Week Three of the “Creators in Our Corner” Series

November 30, 2018
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November 30, 2018 Madeleine

Welcome to Week 3 of the “Creators in Our Corner” Series. Today, the spotlight belongs to a very talented creator on Deandra’s team. Robert has been a member of our Content Refined team for quite some time now and continues to show his strengths and expertise with every new assignment he is given.

When asked for a few fun facts, Robert said he is…

  • A travel writer who doesn’t do as much traveling as he should. (Visas, International Border Laws and all that)
  • A content writer who probably isn’t half as witty as he thinks he is most of the time
  • A husband and father who is absolutely in love with his family (that he is very sure of)
  • A student of the English language who will always strive to write better and not let his own creativity get in the way of acceptable grammar!

Why did you choose to be a freelancer and what do you like about working for Content Refined?

“Most freelance writers, including myself, become freelance writers because we like the freedom that the job brings as well as the intellectual challenge it presents. Content Refined gives me the opportunity to write on a wide variety of subjects; learning more about different industries as I go and helping me refine my art while at it. Plus, my editor-Deandra, is pretty cool.”

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