Love it or hate it, social media isn’t going anywhere in 2022, and neither are the videos that seem to be increasingly dominating the platforms. In fact, you’re going to have a hard time getting away from any kind of online videos in 2022, as it’s expected to drive nearly 82% of all consumer Internet traffic.


So, if you want to stay relevant in the fast-paced world of social media, then you better be keeping up with the latest and greatest in video styles and technology. Here are the 5 social media video trends for 2022.


1. Short Videos on Instagram

While a lot of people may have thought of Instagram Reels as nothing more than a TikTok knockoff, it has proven to be quite useful for brands and businesses to expand their reach on the platform. We already know from the success of TikTok that people love short-form video content, so by taking this idea to the more business-friendly Instagram, brands are taking advantage of the demand and reaping the rewards.


2. Shoppable Videos

If you own an ecommerce business, then you may already be familiar with the concept of shoppable videos. These are essentially product videos, but they don’t necessarily look like your traditional advertisement. They often appear to be like regular videos, but with one important difference: clickable pop-up text that links to the featured products.


Around 40% of brands are already using shoppable videos, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.


3. Live Streams

These days, consumers want to be able to connect with brands on a more personal level, and live streaming has become a great way to fill that demand. Being able to directly interact with brands makes them seem more approachable, and can really increase their authenticity in the eyes of the viewer.


Clearly, a lot of people believe in the benefits of live streaming, as the industry is expected to grow rapidly within the next few years. In fact, it’s predicted to have a CAGR of around 28%, making it worth nearly $250 billion by 2027. It may not be the most popular type of video now, but you may want to get a headstart on your live streaming efforts for the future.


4. Interactive Video

If you haven’t seen them yet, interactive videos encourage viewers to do exactly what their name implies: interact with the video. For example, brands may ask viewers a question in a video and allow them to choose from a selection of responses. 


This can be a great way to increase viewer engagement, and brands have been catching on this idea. About 17% are already planning to use interactive video in their marketing strategy in 2022, so you may want to consider doing the same.


5. Optimized Social Media Videos

With online video growing in popularity, it can be difficult to make sure your offering stands out in the crowd. Therefore, it’s going to become increasingly important to optimize your videos so they can capture as much attention as possible.


The best way to optimize your videos may depend on the platform you’re using, so try and keep on top of the latest trends and features. If you can stay one step ahead of the competition, your video content may really take off in 2022.

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