For a business to make money, it needs to find ways to attract people to whatever it is the company is offering. There are countless ways to accomplish this, but one of the more tried and true methods is a website. Although this may seem obvious, some businesses lack the content necessary to maximize their potential.

We Have A Problem

Gone are the days when a few basic blogs and niche articles were enough to satisfy your website’s audience. Due to the incredible amount of information available at our fingertips, sites need to provide engaging, high-quality material that keeps people interested and reading. A website’s success depends on having applicable, cutting-edge content specific to your target audience. Not only will this help get visitors engaged with your site, but it will also help build content authority on your site’s subject matter.

Your site will also require SEO content, which should result in improved rankings from search engines like Google. If your site doesn’t rank on the first few pages of Google in searches related to your business’s products and services, then you likely need to incorporate more SEO-friendly content into your site.

Of course, you could always pay for better placement, but this strategy is costly and only works for a short amount of time. There’s no escaping the fact that the most effective way to get more visitors, sales, and money is through increased website traffic. To get traffic, you need content, and lots of it.


Who Can Help?

The weighty but vital task of constant content creation has prompted many business owners and their wealthy affiliates to outsource this hefty chunk of work to online content mills. Your company may benefit from one of these services, but to find the best content writing platform, you’re going to want a little help. This is because there are hundreds of these types of services available, and we know which ones have the most experienced writers. These are people with a dedication to helping businesses communicate more effectively. They will capture the technical essence of your business and frame it in such a way that resonates with who you’re trying to reach. So, to alleviate you of the burden of having to study and analyze each of the hundred or so content writing services available, we’ll cut to the chase and show you two of the best.

What You’ll Find

The information presented in this article focuses on the iWriter and Textbroker services. These are two industry-standard, top-flight content writing services. Here, we’ll give you the most pertinent information about what makes these two services stand out from the rest, and how they can benefit your company. Our analysis will also give you a solid foundation to adequately judge other options.



Textbroker Service

It’s only fair to begin our discussion with Textbroker, one of the pioneers of the content-selling business. Its longevity in the content business reflects the company’s experience and dependability, characteristics that are also present in Textbroker’s thousand-plus employees.

The company’s ability to maintain a happy staff of writers is essential to potential business partners because you want each content writer to care about doing a good job. The sad truth about this industry is that some freelance writers and the companies they work for are only interested in making money and lack the passion or love for creating work that folks will enjoy. Those who are more interested in a paycheck rather than producing quality work will only do the bare minimum required. Since some companies don’t include incentives based on how good a piece of writing is, their writers tend to lack the motivation to put in a little extra effort to ensure high-quality content.

At Textbroker, because its staff can benefit from pay increases when it produces high-quality original content, the company’s writers are highly motivated to do a good job. Writers at Textbroker also have career advancement opportunities for higher-rated writers, so most have a vested interest in the company and strive to do their best because their level of success correlates to the success of their employers. The result of having a happy and motivated staff of writers is that you can expect consistently great content.

Content Specificity

Textbroker offers a very diversified set of writing services from which to choose. Listed below are the available options. Though some are rather obvious, others will require you to seek a more detailed explanation from the company due to the vague wording.

  • General template
  • Basic short blog post
  • Blog ideation
  • Press release
  • Product description
  • Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Website content

The Ins and Outs

Textbroker’s user interface is very streamlined and straightforward. You choose to either find and hire writers yourself using their self-serve format or have Textbroker do this for you using their managed service option.


The self-service option is Textbroker’s most popular, as it gives you complete control to pick and choose the person you want to do the job you’ve posted. You’re not blindly picking people either, as you can determine who is the best fit based on their profile, rating, and experience level. You can also read a writing sample to get a good idea of what you can expect from them. Self-service also allows you to work directly with a specific writer or team of writers, or you can have an open order on your jobs where anyone can apply.

Managed Service

Managed service options require a minimum payment of $2,500. After you decide what content marketing services you’ll need, Textbroker will put together a team of highly skilled writers who will deliver the content.

