Welcome to Week Two of “The Creators in our Corner” Series! We are going to continue to meet the hard-working people we have on our team while giving them some much-deserved credit for all the time and dedication they have shown in support of our business.

Today, we will be shining the spotlight on a valued content creator on Adriane’s team. Her name is Jennifer. Read on below for some fun and interesting information she has shared about herself and her life.

Three Fun Facts

  1. I randomly met my husband on Twitter because we were both reading The Fountainhead and tweeting about it at the same time. I was in Pittsburgh, PA. He was in Southampton, UK.
  2. I am a total crossword puzzle nerd. I only do the ones in the NYT, and if I can finish a Sunday puzzle, it gives me a better outlook on the week.
  3. We have a blue Betta fish named Freddy that I’m obsessed with. He has his own 5.5-gallon tank and swims over to greet me every time I walk in the door.

Why Did You Choose a Remote Writing Position with Content Refined?

I love writing remotely because I set my own hours. I get to spend most of the day having fun with my boys and do a lot of my work during off hours. A more conventional work schedule wouldn’t allow me that flexibility.

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