How many of us have given up on a social media strategy after we realized just how much time and effort goes into daily posting? How many of us have started a blog with high hopes, only to abandon it after a few weeks because we would never find the time to mold our ideas into 1000+ coherent words into all the blog posts? Maybe you are thinking of sticking with good old press releases to reach your target audience and forget the online content creation process, right?

The truth is, managing a website or social media platform through any form of marketing to rank high on a search engine can be incredibly tough. It is not an easy feat to create concise, well-written content, put in the research that goes into even just one article, all while keeping a steady stream of high-quality photographs on your Instagram.

Fortunately, you do not have to do it all alone. If you have already given up all hope of having the kind of website that attracts a new audience and reflects your brand to a tee, there is hope. Maybe a content marketing strategy is not your thing—that’s why you can pass it off to a third-party team.


Embracing Outside Help

You are an expert in your own business. Every day, you communicate with customers, supervise your team, and overlook the quality of your products and services. That is a lot to handle.

Therefore, no one is blaming you for not having the time, energy, and skills needed to be a content creation expert on top of it all. With the help of a content creation team, your website can publish the great content you have always dreamed about, rank higher in search engines such as Google, and draw the attention of potential customers. There are also a number of content creation tools out there, but not all of these tools are successful and so it is often best to turn to professionals.

Unlike you, content creators are not focused on managing every aspect of your business. Instead, they are specifically committed to producing great content. This means you can sit back, relax by the pool, and watch as your website churns out hit article after hit article. It’s the new way of marketing, right?

Okay, okay. It doesn’t actually mean that. Instead, it means that you can continue grinding away at running a top-notch business, but with one less stress weighing down on your shoulders, which is almost the same thing as relaxing by the pool.

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Diverse Audiences, Diverse Content

Potentially, the reason why your content creation goals were not met in the past was because you were looking at the wrong mediums.

For a lot of us, content creation feels like a synonym for writing. Writing articles or media releases, social media captions or slogans, but writing nonetheless. This is true, but content creation is so much more than that.

Content creation is the striking images that customers see as soon as they click on your website link. It’s the short, information-packed videos that people can watch on their Instagram explore page before they give you a follow so they can stay tuned for more. It’s the weekly podcast that your loyal customers set a reminder so that they can listen to as soon as it drops.

Even if you work in a niche industry, your audience has diverse needs. Although all of us would like to kill time on our morning commute with an article that is engaging and easily readable, we also want something to listen to as we trudge through morning chores, something to watch when we procrastinate at work.

When starting over on your content creation and publishing, it is important to remember that there is no limit to the mediums that you can incorporate into your website. In fact, this is yet another reason why a third-party service can come in handy. Not only are content creation teams able to adapt to the mediums you need, but they can also help determine what it is your audience is looking for.


Outlining Your Vision, Creating a Plan

Sometimes, we do not accomplish our goals because we did not put in the effort to plan them out. Anyone who has ever tried to lose ten pounds can attest to the fact that it’s easy to want something, and harder to plan for regular workouts and healthy meals during stressful weekdays.

Likewise, a boost in web traffic cannot simply be willed into reality. In order to achieve this, you must first plan out the steps that are needed, and your vision for your web content.

On any given week, you should know how many articles will be published on your website, what they will be about, and how long they will be. You should know how often (and when) your social media platforms will be updated. If you are rolling out a new campaign or product, you should have a specific plan in mind for how your content creation schedule will change as a result.

The first step is to determine your vision. What is it that you want to see from your content? Are you looking for more visitors, deeper connections with the customer you already have or both? What data will you use to measure your success? This could include anything from unique monthly visitors to the average stay on your site.

Planning can be a pain (and another reason why third-party content creation teams can be a stellar resource). Ultimately, however, all the effort will be worth it when you see your website revitalized.

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Balancing Quality and Quantity

There are few business owners out there who would say they want less web traffic. Web traffic can mean a boost in advertising revenue, increased online orders, and more return customers. However, there is no perfect math equation to boost your website.

Although search engine optimization (SEO) can help you rank higher in Google searches, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Without sharp, clear, and easily digestible writing, your ranking will not matter. Quality is also needed in order to keep your customers on your website. After all, nothing about a sloppily written article or low-definition, poorly edited video motivates a customer to continue and clicking and learn more about your company.Above all, if you want a content makeover for your site, the most important thing to remember is that quantity and quality should be your focus.

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