Creating new content is only half the battle when it comes to content marketing. Repurposing content is taking the base of your content and recreating it in different formats. It would help if you found ways to repurpose that content so you can reach more people and generate more leads. This blog post will discuss 5 tools to help you repurpose your content. These tools are easy to use and help you get the most out of your content.

1. Piktochart 

Piktochart is a type of graphic design software. However, it is geared more towards infographics than competitors like Canva. This program provides sophisticated infographic features and ready-made but customizable templates, making it simpler to produce compelling visual material that your audience will respond to quickly. It’s elementary to use, thanks to basic drag-and-drop technology.

For small businesses, there are limited-time discounts, and Pro accounts start at US$290 per year (US$24/month).

2. SEMrush Content Marketplace 

If you have some fantastic content ideas from social media or a solid foundation with something like a video, check out the SEMrush Content Marketplace. The SEMrush Content Marketplace will link you with a writer who can produce robust SEO-optimized material. The cost of a one-time quote for a 500-word essay is $40.

The Content Marketplace now has article and email newsletter creation in its offering, which opens up many possibilities for producing reports from short YouTube videos and turning a webinar into an in-depth and instructive post.

3. Designrr

The best content repurposing tool, Designrr, is also a repurposed tool. It lets you repurpose material by taking written material from various sources, including PDFs, audio or video files (they can do the transcripts automatically in minutes), and social media posts. The pricing for this software is $29.99 per month, with a free trial option available.

4. Audacity 

Audacity is a free, downloadable program that enables you to transcribe your written material quickly. It’s an audio recorder and editor, so you can read aloud or even a presentation. The software will record it for you and allow you to modify it right away. This is a fantastic method to repurpose electronic books, blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, and other similar content in podcasts and educational courses.

5. Content Refined

The main goal of Content Refined is to provide you with the highest-quality content for your topic so that you may attract more organic traffic to your sites. It’s a turnkey content solution targeted toward niche and authority website builders.

They provide various content services, but end-to-end implies they can complete everything from keyword research to publishing a post. This content business is ideal for those who don’t have much time. If you want assistance with creating content, Content Refined could be the firm for you. Click here to sign up for a free consultation today!

Final Thoughts 

There are several methods to reuse content, which can often be more confusing than creating original material. These five tools aim to make repurposing easier, optimize the process, and provide new possibilities for content types that you may not have considered previously.

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