The Price is Right/Wrong

The costs of using the company’s self-service option depend primarily on how many words you want to have written, as well as what level of writer you choose. You simply fill out a form indicating the number of words you want, the processing time, and the status of writing quality, and it will tell you how much that costs. Textbroker uses two, three, four, or five stars to rank the content quality level you can choose between, with each group having a higher price than the previous (there is no one-star option).

However, Textbroker’s payment system is where we find faults with the company. After submitting and receiving back some writing jobs from each level of quality, we found that only at the four-star levels or higher was content written well enough to justify its cost. The two- and three-star options did not hold any value in our eyes. The content was riddled with errors and difficult to read, making these pieces unusable. To be clear, basing the price on the number of words generated is a fair way to judge the worth of a piece of writing. Also, it’s fair to say that some writers are better than others, which makes the value of the material they produce worth more and, therefore, it should cost a bit more. Having two low-quality options makes it difficult, if not impossible, to use the content on a professional website.

As far as four-star and five-star options go, we found that they were good and absolutely justified the cost. However, the difference in quality between the two highest levels wasn’t drastic enough to warrant the price gap. We didn’t see much difference in the four-star 800-1,000 word blog we ordered, costing $24.35, then the same at five stars costing nearly three times as much at $79.55.


iWriter Service


iWriter is a well-established company that has been in existence since 2011. It has extensive knowledge of what it takes to rank your content on Google, and iWriter can provide you with writers from all around the world. This company has some very experienced writers who can create a wide range of content, so they continue to be one of the most reputable content writing services on the internet today.

Content Specificity

iWriter offers a decent range of content writing services, including:

  • Content for articles
  • eBooks
  • Article rewrites
  • Kindle books
  • SEO content
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases

The Ins and Outs

The process of creating and submitting an order is quick and efficient, thanks to an easy-to-use interface along with clear instructions. You just need to log into your account and then use the dashboard to determine things like:

  • Project type
  • Content title
  • Description of project
  • Category
  • Desired length
  • Language preference
  • Keywords to include
  • Quality level
  • Writing style/tone of voice
  • Purpose

A Step Above

A couple of features elevate iWriter a step above similar types of services. The first is that few other websites’ content services offer the diversity of turnaround time options that iWriter does, and none are bold enough to guarantee content in as little as 30 minutes. These perks are excellent for people who tend to work on projects that require a few different time frames or need an emergency piece of content written in under an hour. Please note that despite our inability to test the 30-minute feature, we trust that iWriter will make good on its guarantee. It may be that the quality of the work will suffer from the time constraint.

Second, iWriter users have an opportunity to review their purchased content before the actual payment transaction occurs. If you receive content that does not meet your standards, you can ask the writer to resubmit their work with a corrected version or simply reject it. Basically, you only pay for the content you keep, so there is not much financial risk involved with using the service.

The Price is Right/Wrong

The cost of using iWriter is similar to that of Textbroker in that how much you end up paying for your content is based on the word count and the quality of the writer you select. The four price categories in iWriter are Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. While the price increases between Standard, Premium, and Elite are gradual, the cost from Elite to Elite Plus is significantly more expensive. For example, a 1,500-word piece at the Elite level is $31. At the Elite Plus level, it’s $108.

Also, similar to Textbroker, the two lower-quality levels are not very useful. However, we had no issues with the higher-quality choices. Lastly, it’s important to note that when there are work shortages at the highest levels, writers from that level come down into the lower categories, so you may get a top-notch piece of work at a lower price if you’re lucky.


While Textbroker and iWriter suffer from some content quality and pricing issues, both remain excellent options for those looking to bulk up their website’s SEO content. It’s important to give both a try to see which one fits into your website’s goals better. We found that iWriter is most effective for fast and cheap content. For more advanced content, or where a team of writers is needed for a project, Textbroker is the better option.

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