Keyword Mapping is the process of taking keywords that are proven to bring up pages on a search and matching them with the pages that you want to increase the traffic to. This process is the backbone of your marketing strategy.

With all of the search engines out there and Google being the most prominent one, you must stay on top of what keywords are actually working. This will shift from time to time, and you may need to switch your keywords to keep on top. There are many ways to map out keywords and see which ones will keep you on top.


There are a variety of different software packages that are available online that can help you to locate and analyze the best keywords for your site. Many of these software packages are free, or some of them offer trial periods. Either of these options that work with your site would be a great place to start, to see if you can work and manage with them.

With some of these programs, all you have to do is to put in the URL of your site and then have it search for a generic keyword, and it will analyze the keywords for your site. Some will show the number of times that a certain keyword has sent traffic to your site. That way, you can keep track of what keywords or tags or working for you and what you need to change.

Hiring Professionals

Many SEO companies can do your keyword mapping for you. They are trained professionals that have the experience and the knowledge to help rank your sites with search engines. They have software that they know will work to find you the keywords for your pages.

Many of them offer package deals that can save you money as they will help you to optimize your sites. They already know the importance of mapping and matching your pages with the proper keywords. They know how to drive more customers to your site and to make you more visible online.

Professional SEO Entrepreneurs also are very aware of the fierce competition that it is online. Many branded products are sold on many sites, and every one of those sites is working to reach the same goal, and that is to become successful.

Adding a blog to go along with your site with professionally written articles to grab a potential customer’s attention goes a long way with getting them to follow the link to your site. The professionals know how to work these two together and how to help to make you more successful. They offer many services that they can link together and help to make your dreams a reality.

Why is Keyword Mapping Important?

This process is particularly important to make your site more visible online. It helps to set the tone for the rest of your digital marketing strategy. Once you can see what you are doing has grabbed the most attention of the consumers, then it makes it somewhat easier to find the right path to send your potential customers on.

Once something is working, you mainly want to make it stronger. If you sell camping gear and have your blog with articles that link to your site that include outdoor adventures about camping and different equipment to use, this will help to send additional traffic to your site.

If you are just starting with a website and are new to the business, working with a professional SEO company would be the wisest way to go. There are secrets to the trade, such as where to put your blog and site that would help to get the most attention and help to drive more traffic to you.

If you are selling camping gear and you are promoting a new tent that has hit the market, you want to have an article about how this new tent would improve your camping experience. This article would be wise to have a mapping of keywords that would send your readers to the page that displays and offers this tent for sale.

Most consumers do not want to look through your entire site or selection of tents to find the one they just read about. They want to click on the link and go to the product page that has their interest. Proper keyword mapping can do just that. It kind of works like an impulse buy at the store while you are hungry waiting in line and at the register sits a display of candy bars. It was not on your list but will hold you over until you get home and fix dinner, so you purchase one.


Setting up your website and blog correctly and using the proper keywords and tags to drive traffic to it is about the only way to survive online. The competition is large, and getting your site to come up on search engines near the top is vital to becoming successful.

The more traffic that gets driven to your site, the bigger the chance you have to get hired for your service or to sell your products. Many people do not have the time or the knowledge to do this on their own and have no clue about setting up and using keywords to drive traffic to their site.

The best choice for a beginner or someone that has more going on than they can keep up with would be to hire a professional that already knows what to do. Since they already have the software and knowledge to map your keywords and already know the importance of this, they could help you to keep your business near the top of the search engines. This would give you more time to work on other aspects of your business as you watch your sales or your services grow and bring in more money. It is not easy for everyone to be able to do their own keyword mapping.

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