Social media management tools can help you keep up. Many businesses today have their pages on social media; this includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn plus other various sites. Social media works well for many businesses large and small allowing them to share information about their products or services.

Social media can help their business grow by allowing their followers to share their posts with their friends and so on. It allows customers to ask questions about products or services and allows the social media representative to answer them. It is a lot of hard work sometimes to keep up with information and new data to keep customers coming to your site.

Still, as popular as Social Media has become, there are many potential customers there for your business. Many tools can help make this job easier to manage.


It is software that has been designed to work on the web or your mobile phone. One of the many features of Buffer is that it has become popular is the ability to schedule and send out your post to multiple social media accounts to appear on a certain day.

It allows you to measure your performance on your sales or traffic and allows you to create various reports to help keep you on the right track and know the areas of your business that might need some extra work.

You can create hashtags that you can save and use on your campaigns. It is proven to work well from smaller businesses to larger ones allowing keeping track of your progress to be easy.


This social media management tool is designed to save you time when it comes to your social media marketing. With your dashboard on Hootsuite, you can manage multiple social media accounts at a glance. You can view your messages, send out new product information, or track your progress on each of your sites all from one dashboard.

Hootsuite allows you to answer your messages individually or send an answer to all of your sites as an informational update. It helps you to see what your customers are responding to and what changes you might need to make to get a better response and be able to add additional customers.


Agorapulse has been designed to simplify your success on social media. This offers the ability to schedule events and reports, along with announcements all at the same time with the simple use of your new scheduler. Also, it can show you how you rank and are doing compared to some of your competitors.


eClincher offers the ability to make your scheduled posts and track your progress as it allows you to create various reports. It will also allow you to analyze your business plan and let you find in detail the areas that you need to increase or change your market strategy. It will also allow you to respond to your messages so that your customers will know that you care and are there for them. It also offers the ability to add pictures and search for social medium influences.


MavSocial is a social media management tool that gives you a focus on visual content while allowing you to manage your ads. It offers a digital library for you to search and use many custom pictures with your social media accounts. It also offers the ability for you to schedule your posts and comments along with creating your reports so that you can keep track of your sales, customers, and other important aspects of your business. This seems to work well for all sizes of business.


This management tool has been created to make life simpler and allows you to schedule your content to post on your accounts. It will connect with your twitter and allow you to follow and unfollow various customers and similar products to yours.

Crowdfire has also been designed to flag or suggests similar articles to your content that you could share on your sites. It stands out for its ability to allow you to connect to your blogs, additional online shops, and YouTube Channels. It can also be set up that when you make a post on your site, that it will share that post or content to additional sites.


CoSchedule is a social media management tool that is known for its social calendar. This calendar allows you to schedule and organize all of your social media posts. It offers RSS and re-queue, allowing the automatic switching and posting of your most successful posts to repost on various social media accounts.

It gives you a different dashboard for each client, so you can keep them all separate and creates individual reports for each client and different aspects that you need to keep track of separately.


Talkwalker is a tool that may be a little more costly than most of the other but offers somewhat a different value. This program offers the ability to track over 30,000 brand logos that appear in various images and videos online. It focuses on tracking brands measuring their success and appearance online.

This includes ten social media sites and over 150 million websites that it can monitor and pull the information on the brands that you select; this helps you to keep track of your selections to see if your brands are popular enough to keep your business going or if you need to switch up some brands or maybe just add some additional ones.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social claims to offer the best mix within their social media management tool than the rest of the tools on the market. This program seems to work well for small to medium-sized businesses. The design features one dashboard to manage and keep up with all of your social media and brand monitoring. Create reports from many different aspects, so you know where you stand and where you need to give a stronger focus.


This social media management tool has been proven to work well for larger businesses. The Oktopost platform has been designed to cater to B2B marketers. It helps to generate leads through social media and allows you to see where your strengths and weaknesses are.


With so many tools to choose from and so many options, it can be confusing on which is the best route to take. But to sum it all up in a nutshell, these tools can make a huge difference in your success online.

Knowing where you stand and where your weak points are can help your business to grow faster and stronger, allowing you more time to put your focus on your weakest areas.

None of these social media management tools do everything for you so that you can prop your feet up and relax while it does your work, but it helps to lighten the workload allowing you to shift your focus.

Depending upon your expectations and your goals, there is definitely a social media management tool that is available to help you manage your business even if it is just automatically posting all of your posts on various social media accounts.