Every company knows they need a website to do business online, but having a website alone is not a successful strategy. With so many businesses accessible online, the competition has never been so fierce. These five killer traffic and conversion strategies give business owners the tools to succeed in the online marketplace and can set a company apart from the rest.

1. Quality Content that Converts Leads into Customers

Quality Content that Converts Leads into Customers

Content marketing, including blogs, social media posts, guest features, and website content, is a powerful marketing strategy. Long gone are the days of articles used solely to puff up a website. In fact, these articles, known for keyword stuffing, can work against your search engine rankings. The best practice for modern internet marketing is to provide customers with quality content. Customers want content that helps them with buying decisions and answers questions about a product or service. You can also post industry-related news with your commentary on how it relates to your business or product to get attention.

Content marketing is a strategy to get customers better acquainted with a business before filling out a form or picking up the phone. Quality content establishes trust and provides free advice, building a professional connection before the first contact. Therefore, actionable content that converts is a powerful tool that keeps working for the business long after being published.

2. Easy Site Navigation

Easy Site Navigation

One commonly overlooked area of traffic and conversion optimization is site navigation. The user experience should be easy, enjoyable, and to the point. Businesses should be clear about what they are selling, who the product is for, why they should buy it, and how to complete the purchase.

With so many other websites to choose from, customers do not have to be patient with yours. If they do not find what they are looking for quickly, there are plenty of other places for them to go. Picture this scenario. The customer loves the product, but everything they click on takes them to more information. Where is the “Buy Now” button? Where is the “Add to Cart?” A customer will not work hard to buy a product. Instead, they will become frustrated and leave the website because no one wants to jump through hoops to buy something, especially in the competitive online marketplace where there are other options to choose from.

3. Social Proof Builds Trust


Social Proof BuildsBusinesses are often told to be humble about success but to stay ahead of the curve, you need to add social proof to your website and social media. Social proof is the testimonials, reviews, and media coverage that put your business in a good light. This traffic and conversion strategy builds credibility, establishes trust, and influences purchasing decisions. When customers show proof and enthusiasm that a product or service is working for them, such as weight loss success stories for a health and fitness business or getting stains out of clothing for a laundry detergent company, potential customers see results in action and are encouraged to buy.

Customers want to know that they are not the only ones buying a product or service and that others are making the same purchasing decisions. Think about line ups for popular products like new Apple iPhones. Everyone wants one because everyone else has one.

Media, such as television, radio, and online podcasts or web shows, can show customers that the business is credible. These outlets seem intimidating to business owners who have never been on the news, but they are a great opportunity to reach a new market of potential customers. One trick of the trade is to start a fundraising initiative through your business and contact the news or radio to cover it. This strategy is a great way to serve your community while increasing your marketing reach.

4. Great Visuals to Attract Buyers

Great Visuals to Attract Buyers

The evolution of online business has changed the way that customers interact with websites. If a customer visits a website and is greeted with a giant wall of text, there is a good chance they will go elsewhere. The fact is that people, in general, have a much shorter attention span than they used to and rely heavily on visuals, such as photos and videos, to educate, inform, and entice them to buy. Great visuals are essential for paid advertising, especially Facebook ads.

Not only are photos necessary, but they should be taken with thought and consideration. Fortunately, most smartphones are equipped with quality cameras, filters, and editing options, so most anyone can take their own photos for their website. However, hiring a professional photographer can truly bring a website to the next level and separate it from the rest.

5. Site Speed Keeps Clients Browsing

Site Speed Keeps Clients Browsing

Another overlooked traffic and conversion strategy is site testing to ensure the website is running at optimal speed. Speed is an important consideration in website design. Clients do not have the patience to wait for pages to load. They are busy and have plenty of other websites to visit. Speed testing is an essential periodic task for a website manager to help increase and improve sales.

A fast website is also a sign of a modern design, and many web-savvy customers appreciate a new, fast, and updated website, so consider the programs you’re using and get your marketing firm to redesign outdated components for the best possible conversion.

Final Words

Simply having a website is no longer enough to hold the interest and attention of potential customers. When a business operates online, it needs quality content, easy site navigation, social proof, visuals such as pictures and video, and speed. These traffic and conversion strategies not only set businesses apart in the online marketplace but also establish trust. Making a lasting impression results in sales, new clients, and overall professional success.

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