If you’re a business owner, one of the main things you should focus on is your website’s content. Not all business owners are confident in their copywriting skills. If that sounds like you, it might be time to consider hiring a copywriting service to produce content for you.

Website copy, whether in a blog post or landing page, is an integral part of keeping potential customers on your page longer. The more effective your copy, the more visitors you’ll attract to your website, which helps you rank higher in search engines.

Website Copywriting Services

When it comes to finding a skilled copywriter, there are different ways to go about it. Many professional copywriters have experience in website copywriting. You can also hire a freelance copywriter who writes web copy and may also be great at content creation. But rest assured, you don’t need to pay the highest price to get great content and an expert copywriter.

Writing Compelling Copy

Content writers have a different copywriting process depending on what works for them, but it should include looking at things like the brand voice, competitors’ web content and marketing, and keyword research.

The following six examples provide compelling content, reach their target audience, and demonstrate effective content marketing.

1. BarkBox

BarkBox is a good example of not only having a good website copywriter but a good marketer, too. It’s a website for a subscription box for dogs, and it markets to both the dog owner and the dog itself. Frank the American bulldog is the Assistant Manager of the Treats Department, and Pitbull Floyd is the Squeaker in Chief. The website is fun and colorful, and to create it, the brand has to know its target audience. And, who doesn’t love seeing adorable pictures of dogs all over a website?

2. Rolls-Royce


Skilled copywriters aren’t a new thing, as proven in a great ad from 1958 for Rolls-Royce. While originally seen in The New Yorker, this ad could be incorporated into the brand’s website today. To make a point about how quiet the car was, the headline mentions that the loudest noise in the Rolls-Royce model comes from the electric clock, even when it’ds traveling at 60 mph.

They also added that engineers used stethoscopes to listen for axle whine, which is an example of simple, straightforward, and effective marketing. Instantly, your mind imagines driving the car and the quietness surrounding you. While Rolls-Royce’s ads have changed over the years, they still are just as vivid.

3. Trello

If you visit the Trello website, you may wonder why it’s on a list for great copywriting. The service page is simple and effective, giving you all of the information you need about the service, and it is easy to get set up on the platform. It is also a good example of SEO copywriting. If you search for “productivity platform” or “organize boards,” there’s a good chance that Trello is one of the top search results because of its stellar SEO copy.

4. Poo~Pourri


Poo~Pourri’s entire website, from product page to FAQ, is a breath of fresh air. Since the product came out in 2007, its marketing team has been on point with its humor. At first, people thought it was a joke.

Good web copywriting doesn’t necessarily have to appear on the front page or blog posts. In Poo~Pourri’s case, it extends to its FAQ page, which it calls “Frequently Asked Q’s About Poo.” Keeping this page light-hearted is brilliant. Many of the questions are about things generally not talked about in public, and that might be awkward for some, so it uses humor to put people at ease.

5. Cultivated Wit

One of the best ways to utilize the bottom of a web page is promoting the social media accounts of the brand, and Cultivated Wit flawlessly works this into its web design. Its entire website is funny, but it also didn’t miss the small things, like the Social Media, About Us, and Newsletter sections, which shows that the web copywriter was thinking of the site as a whole when developing a concept.

6. ModCloth


Whether it’s the supportive tone of accepting all women in its fun-loving community, the eloquently worded descriptions of new arrivals, or the punny names it gives some of its collections, ModCloth has an excellent website copy. Not only is the content engaging, but it’s tailored to the photos of the products it sells, making both more effective at landing a sale.

It doesn’t matter what type of website you have or whether you are selling a product or service, good copywriting maintains an interest in your site. In these examples, you can see that even though each is different, the content and marketing are different, too. What works for each is knowing the target audience and how to reach it. Poo~Pourri’s approach to marketing probably won’t work for Rolls-Royce, for example.

If you hire a copywriter, sit down with them and let them know who your target audience is, what you are trying to get across, and how you want to do it, and they can help you integrate web copy into your branding and what you already have on your website. They can also explain things like social proof and why it’s so important to see what your competitors are doing. Knowing what’s popular and being able to influence prospective customers is essential information to have.

Source of featured image: canva.com

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