Instagram is one of the major social media apps you should use to grow your business. It could bring better exposure and attention to your services or products and attract a new group of customers.

Especially for businesses that find themselves with a target audience of young adults, who are constantly paying attention to the media, Instagram is practically the number one source for its customers. You may be missing out on a whole market by not using Instagram as a business tool.

Growing your business means utilizing every tool that is accessible to you, whether it is on social media or other business connections sites. Many social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, can connect with outside mobile applications as well, which creates even more new business tools. Remember these three crucial tactics to grow your business on Instagram:

  1. Create an Instagram Business Account.
  2. Look at Instagram Insights daily
  3. Download useful business promotion apps that connect with Instagram

These amazing Instagram business tools are just what your business needs for better promotion.

Business Accounts

To grow your business account through Instagram, you will need to start by creating a totally free business profile. Starting a business profile is similar to creating a regular Instagram account, except with a little more information required. This business account can further spread the word of your business and perfect your marketing technique.

Instagram Insights

The Insights tool on Instagram gives you just that – insight.

When you use Insights through your Instagram business account, it provides you with information about your followers and the people interacting with your business on Instagram. You will be able to see what content gets the most attention, and the metrics on the details of that exposure. Metrics include reach, accounts reached, impressions, and impressions by day, which reflect both paid and organic activity.

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To access the Insights tool, you can find it right in your Instagram business account. Go to your profile, tap the options icon (it looks like three horizontal lines), and tap “Insights”. In the tool, you can then select the posts, stories, and promotions on which you would like to view insights.

You can track everything in one place. The Insights tool has three tabs for tracking profile/post interactions – Activity, Content, and Audience tabs. Each tab provides more critical information on the status of your profile and how it is or is not progressing.

Promotion Apps

Promotion apps connect with Instagram and help with the marketing side of Instagram Business accounts. Download promotional apps separately and then upload your creations straight into Instagram. These apps will usually say in their description that they work with Instagram.

Let’s look at a few of the better promotion apps that you can use to help promote your business on Instagram; although, take a look around in your phone’s app store because hundreds of promotion apps are available.


Apphi can help with the organization of your promotional Instagram posts. Once you connect your Instagram Business account to the Apphi app, you can schedule content to automatically post on a specific date and time, including pictures, video, story posting, IGTV, story URL, and anything else that you would normally post manually on Instagram. Follow up with scheduled posts by checking likes and comments directly in Apphi.

Apphi is the Instagram business app you need if the timing of your posts is important. With it, you can easily set up scheduled posts and not have to worry last-minute.


In the Like2Buy app, you create a gallery of product pictures that act as easy-buy links. When you make an Instagram post, include the Like2Buy link, and when someone clicks, it will steer them toward to the gallery page for purchasing.

Like2Buy simplifies the buying process customers have to go through when they see a product on Instagram they like. This promotion app has the same appeal as Instagram, using images rather than lots of text, so people are more likely to buy something on impulse.


Collages are more effective than single stills. They present more material in one post rather than a single picture of an individual product. Layout is Instagram’s collage app; it allows you to combine up to nine images into one collage for posting. Some picture editing tools are in the app, as well.

Layout is the best Instagram business promotion app for you if multiple pictures are necessary for a single product. Even real estate agents can benefit since they need to show every angle of a property, without creating twenty posts.

Using Instagram Business Tools

Although Instagram in itself is beneficial for growing your business, you can enhance its promotional features by connecting your Instagram business account with promotion apps and utilizing the Instagram Insights page. Every feature is designed for marketing and growing a business, even if the business is rather small.

Each of these amazing Instagram business tools adds something to the overall look of your business. It is important to keep up with popular mobile apps and social media platforms used by people because that is the only way to reach them in the year 2020.

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Businesses who do not make use of today’s technology, especially businesses that have a younger target audience, will eventually die out or at least struggle under the success of their competitors.

Remember to convert or create your Instagram business account. If you already have an Instagram profile for your business, make sure it is not a personal account. Marketing will be way too challenging without the promotional features of an Instagram business account. If you do not have a business profile, you may have already realized the struggle of trying to keep up with posting and advertising.

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Advertising your business on social media is supposed to be easy. Between advertising tools and scheduling apps that directly connect with your social media account, there is no reason why your business should fall behind the times.

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