What is a Content Marketing Strategist?

So you’ve come to this article to learn more about the exciting world of content strategy. More specifically, about the rapidly evolving role of content marketing strategist (yes, it’s a mouthful).

If you aren’t familiar with this role, you aren’t the only one. A content marketing strategist is essentially responsible for the content that is targeted to a brand’s audience. This is a broad description and can include many different things in relation to that content – such a creating and writing the content, sharing the content through different channels, setting the goals and directions for content strategy, measuring data and results, and much more.

This article will share the most important things that many content marketing strategists actually do in their day-to-day. Maybe you are interested in this field, or maybe you just want to learn more, so let’s get started and see what this role is all about:

What Does a Content Marketing Strategist Do?

Create and Write Content

First and foremost, a content marketing strategist is responsible for creating content. More specifically, they are responsible for creating content that communicates and promotes a company’s brand to a desired audience. This includes a brand’s existing audience, as well as new people that they are trying to reach with this content.

content writing

Content can come in many forms, which means that content creation quite a large task. It can include editing and sharing social media posts, writing for a company’s blog or website, creating mass emails, and much more.

A great content marketing strategist is not only adept at content creation, but in seeing the overall direction of a brand and telling a brand’s story through this content.

Delivery and Promotion

Perhaps just as important as writing and creating the content is how this content is shared. Reaching a brand’s desired audience is not an easy task, as you are competing for their attention with countless other brands.

content promotion

A great content marketing strategy will effectively plan how to share content through various platforms to reach a target audience, and grow that audience as well. This includes various forms of social media, optimizing keywords so that content is found, creating email lists, optimizing advertisements, and more.

Essentially, a good content marketing strategist knows who their target audience is and how to reach them through various channels. This is far from a simple task, and requires a lot of planning and execution, as well as learning from mistakes and adapting to new platforms.

Analyze Data

A major part of knowing how effective your content is involves analyzing results and data. This includes analyzing and improving various metrics and KPIs. The goal here is to evaluate which content was most successful, and to optimize further content to better reach an organization’s goals.

analyzing data

The key here is knowing the goals of any given piece of content, and being able to quantify how effectively it met those goals. Content has various purposes for being shared, whether it is to drive conversions, increase brand awareness, drive engagement, etc. The key for a content marketing strategist in this area is to be able to define these goals and measure whether they were met.

For example, if the goal of a piece of content was to drive conversions, then a content marketing strategist might look at the conversion rate. This means finding the amount of people that converted based and dividing by the number of overall impressions. There are many formulas like this to measure success, but the important part is that they line up with your goals.

Implementing SEO

SEO is a huge part of content marketing. A major part of a content marketing strategist’s responsibilities is getting their content to rank highly in search engines. Of course, there are many strategies to generate effective SEO. One of the most important is delivering consistent, relevant, and trustworthy content to your target audience. Content marketing strategists also optimize their content around relevant keywords.

effective seo

SEO is a very important part of a corporation’s marketing strategy, and it is directly tied to optimizing content. A content marketing strategist who is an SEO expert will be a big asset to whichever organization they provide their services.


A big part of a content marketing strategist’s day is spent communicating. Communication is a big skill in any job, and especially in any marketing role.

business communicate

A big part of this communication consists of selling their supervisors or their teams on their content strategy. It is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page when deciding which direction to take with content, and that it represents the direction of the brand as a whole.

If an organization creates content for their clients, then a content marketing strategist can end up being in a heavy client-facing role as well. Selling a client on a new strategy or new content can be a difficult task, which is why it is so important that a strategist is very adept at communicating the value in their ideas.


As you have seen, this is a role that involves many different tasks! Therefore, project management and multitasking skills end up being quite crucial to success. Being able to balance all these tasks ends up being one of the most important parts of a content marketing strategist’s day.



Hopefully this article has shed some light onto the role of a content marketing strategist and the many tasks they are responsible for in the day-to-day. This is an exciting field, and a quickly evolving one. Technology and social media are growing at a rapid pace, and with this comes new ways to share content, and new ways to reach an audience.

A content marketing strategist is responsible for the content of a brand and guiding that content’s direction. It requires a big picture thinker who is also analytical in nature. If you are thinking of getting into this field or you already work in content marketing, share some of your own experiences in the comments.

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