#1. Text Comparison

Compare text online using one of these amazing tools. 

Pay attention to the extent of features offered in each one of these online tools as they could determine whether it will be useful for certain tasks. A few tools require downloaded software, while others automatically display space to compare text straight from the beginning. 

Complicated problems necessitate complicated solutions. Three-file comparison and cloud-based diff checking, for example, are not always available with some comparison software, but it could be essential for a particular project. Keep in mind the original reason for needing to find the differences between texts since that could be a good indication of what tool is best. Also, consider sharing abilities. 

When in doubt, visit the preferred online tool or try a demo of the software to get an idea of what it actually achieves when comparing text. 

Top-Rated Online Tools for Comparing Text

  1. Text Comparison
  2. Workshare Compare
  3. WinMerge
  4. ExamDiff
  5. TextCompare.org
  6. Diffchecker
  7. Text-compare.com

#2. Workshare Compare

For a professional setting, Workshare Compare is one of the best options for downloadable text comparing software. Although it is not as quick and easy as inserting text into the more straightforward text comparing tools online, Workshare Compare offers more. 

When you use Workshare Compare’s product, it produces an instant analysis of the compared documents, provides a feature to compare within Outlook or directly within a PDF file, detects changes on-the-go, and has all the necessary sharing capabilities. 

Workshare Compare doesn’t just compare text either; it also compares charts, tables, comments, embedded objects, OCR, embedded images, and almost any other element that may well be in a document. 

Workshare Compare has free demos available upon request and works on most platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android Native, Cloud, SaaS, Web, and iOS Native.

#3. WinMerge

Projects change. Being able to view and compare text online from the numerous project versions spawned from those changes is essentially WinMerge’s main gig. WinMerge’s features are extensive; a few of them stand out more than others, but all are highly useful. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-way file comparison – compare three text files at once
  • Text file merge – merge text files after executing visual differencing
  • Difference pane – view the current difference in two vertical panes
  • Patch file creation – Normal-, Context-, Unified formats
  • Conflict file resolution
  • Archive file support using 7-Zip
  • Plugin support
  • Localizable interface

WinMerge acts as an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows XP and newer versions of Windows, but can support text file formats from Windows, Unix, and Mac.

#4. ExamDiff

The free file comparison tool, ExamDiff, automatically detects and brings to light any and all file changes. Download it for free on any Windows operating system (95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/8/2012/8.1/2012 R2/10/2016). 

ExamDiff accesses text files for comparing differences. Search files by filename and directory name and use the Autopick feature to pull up matching file pairs automatically. After comparing, ExamDiff detects any further changes to a file and prompts the user to go through with re-comparing. 

Easily-navigated comparison panes make ExamDiff one of the more straightforward text comparing tools, and it is fully customizable. 

ExamDiff does have a paid professional version of the comparison tool, called ExamDiff Pro. ExamDiff Pro has some additional features that ExamDiff does not have, like the use of plug-ins, Unicode support, and three-way difference and merge. 

#5. TextCompare.org

Rapidly compare text online at TextCompare.org. There is no software download required, and it is entirely free. 

At TextCompare.org, compare plain text directly on the TextCompare home page, or compare Spreadsheets, PDFs, Images, and Word documents by clicking the Choose File buttons on each pane. Also, compare pasted text from Word and PDF documents to find differences or similarities between the two. 

TextCompare does not support all document types. When using the Word feature, use a .docx file for uploading. 

This online text comparing tool works on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

#6. Diffchecker

Diffchecker has a straightforward layout when you access the tool on their website, very similarly to TextCompare. The main tool compares pasted text in two side-by-side panels, which after clicking “Find Difference,” shows both the original and changed version of text. Save diffs and share on other platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, or copy the provided link for sharing elsewhere.

Diffchecker has free text comparing, as well as a paid desktop app that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Diffchecker stands out with its SVG viewer and cloud-hosted Diffchecker for the terminal, for creating cloud-hosted diffs. 

Online text comparing tools akin to this take more time and effort to utilize sometimes because of the inability to upload text files.

#7. Text-compare.com

Text-compare does not provide the means for uploading files, and its features are rudimentary at best. 

However, for quickly comparing items of text in an easily understood space, this is the best online text compare tool for the job. No time goes wasted, and it takes up zero space on a computer, other than basic data or saved items, of course. 

Paste a version of a text in the left pane and an alternate version in the second. Then, click “Compare” to see the difference laid out in a third space above the text panels. Differences are highlighted in blue and show the number of the line where each difference occurs. 

Why Should You Compare Text Online?

Any automated online tool or downloadable software that helps with the everyday tasks of running an online business can make the lives of everyone involved, easier. Text comparing services prove to be essential for many purposes, but all-in-all, it cannot happen so effortlessly without the use of only of these tools. 

Save yourself the trouble and compare text online.