associate (remote job)


Click here – visit Amazon’s Virtual Locations page for more remote jobs

Figuring Out Which Job is Best for You

The remote job you choose to do from home should depend on your skill level. Entry-level people whose normal job is not anything like these should try either customer service or data entry, with which they can receive training, and there is little to no experience required. If you have decent writing skills and basic knowledge of Microsoft, Google Drive, and other essential computer applications, then you could consider becoming a full-time writer for Content Refined.

Someone who would enjoy customer service, such as an at-home job taking phone calls from customers, would enjoy working for Amazon or a similar company that has remote positions available. Always remember to double-check that a job you are applying for does have the option to work remotely; otherwise, you may have to show up at a job in-person, and that may not be the most convenient, especially if you live far away.

Be careful with exploring remote jobs online and stick with companies that have either an excellent reputation or good reviews by their previous employees.



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