Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important tool (perhaps the most important) in a digital marketer’s arsenal. Great SEO is about optimizing your content so that you appear at or near the top of a search engine’s results page. Effective SEO can drive a lot of new, organic traffic to your website.

This article will outline 5 strategies to optimize your SEO and increase traffic to your website this month. You can start right now, and get your website moving up the results page before you know it.

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Relevant, Quality Content: You can’t trick Google in the long run. There really is no more effective strategy in SEO than continually publishing content that answers the questions your consumers are searching for.

Good content satisfies a need. After all, a search engine is only really there to provide answers. Thus, if you are able to effectively answer these questions, more people will visit your site and your site’s authority will increase. People are then more likely to link to your website and come back themselves.

The first step in making relevant content is in knowing your target market inside and out and knowing how they search for your content. Get into the head of your target consumer and think of what they might be searching for. Once you know this, you can provide them with answers. You can then further optimize your content based on the keywords they use to search, which will be covered in more detail further down.

Fresh Content: Effective SEO requires updating your site continuously with fresh, creative content that continues to address the needs of your consumers. Quality content is not enough, it must be done on a consistent basis. It is important to continue appearing in search results as an authoritative answer to the questions people are asking.

Fresh content is key, but always make sure it is directed towards your niche. This once again requires a very extensive knowledge of your target consumers. From there, creativity and market research are essential to keep your ideas fresh and your content consistent.

Remember, you won’t know how to provide content relevant to your niche if you do not know what they are looking for. Content Refined can work with you directly to outline your target niche and create content that satisfies their curiosity.

Updating existing web content: Another simple strategy to increase your search engine rankings is to go through your old content and update it. Google and other search engines prefer fresh content because it is more likely to be accurate and relevant. Also, new content simply gets clicked more. People will more readily trust an article written recently because they know it is more likely to contain up-to-date and accurate information.

Ultimately, Google and other search engines are trying to direct users to the answers to their questions. This means that Google wants to provide relevant, timely information in the search results. So if all the information on your website is up-to-date, you can drastically improve the amount of organic traffic through SEO.

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Keywords: Keywords have been a recurring theme in this article, but they are so important that they deserve their own section as well. It is crucial to find keywords and phrases that people use to search for the type of content that you provide. Once you know this, you can optimize these keywords within your content to show up on more results pages.

Researching keywords is an extensive task in its own right. It is important that your research is based on a foundation of an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of your target consumer and target niche. This will help you to understand how these consumers search for what they want to find.

There are several tools that can help you with keyword research. For example, Google Keyword Planner is a free service for Google Ads users that can predict whether a keyword might be successful in your campaign. Another trick is to look at the “related search terms” that appear alongside the search results on any term. These serve as examples of additional keywords that are related to your topic. 

Finally, it is important to use keywords in your content where they make sense, as opposed to shoehorning them in wherever possible. This tactic is jarring and obvious, and will reduce the quality of your content. Too much repetition is noticeable to search engines and users alike.

Meta descriptions: It is very important that digital marketers understand metadata and meta tags in order to fully optimize their SEO. Meta tags are descriptions of the content on a webpage that are only visible in the HTML. They are effectively invisible to users of the website, but highly visible to the search engines that crawl the website. An understanding of meta tags is crucial in strong SEO.

There are many types of meta tags that could potentially impact search engine rankings, but for the sake of simplicity it is important to focus on the tags with the highest impact. These are; meta keywords that describe a page, a title tag, a meta description which appears in a search engine, and meta robots which describe what the search engine should do with the page. 

Essentially, what these tags do is describe the content that is on your webpage. If Google can understand what your page is about, it will be more likely to have it appear in search results. Additionally, if a page is accurately described, consumers will be more likely to click on it. Google wants to show people relevant content, so accurately describing your content with meta tags is an important step to improve your relevance score and move up the results page.

Conclusion: This article has covered some of the most important tools that you can use right now to improve your SEO. As you can see, a common theme is to provide high quality content that is useful to your consumer. Before you start using SEO tricks and tips, you want to know your target niche so you can predict the questions that they are likely to ask.

Google is a service that links people to answers. SEO tricks help you to increase your search ranking, but they only work alongside accurate, quality, and relevant content that provides the answers that people are searching for.

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