Content creation will be the ultimate means of attracting customers to your website. People trust websites that dispel knowledge in a field, and content is the foundation behind pay-per-click, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and other advertising tools.

There are different purposes for content creation, with results expected. Digital marketing strategies used to promote business depend on content creation, and other form of advertising involving content, copywriting. A copywriter takes care of the copywriting while the content writer creates content.

The roles of a content writer and a copywriter are often mixed up. There are similarities, but huge differences separate them from the end game they achieve.

A content writer is concerned with entertaining, educating, enlightening, and instructing the readers. Creating helpful content for social media is their main forte, and they also spread their tentacle to emails, blogs, and websites. Their main aim is to create a bond between the business and the customer/reader.

On the other hand, the copywriter is concerned majorly with sales and conversion. Copywriting uses words to move a reader to action, paying for a product, service, emails, digital ads, technically anything, and everything sales and conversion.

The copywriter produces content that is receptive, interactive, and conversation engaging. The tone is triggering since it’s more of a call to action. A copywriter should be able to harp on the readers’ emotions and direct the energy to purchase their product.

Some differences between the two types of writers include:

Copywriters create short-form, but content writers curate long-form content

Copywriters curate content for email newsletters, ads (offline and online), jingles, billboards, scripts, slogans, and social media.

Content writers curate content for long-form pieces, including movies, press releases, articles, blogs, books, podcasts, white papers, etc.

Some pieces are intertwined, but there is a ton of difference between them if you look closely.

Content Writers have a Huge Interest in SEO

Content writers are more interested in creating content that drives traffic to the website. Traffic for a website is dependent on the SEO knowledge and expertise of the writer.

Copywriters do not need traffic; all the readers visiting your website may not buy products, so they don’t need SEO skills to do their job.

Copywriters use Emotion to create a need of Urgency

For copywriters, they’re more interested in the present action, and that’s why their content is concerned with the short-term. Download that ebook or PDF now, signup for that newsletter NOW, buy that product, or subscribe for that service NOW.

Content writers, however, are more interested in getting the trust and validation of their readers before asking demands. Building trust for a brand takes time, and a good content writer must be patient and ready for a long-term project.


The balance between creating content to convert sales and building reliance and trust for a brand has often been regarded as the same. While this may seem similar, many differences clearly distinguish the content writer from the copywriter.

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