A content writer is a person with working knowledge of creating articles, social media posts, web content, and other posts. A great content writer is always in demand because businesses allocate millions of dollars to digital marketing and ad campaigns every year. A content writer is at the centre of it all.

Content Writing, What is It?

Content writing is the art of creating articles designed to build impression around assets for digital marketing. Video scripts, podcast notes, blog posts, updates for social media accounts all fall under the purview of content writing. The role of this writing is to enlighten, educate, and entertain the readers.

Many skills make a content writer stand out, but we’ve detailed three essential skills, a must-have that make a content writer awesome.


As a content writer, creativity should be the bedrock that you should thrive on. To be an outstanding content writer, plagiarism should not be in your dictionary. For your creativity to be top-notch, problem-solving should be equivalent to bringing out fresh ideas in writing. Great research skills is one of the tools in the arsenal of a content writer

Asides from researching, a curious approach to solving problems is also essential. For many content writers, writing in unfamiliar territory happens all the time. It is not enough to rely on researching intelligently and picking the thoughts of other authors; if the writer does not write from an unusual angle, the reader may feel like the post is not original and it’s just a piece of words.

Time Management

Managing time as a content writer is another incredible skill a lot of content writers needs to strive for. Many content writers work as freelancers and have to deal with many clients. This usually means a lot of projects are on the table to handle, with tight deadlines attached.

A great content writer should spread time to attend effectively to different projects so no client will complain of inefficiency. This is important for writers handling social media projects.

Visual Content

With the advent of social media and usually engaging content everywhere, a content writer will be doing himself a great disservice if they do not have the relevant skills to create visuals and other forms of media to go along with their text articles.

Images, a short clip, or a record of yourself can entice readers to read from beginning to the end of an article. Software like canva, adobe photoshop are excellent tools to start with. Combine visual and multimedia creation with spinning intelligent articles, and that writer will be in demand.


There are other skills not listed here but are nice to have to thrive as a content writer. Other skills like WordPress knowledge, SEO, etc., are fantastic.

However, if a content writer cannot manage time well, struggles with creativity that he steals the idea of others, and relies heavily on writing only to attract readers, such a person is mediocre.





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