So, you’ve found a way to drive traffic to your blog or website: paid traffic. To your surprise, it’s working quite well. Viewers are great! That’s step one. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back!However, something you may not have considered when making those marketing decisions is that paid traffic is not a set-it-and-forget-it method for making profit.

traffic into money

You still need to convert that traffic into cash, or you’ve just wasted your time (and money), right? There are several methods to help you convert those viewers into revenue-generating traffic, each of which have their own benefits and drawbacks.

However, these three methods are sure to help you make your money back (and then some), translating your marketing efforts into serious profit. What’s even better is that these methods can be used separately to create income or in tandem to seriously spike your website’s profitability.

Be A Trustworthy Business Owner

Creating trust with your viewers is crucial to converting leads to sales. One of the main reasons that traffic clicks through to a website and then leaves without looking around at what’s being offered is a misleading ad.

For instance, don’t advertise “Shoes under $9.99” and then redirect your traffic to a page selling shoes that are much more expensive. Throwing in one or two pairs of shoes that are under the advertised price generally doesn’t give you much credibility either.


In addition, you don’t want to advertise “Healthiest Dog Food” and then link your customers to a page selling dog food where there is no information on the food’s health claims. The key is to be honest with your viewers from the start.

You don’t want to just generate any traffic. You want to generate traffic that is potential clientele, meaning people who are interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, you should start with honesty from the first click.

Create An Effective Sales Page

Another important step to converting traffic into profit is to create an accessible, intelligible sales page. If your traffic is clicking an ad that redirects to your homepage, it is up to them to navigate your site.

Instead, direct them to a sales page that tells your viewers everything they need to know about your product, invites them into your website community, and offers an option to purchase your product all on one convenient page.

In your call to action, you should make purchasing the item easy. Streamlining customers from the item description to an “add to cart” option, and then making it easy for them to seamlessly complete their purchase, ending with an “order confirmation” is a simple way to help create satisfied shoppers. If the process is difficult or confusing, shoppers are likely to put off the purchase or decide against it entirely.

sales page

Your sales page should consist of several important sections, including a catchy, informative heading, a product description, testimonials from previous customers, and a call to action at the end. Each of these sections is equally important.

Your headline is the first thing your traffic will see on your sales page. Therefore, not only does it need to be eye-catching and interesting, but it needs to be honest and descriptive.

Just like previously mentioned, if you draw your viewers in with false claims just to grab their attention and then offer them a product or service that is entirely off topic from the header, you sabotage trust with your viewers.

Trust is an important factor in converting viewers to clientele. In addition, your product description should be honest, informative, and should answer any popular questions related to your product.

sales page 3

The testimonial section of your sales page is incredibly important in that it helps the client gain trust in you and your product or service by offering real-life testimonies from customers who purchased from you and were satisfied. You can also leave a form encouraging customers who purchase from you to leave their comments as well.

Direct Marketing To Email Subscribers

You have traffic, but there is no need for it to be one-time traffic. You can create regular clientele and open an array of marketing opportunities by gathering an email subscription list.

Being able to send regular emails to your viewers will help establish a sense of trust and name recognition while helping you build a platform that will allow you to directly market to consumers.

Running an online business is hard work, and there is no one-size-fits-all method to success. While these three methods are sure to help you monetize your paid traffic, you may want to tinker with your option to create a method that optimizes your website’s profitability.


There are multiple ways to optimize your website for collecting email subscriptions, and there are even more opportunities to use your subscription list to create profit. One way to gain subscribers is to place an email opt-in form after your call to action on your landing page or sales page.

Your call to action should be written in an active, friendly voice in order to encourage viewers to view and purchase your product. Directly after your call to action, there should be an accessible, user friendly email subscription form to collect your viewers email address.

You can place this email opt-in form anywhere on your website, but there are a few locations that tend to have a better turnout than others. Other than directly on your landing pages, these locations include your website sidebar and top bar.

These locations will not be distracting or annoying to your viewers, but are generally accessible from any page on your website.Some people choose email opt-in pop-up forms. This method can be effective. However, you want to use this sparingly.

If your viewer is constantly bombarded with pop-ups with each click on your website, they are likely to get annoyed or become uncomfortable. Spamming a viewer with pop-ups is a sure way to send them away from your website, so one pop-up form paired with a form in your sidebar and concluding your landing pages is most effective.

Once you have built a subscription list, you will want to provide quality content in your emails. You can use this method to directly market to clientele and build a lasting relationship with your clients.

Clients are more likely to buy from you (again and again) if you help them feel involved, keep them up-to-date on your newest additions and projects, and send genuine thank you emails after purchases.

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