There is a plethora of information available on the internet, which is increasing daily. This makes it essential to consider more unique ways to grab your reader and audience’s attention.

One unique way to make this possible is via the use of Infographics. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. From the words “info” and “graphics,” It involves passing information with the use of visual aids.

What are Infographics?

Infographics aim to pass across the information using graphics and elements of design. The idea is to simplify complex information such that comprehension will be easy for readers.

Ever wondered why road signs and safety signs are straight to the point? It is because road users will likely not get the message with excessive information. This is the idea of infographics: to display information quickly and appealingly such that the audience will not miss the message.

Infographics help pass across a complex piece of information in a simple way. This is why infographics find application in data presentation, technical writing, and digital marketing as well. When you have a lot of data or content for people, infographics help pass the message easily.

Importance of Infographics in Digital Marketing

Over the years, infographics have proven to be a useful marketing tool. Records have it from Google Trend Search volume that since 2012, there is an 800% increase in the search volume for infographics. This makes it an efficient and powerful digital marketing tool.

Compared to text, Infographics Catch People’s Attention Easily.

Humans generally do not like reading. We are, however, stimulated by visual elements. As a result, pictures and graphics will catch people’s attention compared to written texts. This explains why billboards use attractive graphics to pass along their information rather than text.

Also, for people to process more than 90% of the information they have contact with, they need to trigger the optic nerves. When people read, their ability to understand the info depends on their ability to process the facts. Graphics, in combination with little text, removes this barrier and make comprehension easier.

Besides, people will likely read graphics and little text compared to huge blocks of text alone.

Content Has a High Tendency to Go Viral

People are attracted to visual aids like images and videos. This is also important in content marketing as the ability to go viral increases. Passing information with graphics and facts appeals to people and are really attractive.

As a result, a massive percentage of the readers will not mind sharing such to their social network and circle of friends. This makes it essential for digital marketing.

You Increase Subscribers, Followers, and Traffic

One of the aims of SEO is to increase traffic. Infographics present a cheap way to make this happen. Whenever you scroll down your Facebook wall or Instagram, you will notice that appealing and exciting pictures garner more likes, comments, and shares compared to ordinary texts. This makes it easier to reach a wider audience, which is helpful for SEO.

As a result, reaching target customers, getting your brand, and service to interested people will be easier. Eventually, they convert to paying customers, making your effort worth it.

Infographics Establish You as an Authority

For you to succeed with digital marketing, you should be able to balance search engine optimization and social media optimization. For you to be successful with a social media campaign, the ability to establish yourself as an authority matters. It comes down to providing useful content that adds value to the readers.

This is where infographics come in. Infographics boost your credibility and establish you as an authority. When you add value to people, they will trust you and be loyal. Besides, it takes time, effort, knowledge, and research to create a useful infographic. This will make them trust you on any subject.

Make sure, however, to provide authentic information that genuinely helps people. This means getting your facts right. Doing the opposite might not work in your favor.

Connecting With Your Target Audience Comes Easily

Infographics aim to educate people, add value to them, and teach them. The idea is not to sell as selling might repel people. If you provide value and establish a relationship with them, then connecting with them comes easy. It shows people that you have their best interest at heart, not that you care only about selling.

For instance, if you are into pregnancy, you can create infographics about the effect of various classes of food on the developing fetus. If people get valuable information like this, buying what you have to offer will be easy.

Infographics are Great for SEO

As discussed above, the tendency of a picture (an infographic) on social media to get more likes and shares is high. These are backlinks that help the offline SEO of your site. Google loves this because it presents you as an authority in your field. This makes ranking on the search engine result page easier, as pages that rank well on social media have a full social signal compared to others.

Infographics make it great for SEO as you not only get a wider audience through shares; you also get a higher page ranking. This makes it great for organic link building. After creating your infographic, you need to embed code with it. This code gives a backlink to your site when people and bloggers use such infographics on their websites.

Infographics are Applicable to Many Platforms

Creating infographics is time-consuming. It needs authentic facts, data, and information that will help people. As a result, when you create one, it is essential to get maximum ROI. Infographics make this possible as it can feature on multiple platforms such as:

  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Reports
  • Posters and flyers
  • Billboards
  • Sales letters
  • White papers


Infographics provide easy success with your digital marketing campaign, as discussed in the text. As long as your content is helpful and valuable, you will reap the rewards immensely. Make sure you add infographics to your digital marketing campaign. The benefits are worth the effort.

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