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Are you looking for someone to take over for your content clients and provide a complete end-to-end service to create and optimize your content? You’ve come to the right place.

Great content can help your business in countless ways, and Content Refined can help you by creating the consistent, high-quality content that represents your brand and will drive people to discover your business. We can manage your content needs from start to finish. We will create content that represents your brand and your business’s ideals, and we will optimize this content to rank highly in search engines and drive people to your website.

Let’s break it down and explain each step in this process:

Our Process

Create a Plan

Great content requires an effective direction and an actionable strategy.

creating plan

Content Refined will work with you to create a strategy so that your content achieves exactly what you want it to. We will work with you to understand your target audience and how you want to reach them with your content. We will then use our advanced keyword research to help plan which keywords to optimize around, and to generate the leads and the traffic that you are looking for.

Create Great Content

Next up is creating great content specifically for your brand. Content Refined hires only the best native English speakers. Only 1 in 10 writers make the cut, and you can be confident that the content you receive is of the highest quality.

Our writers understand your brand and know how to write compelling content that keeps readers engaged. At Content Refined, we know just how important it is for a brand to consistently share high quality content, and these are the ideals that we put into every piece of content that we create.

Keyword Research and Keyword Optimization

High quality, relevant content is a crucial part of content marketing, but we understand that it is just the beginning. Content needs to be discovered and seen to have an effect, and at Content Refined we optimize content so that it gets seen, and drives traffic and leads for your business.

We have an extensive process for optimizing your content with relevant keywords so that your content ranks highly on search engine results pages. This allows new members of target audiences to discover your business, and see what you have to offer.

Our keyword optimization is based on sophisticated analytics programs. We scan each piece of content that we write and compare it with other pieces of content within that niche. We then edit and modify the content to ensure that its rank is improved and that it is discoverable within that niche. Sounds complicated, but all you need to know is that when someone searches for your content, we can make sure that they are able to find it!

Quality Control

Quality control is just as important to us as every other step in this process. Our editors will provide a fresh set of eyes on all content, and will ensure not only that it is free of any grammatical errors, but that it accurately represents and conveys your brand message. Our editing process ensures that everything we deliver to you is of a consistent, extremely high quality.

Publish & Promote

Finally, our publishers ensure that your content is formatted and designed to look excellent. We know how to structure content so that it looks great, is easy to read, and really stands out on your website. Aesthetics are highly important when it comes to delivering great content, and we make sure that the content we provide will match the theme of your website and your brand. We will also ensure that the content looks consistent across all platforms.

Other Services

Now that you know about our extensive process for creating your content, here’s a quick look at some of the other services we can provide:

Content Upgrades

Major search engines prioritize content that is most relevant. This means content that is new, and up to date with all the relevant facts. With our content upgrade services, we can take a previous piece of content that you wrote, and optimize it so that its rank is improved and it generates you more traffic.

Not only will we update this content to reflect current information, we will add new content and optimize the keywords to ensure that it ranks higher than ever before.

Blogify Services

Do you run a video blog or a YouTube channel? Do you want to give this content an extra chance to be seen and discovered? Then our Blogify service is for you!

With our Blogify services, we take one of your videos and turn it into a professional, highly informative article that you can share on your website or your blog. We put this content through our extensive development and optimization procedures, and what you get is a whole new way for people to discover your brand and your YouTube channel.

Good content strategy is all about diversifying how you share your content to an audience, and with Blogify, you will get a chance to share the content that you are proud of in a whole new medium.


We hope this article has opened your eyes to the many ways Content Refined can help your business to succeed. If you are ready to white label your SEO services and receive consistent, high-quality content that generates you real traffic and real leads, then we can be that solution!

We pride ourselves not only in the processes outlined above, but in really working with you to understand your goals and what it is that you want from your brand. We succeed when you succeed, and we work hard to make sure that every piece of content we share will drive your brand forward. If you are interested in learning more or want to schedule an appointment, you can find more information here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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